Friday, June 8, 2012


Tour Today ~ Paris
Your Tour Guide Today ~ Emily



Paris Streets

Paris Shopping

 Paris Museums

Paris Cathedrals filled with Stained Glass Windows and
 Heavenly Choirs

Towers to Watch Beautiful Pink Sunsets

Join me today as I share some of the reasons I find the City of Light "Simply Irresistible!"


Anita is having her Paris, Simply Irresistible party and we are all invited. Oooooh La La! Select your favorite cocktail or party dress for an elegant dinner and dancing, and casual chic pants and tops for a guided tour. Then pack your bags for a perfectly divine getaway. Anita is planning the elegant dinner affair and I will be leading a group tour, Paris "The City of Light," to visit popular attractions and museums. I can hardly wait! We will visit Musee du Louvre, Musee Rodin, Musee d'Orsay to name a few. 
Here are a  few paintings I will be showing you on the tour. 

Hotel Gare St Lazar

Our Hotel
A Room with A View


Our Tour Begins ~ 

La Tour Eiffel

View from our Hotel Room

Arc de Triomphe

Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris

Cathedral Rose Window

The three rosettes are one of the greatest masterpieces of Christianity. Designed by Jean de Chelles and Pierre de Montreuil, the window was a gift from King Saint Louis. The South Rose Window was constructed in 1260. The Rosette is dedicated to the New Testament and symbolises Christ triumphant, reigning over Heaven, surrounded by all his witnesses on earth. 

Underneath the rosette, the heavenly court is represented by the sixteen prophets. 

Jim and Emily

View of Notre-Dame from Shakespeare and Company

Musee du Louvre


Museum de Orsay

Musee Rodin Paris
The Thinker

Dining ~  Maxim's Paris

 Paris Side Streets

Paris Parks

 Paris Street Markets

Paris Shopping

Day Trips
Monet, A Visit to Giverny

French Faience



 Paris Metro Art

Sights you can expect to see in the City

La Madeleine

La Basilique du Sacre Coeur

Hotel de Ville
Paris's City Hall

I decided to dress Juliette to help in deciding what to pack. This is what I will be wearing for dinner with Anita. This little suit is a favorite of mine and I think will be perfect for the occasion. 

I hope you enjoyed photos from several of my Paris trips. This gives you an idea of what to look forward to when we join Anita for a wonderful trip to Paris. 
Merci beaucoup.

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  1. Oh such a wonderful journey with you and Anita on our Parisian Adventure!! Fabulous images!

    A Parisian Party
    Art by Karena

  2. me too (on the parisian adventure!) and it's making the driving rain outside my window all the more insignificant.
    Thanks for sharing, and pleased to meet you
    fee x

  3. What a great great post !!...nice to see you in Paris too....enjoy the from me xxx

  4. Now this has to be a real Dream Vacation, I can't decide which photos I like the best! Oh, to be walking around those street markets, or the department store, or to be gazing at the paintings in the Louvre, dinner at Maxim's..... (sigh) xo

  5. Emily,
    How wonderful for you both and what beautiful photos. Beautiful post.

  6. These pictures are just amazing, Emily. They are so bright and full of life! That Eiffel Tower picture looks very similar to the one Nel took. The picture of the Cathedral is beautiful. I'm off to see a few more lovelies, but I wanted to tell you that I am sending the girls over to take a peek at this wonderful post.
    Love to you,
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  7. Oh I feel liike you and I just spent a wonderful day in Paris together. I'm so glad Anita's blog has brought us together. Here's to many more Paris memories !

  8. Oh la la, Emily! I have never personally been to Paris, but thank you for my blogland tour! I enjoyed it very much...all the art works, the musicians, the was tres magnifique!! (I hope I spelled that correctly. I only took one year of French in college!!)

  9. Hello Emily,
    What can I say? A fabulous post! My son was in Paris last summer and loved it. He brought me back a mini Eiffel Tower and pictures. He's going to France again at the end of June; Provence this time. I would love to go there someday; Paris and Provence both! Thanks for sharing Paris through your eyes. Thank you too for stopping by to see my pink and leaving your nice comment about my magazine feature. Hope you have a lovely weekend.


  10. I am literally crying. There is so much beauty that this city, this culture, this country has given us. However, so many other wonderful places in the world have done the same, and one day, we must pay tribute to another place. BUT FOR NOW, PARIS IS IT and all I can say is that I feel so blessed that I had a chance to go there, teach French and most of all, meet the most wonderful French people. Emily, your photos are JUST BREATHTAKING!!! MERCI! Anita

  11. Bonjour Emily!
    I am so happy to meet you through Anita's Paris Party! This is a lovely post, and I really love it when bloggers post their own photos. These shows us what a wonderful time you had on all your trips! I have thousands of pix from my times there. too, and I often just scroll through them, reliving every precious memory. I also smiled when I heard " la Mer" sung by Kevin Kline!! He reminds me so much of my husband in "French Kiss", one of my favorite "chick flics"! That was the first song I bought on iTunes!!!
    Lovely to meet you, Emily!

  12. This is such a completely fabulous post! There's just so much to see and your photos are so artistic!!
    Nice to find your blog, come say hi!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  13. OMG What a fabulous post andwhat gorgeous pictures. I went to Paris 3 years ago and had such a fabulous time and these pictures just made me smile remembering my trip. Happy Pink Saturday. Grace

  14. HPS!

    After seeing all these amazing photos I feel like visiting Paris...


  15. Hi Emily, I have studies every one of your photos of beautiful Paris! We haven't been since the mid 90's--no I should say I haven't because my hubby has been several times recently on business. It is indeed a beautiful and exciting city. We left our little kids in London with friends and took the train under the Channel over to Paris for 4 days of bliss. One day it was pouring and we tok refuge in Musee D'Orsay--and I need to go back. It was wonderful!!!!! Thanks for the tour. Linda

  16. Absolutely heavenly. Why do the lights in France always seem so much more beautiful? Dreamy.
    Stopping by from Beverly's Pink Saturday, but also participating in Anita's Parisian celebration. Enjoy all the fun, and I LOVE your dinner outfit.
    Much love,

  17. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  18. I don't understand what is happening with the links! I HAD YOU ON MY LIST! You are the second person to tell me this !! I WILL FIX IT NOW! Oh dear....what happened???? Anita

  19. Thank you for the fabulous Paris tour! I so enjoyed it!
    Hugs, Cindy

  20. oo la la!!! :D LOVE this tour, Emily. It has been such a long time since I've been to Paris, and I agree with Sabrina: Paris is always a good idea!!!! :D

    Thanks for putting this post together for us. I know it was a LOT of work!!!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  21. You sure are lucky. Would like to go there with you. I have been put not like looks like you do. Will be back I love Paris and things of Paris

  22. You are the second blogger I have visited this week who is in France. So not fair! Maybe one day. Either way I am just as blessed with beauty from my own yard.
    Loved the enhanced pictures at the top of your post

  23. EMILY DEAR! Oh dear, your photos are so LIVELY! I hope you are enjoying your tours. The link works now and I came by to ask you permission to use one of your photos for a collage I am making as a memoire of this Paris party. It is the lovely painting, the 14th one down from your LOUVRE photo. The girl with a coral colored dress and aqua sea in the background. I will credit you of will be for next week's header! Let me know, please. Anita

  24. Gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous images! The art you posted-magnificent. I have been dying to post some of my favorite
    artworks and afraid blogger would take my blog down if I did. I love love your blog.

  25. Hi Emily,

    It was wonderful to catch up with you on the Paris trip again, I think we met up on the last trip.
    Your photographs are all amazing and makes me so want to go and pack my bag and go back to the beautiful City.
    All the gorgeous Art, shopping, dinning etc, really does make this the most beautiful place.

    Happy weekend

  26. What a wonderful tour!! One day maybe I will visit, but
    for now I have your lovely blog to show me the sights...

    I am following now, and I would like to invite you to come over to my blog to be entered in my blog giveaway.

    Dessa Rae

  27. Wow! That was quite the trip! You captured so many amazing photos! Thanks so much for sharing. The stained glass is incredible!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  28. Thank you for sharing beautiful photos, that was a beautiful tour! It's been wonderful meeting new bloggers via Anita's parisian soiree with the same passion for Paris.
    xoxo, B

  29. BON JOUR!!!
    Your photos are exquisite!!!I also just returned from Paris(my first trip) I was in AWE to say the least!!!
    Your trip must have been amazing as well, no one going to Paris would say anything else, now would they???
    This party is so fun

  30. Emily, you know I am absolutely dazzled by every single photo here (and you know I'll be back, because one viewing isn't enough!) How do you fall in love with a city not your own? Even if I already hadn't, I would with this post! I'm doing a series of Paris posts -- just found out about Anita's party, so not on her list, but do stop by when you have a chance. You might recognize a few things! (I love how we sometimes see things exactly the same -- and other times so differently.) One question -- where is that spiral staircase with the art around it? Beautiful!

  31. I don't remember the name of the tiny hotel I stayed in way back when I visited Paris, but I do remember this: it was near a tiny little park where I sat on a bench with the sweetest view of the Eiffel Tower and the apartment building across the street had the most delightful balconies with all kinds of vines and plants on them. My biggest surprise while there: the size of the Mona Lisa. My motto now: Always have a stash of money hidden away...enough for you and a friend to run off to Paris for a few days. :)

    Loved your tour!!

  32. Loved your tour so much I want to go right now! Nice to meet you and have a lovely day!

  33. Wow! This post says (shows) it all!!!

    How fabulous!
    ~ Violet

  34. a wonderful tour, simply amazing! the photographs are works of art ❤ and it's lovely to see all the fabulous paintings too, some of which are favourites of mine.

    wishing you a magical paris week xx

  35. What a wonderful tour Emily! I loved Paris so much...the Louvre, the cafes, the Eiffel Tower...everything. Thanks so much for the very happy memories!

  36. Simply breath taking Emily! Thanks for the tour.

  37. Oh, take me with you!
    Your suit is a wonderful choice!

  38. Wow, what a lovely tour of Paris. YOur trip must have been amazing, beautiful photos. Thanks for taking me along.

  39. wowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. I have never been, but it is on my bucket list.

  41. Emily, I enjoyed the tour. It brought back so many memories both good and bad, mostly good. I can't tell you how many times I traveled back and forth through the Arc de Triomphe when Bob was in the hospital.
    The Musee du Louvre is forever busy and that is good.
    Thanks for sharing,

  42. I'm overwhelmed! I especially like those blue windows.

    Happy Blue Monday, Emily! Be sure to check out my Kindle Fire giveaway.

  43. ah Paris! I have only visited once - in 2005 - and loved every minute of it. Thank you for taking me back there on this wonderful tour in pictures and music! Wish I had known about "Shakespeare and Company" - looks like a dlightful place for a browse. Have a wonderful week.

  44. Emily, it was wonderful. I couldn't have enjoyed it more. Ah, how I would love to go some day.

    Happy Pink Saturday.

  45. Emily, what a great tour! I am always amazed at the street markets. The fruits and veggies are divine! No wonder they go to the market daily!

  46. Beautiful tour. I do love Paris. This is the longest I have gone without going to Europe...5-6 years I think now. I lived outside of Paris for years (Versailles) and 4 years in St. Nazaire. With two kids it's a lot for the flight now. Their grandparents live in Albi though, so we have a trip planned next summer. I'd like to spend more time in Paris and less with the in-laws. These beautiful pictures are motivating me. :) Looking forward to following you!

  47. Emily, you took us on a whirlwind tour of my favorite city. My heart is singing! You and Jim have some gorgeous images of your visits to this city. Thank you for sharing them and taking us along on this magical tour. ~ Sarah

  48. Paris, Paris, Paris! When can I visit you? How I wish it will be sooner:) Beautiful photos..

    Visiting for Blue Monday- hope you can stop by:)

  49. Wow. Bonjour. What a lovely post of Paris. Don't you just love the old style subway signs, like the Metropolitain, in you pic. Your post had so many favorite views of Paris. It's nice to meet your through Anita's Paris Party. Please come by my place, even though you may have completed your "tour". I joined late. Merci, Mary

  50. PS also I especially love the recording you chose of, La Mer. An absolute favorite. Merci, Mary

  51. Oh such such a beautiful city. I would love to visit. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  52. Good morning, Lauren. So nice to see your comment on my Paris post..thanks for coming over. I am now your newest follower. Lovely to follow, love the music, too. Merci, Mary

  53. Hi Emily,
    I am new to your blog. What a fantastic tour of Paris. I feel like I have been there myself looking through your pictures. I particularly like the ones where you have applied filters and given them a paint like effect.

    Glad I found you. Now following. I have loved Anita's link party to Paris. Can't wait to get back there in person.

  54. Lovely images. I went to Paris for my honeymoon :) See you at My Dream Canvas. Have a great day. Anu

  55. This was almost too much to view at one sitting! I am going to have to come back again and again to properly appreciate all the photos you provided so generously! What an amazing city - one I hope to visit someday! Thank you for a most enjoyable and beautiful slice of Paris life!

  56. Wow, what a brilliant post! I am so excited about seeing this as we are going to Paris in December! I will have to come back and read this over and over again until then!

    Best wishes and Merci!
    Natasha in Oz

  57. This such a great series of images. I feel as though I just made a visit to great Paris! These are wonderful, you really had the eye to view, what it would take to place us there as well~

  58. What wonderful memories your beautiful post brought back. I've been fortunate to visit Paris four times over the years. Enjoyed lunch at Maxim's on one occasion, visited the Moulin Rouge twice and did all the usual tourist things, of course. Your stained glass photos are spectacular.

    My Outdoor Wednesday post is at:

  59. Bonjour Emily!
    This Paris post is simply BREATHTAKING! What beautiful memories you have.. I have only visited Paris in my dreams, one day I hope to get there.. This is one of my favorite Paris posts.. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful photos. Love the music!

  60. What a great deal of beauty you have shared with us in this post--thank you! I love the outdoor markets and musicians, and the little shops--just delightful!

  61. Hi Emily,
    What a joy is was to have you visit and leave such a kind note.. I am honored to have you follow, thank you so much.
    So happy you enjoyed the gathering for Paris.. I hope you will join Bebe on her next adventure.. For a wee mouse, she does travel alot! She will be on her way in a few days.
    I am a new follower of yours... I just love it here..
    I wish I spoke french, I love this song. Sounds very romantic.

  62. O, so enjoyed these lovely photos, Emily.
    What a fun trip this must have been. You are very blessed to be able to travel to such lovely places.
    xo bj

  63. Fabulous! All my favorite sights. Thanks for taking us on this beautiful tour of the city of lights!

  64. Emily I have never visited Paris but it is on my wish list! Your photos made me want to go tomorrow...everything looked so beautiful, so exquisite! Thank you for sharing so many photos and experiences with us. You are a fabulous tour guide!

  65. G'day Emily!
    You have shown me many shots of Paris that I have never seen before. Excellent!!

  66. Emily, back this morning for a little Parisian fix. I do love seeing all your wonderful photos. Makes me feel as if I'm there rather than here. LOL
    Have a fabulous day, dear friend.......Sarah

  67. What a grand time we have had, non?

    Emily, merci bien for all the beautiful photos YOU TOOK SO MUCH TIME in putting together for this grand fête....and I will put you down for the chance to win the slipper!!! BISOUS, Anita

  68. Thanks for linking!What an amazing trip! great pictures. I really want to go to Paris now! Come back anytime on Monday to link!

  69. I want to runaway to PARIS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!


  71. Oh, these photos are magical, Emily. So pretty.
    When Fifi Flowers runs away to Paris, I will hide in her trunk.....:))

  72. AHHHHHHHH! SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I will one day get there. I can't wait!

  73. Your photos just took me back to Paris in an instant. Although I have been too many times to count my husband joined me in March this year for his first trip to Paris. What a challenge it was to choose from all my favorites, but we had a wonderful, romantic trip, visiting with friends I have made over the years and making new ones.

    When I saw your photo at Métro Cité, I wondered if our paths might have crossed on previous trips... Love your blog and I hope that you will visit my Paris daily photoblog too.


  74. My Granddaughter went to Paris a couple of years back with school.
    She loved it. She bought me back a beautiful bling,bling braclet.

    I think in Paris she bought herself a beautiful jean jacket was awesome. When she was wearing it.

    I enjoyed your tour pictures of Paris.

  75. I came across your tour of Paris today and loved it. Thank you for sharing this tour, you had some unique photos - Especially in the Louve.




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