Sunday, April 6, 2014


Gingerbread Camper

Gingerbread houses, not just for Christmas anymore.

When my sister told me she found a great bargain on a travel camper I couldn’t believe what I was hearing "and it’s pink"! She’s a lot like me, the only camping we would want to do is to camp out in a hotel! After a few giggles, she explained it was the cutest little pink gingerbread house-trailer, marked down after Valentine’s Day from Harry and Davids. She couldn’t wait to have a few friends over and start nibbling away. She sent a pic from her phone and when I saw it I almost fainted, "you can’t eat that”, I said! I have to make photos to post! After a hundred phone calls she promised she wouldn’t eat the trailer. True to her word she drove all the way from Atlanta and brought the darling little trailer to me, mainly so I would quit calling! I will send her a chocolate Easter bunny treat for her reward. 

Ballerina Red Armeria

This was a fun vignette to create, using the pink gingerbread travel trailer and  spring flowers I purchased to use in the gardens. Since it is much to wet to work in the flower beds, I arranged the flowers around the little trailer and snapped away. A fun way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon. 
This little “sugar shack” has so much sugar in and on the frosting, with lots of sprinkles, perfect for a sugar rush! I know a certain little boy who wouldn’t have waited to eat this yummy treat! Now it’s all packed away, waiting for a pink and white valentine tablescape next year.

Sedum Mix

Jay Strongwater roo 

Hopefully the sun will come out soon and I can get my sweet flowers planted. Remember, April showers bring May flowers.......can’t complain.
So tell me please, do you like the “Sugar Shack”?

Friday, March 21, 2014


Spring Inspired

The first day of spring not only brings beautiful flowers and budding trees but also inspires us to change our interior decor to reflect the brighter sun-drenched  days we are enjoying. This is the time I love to change things up a bit, put away the winter warm and cozy for a fresh and brighter look. 
My Quimper Soleil faience is stored in my dining room china cabinet. I decided to pull a few pieces out to display on the
buffet for a spring vignette. Daffodils are still blooming in my flowers beds and coming home with me from the supermarket. Daffodils are the same color as Quimper Soleil, my favorite color. Such a fun and easy way to welcome Spring!

Daffodils are my favorite flower

Yellow is my favorite color

Favorite tulip mugs with hand painted pink flowers.

Traditional Quimper pattern depicts French Country life featuring a Breton (man) or Bretonne (woman) in traditional costume.

Daffodils also welcome Spring in the kitchen for 
The French Hutch

Spring is loved by all and a favorite season to many. What do you do to welcome Spring. Do tell, I would love to hear! 
Thank you so much for your visit, hope you come again.


Monday, March 17, 2014



I hope your St. Patrick’s Day was filled with the luck of the Irish,  finding four-leaf clover for good luck and of course a few pots of gold at the end of a rainbow! 
After my long and busy day I used a Ralph Lauren tea set to set a tray for one. Needing a little down time I added a magazine to enjoy with a few vintage cards from my collection. The Irish Linen napkin I bought in Dublin along with the Irish coasters. When I travel I love to bring home souvenirs I’ll actually use. Using my sweet souvenirs brings back wonderful memories of my travel adventures. 

Vintage St. Patrick’s Card from my dear sister

A few postcards in my collection from a sweet friend

Tea tray for one

RL Claire tea set

RL Megan tea cups and dessert plates

Irish Blessings to make you smile!

This beautiful shamrock girl from my dear friend

May an Irish
angel always
watch over you

Thanks for your visit. I hope you’ve had a wonderful and Happy St. Patrick’s Day.