Thursday, October 17, 2019


Fall Kitchen Table

I was scrolling through my
friend Sarah's post at Hyacinth for the Soul here awhile back. She inspired me to do a fall arrangement for my kitchen table after seeing her photo of a copper tub at Cottonseed Trading at Marburger Farms. The tub is filled with all of fall's splendor.


I just wanted to use what I had on hand to make an arrangement. I had white pumpkins, baby boos and faux fall hydrangeas. The copper tub belonged to my mother-in-law. It has way to many bumps and dents to count but that's what I love about it. She had the top painted green which didn't work for me. It was painted black to match The French Hutch and sits on the floor in the open space below. 

I love how the white pumpkins pop against the copper

This lasted about a week until I needed something low for setting the table

For this arrangement I used a basket with gold trim from Pottery Barn, the after Christmas sale a few years ago. 

This size is easy to move around on the table for setting a table for two, four or six. I think this will last awhile.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2019


Celebrating Fall with a cake

Is there anything as wonderful as welcoming Fall after a long hot summer! Although it is still hot there is definitely a change. The ever so subtle change in the air and even a bit of color in the trees, which, I really contribute to the dry weather.  Ever so slight, I am grateful to know Fall is knocking and I am looking forward to the cool crisp air that comes with it. 

So to celebrate this glorious season I decided to decorate a cake. Not bake a cake, it's to hot! I had several layers in the freezer so I wanted to give a nod to Fall. I never leave these long in my freezer for fear of them coming out stale. Perfect, I can use these flowers to decorate and enjoy. Of course, anytime you decorate with flowers make sure they are editable, these are not! This was play time.

I was going for a naked look cake, like my sister makes. No icing on the sides, mostly between layers. The cake finished up somewhere in-between. Ceramic mushrooms, sprinkles and sprigs of lavender from my garden for the final touch. 

I love using this heavy glass sunflower pitcher my sweet Mother-in-law gifted me years ago. Perfect for the extra flowers. 

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Happy Fall!

"True friends are like bright sunflowers
that never fade away, even over distance 
and time."

                              -Marie Williams Johnstone

Sunday, September 1, 2019


Welcome to another adventure of Tales of the Traveling Tote. This is where my fellow Tales of the Traveling Tote friends and I share our latest travels, projects and our most current events. You will have an opportunity to visit other members at the end of this post and learn about our giveaway.

Traveling Tote Adventures 
All Summer Long
I don't know about you but it's hard to believe it's September and Labor Day weekend! Summer seems like a dream now, although it is still hot here and will be until mid October. Not much happening here other than weekends to visit family and a few day trips. My tote friends and I shared a post last month about our summer adventures so I'm sharing a little of what's kept me busy in August.

Miss Courtney holding Labor Day decorations 

I love to visit open houses and keeping up with the latest trends

 Miss Molly joined me for the afternoon. We saw a lot of open plans and marble kitchens and baths. Sure  makes me wish I could build another house!

Every time I'm in Birmingham I always save time to stop in Trader Joe's. I love shopping there, especially for flowers. Miss Courtney decided she didn't want her pic made this day or maybe I just forgot to snap her pic??? She was a big help carrying every thing!

We've spent a lot of time in our own backyard 

I love visiting my favorite local garden shop

So what did I find this day?

Beautiful "Provence" Lavender

 And sunflowers, my late summer favorite

Other special days I need help carrying special gifts to loved ones. One being a very special aunt.

And for another very special person, my sweet mother in law.

They both are in nursing homes and love soft throws for the end of their beds, so I look for pretty seasonal color. 
Miss Courtney is roomy enough to hold everything so I only need to make one trip from the car.

I though I was ready to add warm and cozy with my new sale finds from Pottery Barn, wrong! I still can't go there with our hot weather but I did find a way for Miss Courtney to help out. She holds the new faux fur pillows and throw until I'm ready to use them on the sofa and chair. Sometimes I wonder how I ever got along without her!

Miss Courtney holding new sale pillows and throws in my study

Now for the Giveaway!

         Debbie at Mountain Breath will be hosting the giveaway for a chance to win a whisk from MacKenzie-Childs. For a chance to win just leave a comment on her blog post.

Tales of the Traveling Tote members would love for you to visit.

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Happy Labor Day weekend