Thursday, September 7, 2017


I couldn't resist a quick visit to a few of my favorite shops while I was in the neighborhood. I love to see the latest patterns and colors for the season, I wasn't disappointed. Like this lovely tree pattern at Williams Sonoma and the gorgeous colors and vignettes at Pottery Barn. I pulled out my phone for these so I could share with you what is new this fall. Hope you enjoy.

Love the olive branches on the napkins

Emilie Henry pie plates

Beautiful fall colors

Fall vignettes from Pottery Barn

I loved this grapevine pumpkin

Ghost mugs for little spooks

So many new china patterns and faux greenery. I  think these faux plants look so natural, better every year. Hope you found a little inspiration. I don't do a lot of fall decorating but my shopping trip sure inspired me! Thanks for stopping in, I always enjoy your visit. Hope you will leave a comment so I know you stopped by.


Thursday, August 31, 2017


Thoughts and Prayers for Texas

Fall is in the Air

If it is September It is time for Tales of the Traveling Totes. I find it hard to believe it is already September! Yes, fall is in the air and  there is the Labor Day weekend, the last hurrah of summer. I filled Miss Courtney Childs with velvet pumpkins to start the season.

There has been little travel for us this summer, we enjoy vacations and traveling in spring and fall, even winter. Of course we usually have the trip to the beach, my happy place, in late spring or early summer and enjoy traveling to visit our families. So what did I do during the summer, a lot! 

While I'm not traveling I'm usually planning a trip
Smaller totes are great for holding reference books for trip planning so Miss Blossom has been helping out

Did I mention I was having the house painted, the entire interior of the house!  It was like moving and it spilled over into summer getting everything back in order. I told you I was busy! Did you notice the new grey color, the Chinese Silk is out of here, time for a change.

The study and my desk where I work and blog when I'm not using my laptop

Totes for my happy place are wonderful for necessities 

Alys Beach ~ Hwy 30-A
A favorite spot

Going to Birthday Parties and celebrations

Totes are wonderful for holding and delivering gifts

My sister makes delicious birthday cakes for our parties

My sweet Connor turned nine this summer, what fun!

Diving and chasing turtles in the Keys
A favorite pic he sent me from his vacation this summer

Fun in Atlanta with my sister enjoying her pretty courtyard

She's had this MC look-a-like table for years and it's still gorgeous

And we celebrated Lulu, the newest four legged family member with this delicious chocolate cake, made by my sister, with little toy gifts for Lulu.  She loves to play with her presents. I have to say she is a sweetheart of a kitty, so loving and playful. 

Lulu is a Chartreux, a rare breed from France. They are known for their blue grey coats and orange or copper colored eyes. 
I think she looks like a Halloween kitty!

And other things I really enjoyed this summer are my flowers and container plants

Did some shopping at this cute shop while visiting our son, daughter-in-law and Connor

Connor liked the "beetle" 

Miss Molly and I visited a lot of flower and vegetable markets

Miss Courtney loves to bring home favorites from the supermarket and specialty shops

Lots of crackers, cheese and spreads for cheese boards on game day

Did you stock up on the seasonal Peach Bellini jam at Trader Joe's? I hope so, it's all gone until next year!A seasonal treat and it tastes like home made. I love toast and jam for breakfast

As you can see we have been busy. All of my totes and I have been out and about town, busy and enjoying summer. Now we are looking forward to fall and mild temps. Here in AL we won't see cooler weather for another six weeks. Fall color usually comes with Thanksgiving! 

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