Monday, April 21, 2014


Easter Nest Centerpiece and Tablescape

I decided to do a natural "Easter nest” centerpiece for the week of Easter. Using a woodland theme, I wanted the centerpiece to look  like you found it while walking in a lush forest. I am using plants that will go in my flower beds as soon as it is warm enough. 
You can use a basket or tray container to put the plants in and cover the sides with moss, or make the nest directly on the table, just be sure to put a waterproof liner under the plants to protect the table. 

I started with a roll of moss, found at a local nursery. I didn’t want to use moss the entire length of the table so I cut it to make a base for my nest.  Using Fuldaglut Stonecrop, a Sedum ground cover for my basket and adding grapevine, ivy, and ribbon to fill in. The center was left open to place the téte á téte for a burst of yellow color.

Adding a few sweet collectibles tucked into and around the nest and I’m finished. So easy and so pretty, perfect for Easter.

The French Hutch dressed for spring.

Bunny topiary with Angel vine

Happy Polka-Dot Plant

Old Quimper cup and saucer filled with Jelly beans.

And,  a few old friends.

Happy Easter

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Sunday, April 6, 2014


Gingerbread Camper

Gingerbread houses, not just for Christmas anymore.

When my sister told me she found a great bargain on a travel camper I couldn’t believe what I was hearing "and it’s pink"! She’s a lot like me, the only camping we would want to do is to camp out in a hotel! After a few giggles, she explained it was the cutest little pink gingerbread house-trailer, marked down after Valentine’s Day from Harry and Davids. She couldn’t wait to have a few friends over and start nibbling away. She sent a pic from her phone and when I saw it I almost fainted, "you can’t eat that”, I said! I have to make photos to post! After a hundred phone calls she promised she wouldn’t eat the trailer. True to her word she drove all the way from Atlanta and brought the darling little trailer to me, mainly so I would quit calling! I will send her a chocolate Easter bunny treat for her reward. 

Ballerina Red Armeria

This was a fun vignette to create, using the pink gingerbread travel trailer and  spring flowers I purchased to use in the gardens. Since it is much to wet to work in the flower beds, I arranged the flowers around the little trailer and snapped away. A fun way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon. 
This little “sugar shack” has so much sugar in and on the frosting, with lots of sprinkles, perfect for a sugar rush! I know a certain little boy who wouldn’t have waited to eat this yummy treat! Now it’s all packed away, waiting for a pink and white valentine tablescape next year.

Sedum Mix

Jay Strongwater roo 

Hopefully the sun will come out soon and I can get my sweet flowers planted. Remember, April showers bring May flowers.......can’t complain.
So tell me please, do you like the “Sugar Shack”?