Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy Birthday America

 America The Beautiful
Words by Katharine Lee Bates
Melody by samuel Ward

O Beautiful for Spacious Skies, 


For Amber Waves of Grain,


For Purple Mountain Majesties


Above the Fruited Plain!


America! America!


God Shed His Grace on Thee


And Crown Thy Good with Brotherhood
From Sea to Shining Sea!


Happy Birthday America!

I love the Fourth of July it is one of my favorite holidays. I love my country and I love to celebrate the special day with a party of family and friends. This year the birthday celebration comes on Wednesday and it's not always possible for getting together mid week. So, we spent last weekend in Atlanta for an early Fourth of July celebration at my sister and brother-in-law's. Atlanta had a record high of 106 degrees but it didn't stop us from having a
great time. My sister and I went to a little workshop for diy party decorations for the Fourth. It was a lot of fun. Of course we had to have a southern favorite of BBQ Ribs.
Thank You Iris and Craig, we had a great time!

My Vintage Postcard Collection

Some of my sister's decorations
Beautiful Fourth colors of Red, White and Blue with Rocket Stakes

Peace Dove welcomes all

I love this Flower Petal Pillow

Fun and Easy DIY Decorations
Wreaths and Flower Stakes using Glitter, Craft Paper, and Paper Straws

A Family Tradition
BBQ Ribs on the Fourth

I had some extra time while in Birmingham a few days ago and went to a decorating workshop at Pottery Barn. A designer gave tips and demonstrated how to set up an outdoor bar and Fourth of July tablescape. Gorgeous!

Let us not forget those serving our Country, past and present, that we may enjoy Freedom today! 
May your Fourth of July be filled with love of family and friends and may you have a happy and a safe holiday celebration. 
God Bless America!

My Dad
Thanks Daddy


  1. Beautiful post! Have a great July 4th holiday! xo

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  3. your post gave me goosebumps. Many of my relatives served in the second world war, including my father, who joined to go save his brother who was a prisoner of war in Japan.

  4. I so love your post. And a very beautiful tribute to your Dad and your FIL. Happy 4th of July!!


  5. What a lovely visit for Rednesday and the 4th of July. Health issues in our Sandwich Generation family are probably keeping this a quiet holiday this year for my family, so this was a double delight.

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  7. Dearest Emily,
    Thank you so very much for your incredible post! What a wonderful tribute to our great nation and the fine men and women who have served!
    Blessings to you and heartfelt Happy 4th wishes!

  8. Beautiful post. Loved the music too. Hope you have a wonderful 4th.

  9. So many beautiful pictures! Have a fantastic 4th!

  10. Beautiful post, Emily. Glad you and your sis had a fun time. Love the WS party bar ideas.
    Happy 4th ~ Sarah

  11. A very nice tribute. Thank you for sharing! :)

  12. Emily, yayness you are back on my blog roll. Lovely patriotic post. Have a happy 4th. xoxo, olive

  13. Emily, It looks like your Independence Day was fun. Oh, the ribs look delicious and what a fun time at a PB workshop earlier. Thanks so much for a beautiful patriotic post, and yes, God Bless America.

  14. Emily,
    Happy 4th of July!

  15. I hope your 4th of July celebrations were wonderful Emily!

    This was a fabulous post-you are so lucky to live in such a wonderful country!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

  16. Emily, this is a lovely post for the 4th, and a lovely tribute to your father and father-in-law. I love your decorations, and I hate I missed the workshop at PB. I would love to learn more outdoor entertaining tips!

    I hope you had a great 4th, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your week and weekend.


  17. Oh, Emily, this was such a beautiful post! Hardly any words are needed with the wonderful assortment of photos and of course the magnificent song!! Don't the guys look soooo handsome in their military uniforms? And the PB class looks like it was a good one too! Did you manage to come away from it with any goodies? Have a wonderful week. Linda

  18. 106??? Oh, no! That's what we're expecting this weekend! Not a happy time right now! I'm glad you guys were at least able to enjoy your holiday celebration. The food looks delicious! I wish we could get outside and do a lot of grilling, but 104 is just too much for me! My husband dragged me out in that yesterday in search of a doggone funnel cake at the local fireworks display grounds! Can you believe that?!??! I was sweating and hot and MAD!!! He's lucky to be alive at this moment!!! :-) I would love to have the wrought iron horse & buggy ornament on the gate! That's the symbol for our subdivision!!! Have a wonderful weekend, Emily, and try to stay cool!!!

  19. Beautiful Beautiful post. I too am grateful for everyone who served including my Beloved Father who served in France during the D-Day invasion. So much madness in this world. . .and then there are those sweet ones like you. Thanks
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  20. Wonderful post - glad I came by, even if I am a little late. Hope your 4th was wonderful.

  21. Your post is such a lovely tribute to our nations birthday! And what beautiful pictures the servicemen in your family! Thanks for sharing this at TUTORIALS TIPS AND TIDBITS!

  22. Truly beautiful Emily, loved this post, perfect images and such a nice tribute. Great pics of your Dad and FIL.

  23. Great post Emily. I love America and the 4th of July! All of your pictures are wonderful. How fun to go to a PB class. I have thought about it now and then but have never gone. I love ribs and those look awfully tasty. Glad you had fun!

  24. Thank you for sharing this wonderful Patriotic post at Potpourri Friday! I loved it!

  25. Hi Emily, I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July. All the images are beautiful. Thanks for sharing this at the Open House party.

  26. WOW! You really did have a wonderful holiday! I loved seeing your old postcards and the beautiful flowers and decorations. You packed a lot in and that's the way I like to live my life! Enjoy the weekend!

  27. Well you got me crying this morning, that song sung by Elvis is just so moving. We just got back from a week of vac in the purple mountains of Colorado and back to the plains of Kansas. I have some pics on my blog last week of vac. What a special picture of your Dad and FIL. My Dad and Hubby both served also. Have a good week.

  28. That is a lovely post. I used part of the song, spread over 3 days. Your is full and big and impressive. good post!

  29. Just checking in~ I have not heard from you in a while. Just said a little prayer for you. I hope you are on vacation or having fun with people you love!

  30. Oh, Emily, I am so behind in blog visiting. But this is just enchanting! It's what I would call a perfect post! (And those postcards and that decorating workshop both had me drooling.)




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