Monday, April 25, 2016


Under The Roses

Our roses are simply stunning this year! They started blooming early and we still have roses blooming. They seem bigger and there are more of them. The poor dears have been neglected so I can't imagine why the rose show. There are roses climbing into the trees. Have you ever seen a rose tree? Pictures do not do them justice this year. I decided to take advantage of the petal showers and set up my favorite rusty table and chairs for a little tea for two. Won't you please join me under the roses?

Different shades of pinks

Setting up the table under a canopy of roses

Vintage linen cloth

Table set for Two

These desert sets, plate and cup have seen many teas and coffees. I have a set of twelve, only marked with a number.

I've had these stored away for years, the pretty rose design perfect for spring and summer

Rose tea

Favorite white tea set, RL Claire

Vintage rose dessert set

Love the little white chair with blue flowers and vine

My MIL started downsizing a while back and returned the Anthropologie tea towel I gifted her. 


This is, was a tea rose topiary, the wind snapped it! It is hanging by a thread and blooming its heart out. If any of you know how I can save it I would appreciate you sharing. 

Rose swags under the trees 

I hope you enjoyed a little tea and the rose show. I love your visits so if you are still here, thank you. I would love if you would leave a comment so I know you dropped in.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016



How can one be near this shop and resist a peek inside! I know, ridiculous prices but I can't help thinking I will find a great sale. And yes, I have found my share of sales and I have accessories in my home to prove it, but not this trip! I still think it was worth my time, finding things I love to put on my watch list. This is where patience is a virtue. So, maybe I will save you a trip or maybe send you running there. Either way come along with me and  let me show you what's new for spring.

Tea towels

Such beautiful colors and fragrances, these always go on sale

Frosted pastel jars
Blood orange, watermelon, Limoncello and lavender to name a few

 Matches for all those candles

Latte bowls 
I have a mixed set purchased in Atlanta, on sale :)

Francophile dinner  plates

Bibelot kitchen wares
I have some of these pieces and love them

City vignette plates and mugs

Homegrown monogram mugs


Artsy cook books

These books have such great recipes

Store display vignettes using chicken wire chickens

Bed linens

Tray vignettes

Bath towels
love the grey and white

Kitty Soap dish


How to be a Wildflower by Katie Daisy
I love this guide on how to wander, gather, savor and ponder surroundings and your own free spirit

Idiom Journals

Travel Journals

Molly Hatch Eiffel Tower bookends 
for all those travel journals I have

Fleur de lys white 
I love this pattern, grabbed up the dinner set while on sale last year

I could have kept on making more pics of beautiful merchandise and I didn't even get to the clothes! I hope you enjoyed my little "peek inside" at Anthropologie. This just happens to be a favorite place for me, not compensated to do this post. Did you see anything that you like? I would love to hear what caught your attention  if anything so please leave a comment so I know you stopped in. I love reading your comments and appreciate each and everyone.