Wednesday, November 1, 2017


I've been thinking about what I want to do for Thanksgiving so I have been looking back at some of my past Thanksgiving table settings. One of my favorites was using my Booths Real Old Willow, pumpkins and roses. I haven't decided yet but I need to get busy, I love to set things up early and enjoy. Hope you enjoy taking a stroll back to an earlier posting while I decide how I want to set my Thanksgiving table.

Thanksgiving Tablescape

Thanksgiving is my favorite time to set a table with my collection of Booths Real Old Willow by Royal Daulton. I set a coffee service on the sideboard in the dining room early this year, it was a time saver with family coming the weekend before Thanksgiving. This year I added natural materials from the yard and a Fairytale pumpkin hollowed out for the centerpiece.  The pumpkin is a pale shade of pink so I added pink roses for a different look and I loved it! I decided to leave the table set to enjoy throughout the weekend. 

For the centerpiece I started with a moss covered runner down the center of the table. Gathering natural materials from my yard and using tiny salt and pepper animals created a natural look I was going for.

Scooping out the pumpkin and adding the roses, then placing the pumpkin lid back for a natural and finished look.

A post from the past! It helps to remind me how much I enjoyed creating this table setting.  I appreciate you taking your time to stop by. I hope you leave a comment, it's the only way I know you were here. Happy November!

Saturday, October 28, 2017


Jim and I had been wanting a trip to NYC so when the Tales of the Traveling Tote girls decided to meet there I knew it was the perfect time for a getaway. Meeting these blogging friends and husbands for the first time was so much fun and seeing Sarah again is always great. Jenna from The Painted Apron and Rita from Panoply couldn't make this trip and were sorely missed. 

Meeting Friday at Fonda

Left to Right
Sarah from Hyacinths for the Soul
Patti from Pandora's box
Linda from Life and Linda
Debbie from Mountain Breaths
Emily from The French Hutch

Saturday we met for brunch at the Iconic NYC
Russian Tea Room
Celebrating 90 years of elegant dining and High Tea

Source The Russian Tea Room 

Left to Right
Sarah from Hyacinths for the Soul
Katie from Preppy Empty Nester
Linda from Life and Linda
Debbie from Mountain Breaths
Patti from Pandora's box
Emily from The French Hutch

 Source The Russian Tea Room

Linda from More Fun Less Laundry ~ It was her birthday
Another good reason for a get together! 
Happy Birthday Linda 

Cinnamon Toast, it was delicious

After a wonderful brunch we were invited to tour the Bear Lounge with it's bear aquarium

Time to capture memories of friends and a wonderful time in the city!

And, admire this amazing egg tree with Faberge inspired eggs

After our delicious brunch we walked the few blocks to The MacKenzie-Childs
 store for champagne and cake set up on the mezzanine 

A wonderful time we all enjoyed! Saying goodby until next time 

Autumn is a delightful time to be in the city!
 I'll be posting more on my trip in a later post with TTT. 


Thanks for your visit.  I appreciate each and everyone of you and enjoy knowing you stopped by. I hope you will leave a comment so I know you were here.

Monday, October 9, 2017


One of my favorite garden centers closed this past summer but happily I found another to replace it. Beautiful antiques pieces and lovely home decor with seasonal touches makes this garden center the perfect place for inspiration and ideas.  They really go all out for seasonal change and fall is front and center currently. Today is just a lot of fall inspiration, I hope you enjoy.

I hope you enjoyed my fall inspiration shopping. I chose a few of the Halloween decorations and loved all the blue/grey Cinderella pumpkins. 
Thank you for your visit. I hope you will leave a comment, it is the only way I know you stopped by. 
Happy Fall Y'all!