Monday, November 2, 2015


Love of Tartan

Come and join me at Alison's Polohouse for the beautiful Tartan Parade! Just click below the parade sign to see how Alison and her friends are enjoying all things Tartan.


The end of September and early October I enjoyed meeting up with Quimper Club members for the annual meeting held in Seattle and Vancouver, BC. What a fabulous trip that was. More on that later. While on a day trip to Tacoma, we visited vintage shops and I found a treasure trove of tartan picnic bags, make-up bags and small luggage pieces. Oh I couldn't believe my luck. I though my only problem would be how I would get these finds onto the plane!

Well, I couldn't believe this! I couldn't buy anything, it was an auction house and the sale was not the day I was there. Sure made my husband happy. 

Some of my favorite tartan pieces

Book bag exactly like the one I had as a child
my sister found it at Pleasant Company~American Girls

RL Wedgwood Hampton Floral

Halloween was a wet and chilly evening. A perfect time to pull out tea I brought home from Vancouver. The black canister is from the Fairmont Hotel, rose tea. I have a special friend I can't wait to serve this to. 

I have been wanting this RL tartan set for a guest room. Patience paid off and I found it deeply discounted at Macy's. I will show the before and after as soon as I finish.

November and I am already pulling out Christmas linens!

I love this pillow, tartan on the back

Needlepoint front

Love to use my tartan runner and placemats, Williams Sonoma

Dinner plates, Williams Sonoma

Tartan Christmas stockings

Love the black velvet

Buyer's Choice, a tartan loving family

And, St. Nick with his tartan ribbons

This southern girl is ready for the one or two days we need to keep our hands warm, tartan of course!

Thank you Alison for leading the parade. I hope everyone enjoyed my parade of tartan favorites. Hope you will leave a comment so I know you came to the parade.

Sunday, September 13, 2015



Last September while on the Quimper Club International trip to Nice, here, we were caught-up in that dreaded six-letter word, strike! We were scheduled to leave the South of France from Nice on Air France to Paris for the second week of our trip, then we received an email telling us our flight had been cancelled. This was not the first strike experience for us in Europe so we had an idea of what to do. Others in our group were also scrambling to secure different Airline flights and some opted for the train. We decided on a rental car. We were lucky that we've driven around France on previous trips so we were comfortable with this. 
So here are some of my "Paris Postcards" of my week in Paris.

First a little of our drive to Paris.  Nice to Paris is a little under nine hours. We decided to  break the trip up into two days. Along the way we saw lavender fields, and of course the French countryside which is always breathtaking. We drove through the town of Lyon, beautiful! When we rented our car we booked a hotel for the night in Dijon. Once we checked in we bought a ticket for the tram and a short ride later we were in the heart of old town. We walked around here, then over to the cathedral. Watching the sun set, we walked to a little restaurant for dinner. 

Our route, I loved every minute!

Stay out of the left lane! Fast, like the autobahn in Germany.

August is when most everyone in France goes on vacation. September finds vacationers heading home.



Leaving Lyon for Paris

Toll roads, which lane? We figure it out in a hurry. Early here so the traffic was not bad. Wish I had photos of traffic in Paris but I was much to busy reading road signs to make pics.


Our hotel was near Notre Dame, about three blocks and we actually had  a bit of a view from our room. A short walk past the river stalls which is always interesting. This is the view we had coming to our hotel.

Street named for our hotel so it was easy to find.

The hotel was lovely inside and out. Fresh flowers were out every day and the full breakfast was incredible. 

City sights of the City of Light

It was a lovely sunset, and we were ready for a little pick me up so  when this waiter offered us a table we were happy to oblige!

Jim enjoyed a beer and we shared the ice cream sundae treat

And, this was our view. We lingered  and enjoyed a glass of wine

I always enjoy walking through the tourist spots, whats not to enjoy?

A visit to Printemps and Galeries Lafayette just for fun

I hope you enjoyed this day and evening in Paris with me. So much to share so I’ll save some for later. Hope you will leave a comment so I know you stopped in. As always, thank you for your visit.