Friday, April 14, 2017


I love Beatrix Potter. Her dear sweet books are stacked on my bookshelves and music boxes are scattered around, along with adorable figurines. It seems I've been collecting them forever. My mother-in-law really liked my collection and started her own, mostly ornaments. When she moved to a retirement home last year she wanted me to have her collection of ornaments. I decided to use them in a centerpiece for the table in the breakfast area of the kitchen. 

Using a wooden dough bowl I added moss and three small hyacinths, timed to bloom Easter, I hope. 

Vist here to see last year's centerpiece

I love these adorable ornaments and this sweet lady!

The Easter Bunny never forgets to deliver her basket. Even at 95 she gets a thrill and unwraps her basket immediately. She smiles and says, "I love candy, just one now!"

If you would like to see more of my collections, visit these posts here and here.

The French Hutch gets dressed for spring

A few weeks ago I was the lucky winner of this gorgeous tote at The Painted Apron. Thanks Jenna, I think it's perfect to take to market.

Wishing all of my friends a wonderful and joyous Easter.


  1. Beatrix Potter accessories and fabric was a big deal when my son was born, so I used a lot of it in his nursery. It brings back such sweet memories of a favorite childhood tale. I love how you've used the ornaments for a centerpiece. Yet another extra way to enjoy things that bring us joy! Happy and beautiful Easter to you!

  2. Oh, Emily. This is a gorgeous post. Your Beatrix Potter ornaments are adorable tucked into the moss and hyacinths! Delightful music as I enjoyed your pictures. Your hutch is over the top fabulous!
    There are so many darling baskets dressed with ribbon, lambs, eggs,bunnies, butterflies, and MC pretty pieces honestly this should be in a magazine.
    I was touched by the picture of your MIL receiving her Easter basket! She is beautiful -be sure and tell her I said so.
    Happy Happy Easter sweet friend. Bonnie

  3. Wow! What a lovely post. Beatrix Potter is a classic. Love all your shares. HPS and Happy Easter too! COme visit soon. HUGS

  4. I adore Beatrix Potter everything--so adorable. I love what you did to your dough bowl. Taking care of those we love is whats it's all about---I love that she got an Easter Basket!!

  5. Emily, I'm scrolling back and forth taking it all in! You know Beatrix Potter is very special to me as well. I've not seen the ornaments like this before. They are adorable. I've never had a collection of her figurines, but this past year have started a collection that I will give to my grandnieces when they are old enough to appreciate them and take care of them. So for I have found 4.
    Such a sweet photo of your MIL. She reminds me of Tash Tutor. I know she adores you and appreciates your thoughtfulness. Happy, Happy Easter, dear friend!


  6. Congrats on winning that GORGEOUS tote my friend! So pretty!

    You have so many lovely things, and it's so wonderful that you took your mil's collection. I just know she's happy knowing her pretty things went to someone who appreciates them.

    Happy Easter to you!


  7. This is so sweet! I love Beatrix Potter as well. I actually visited her house in the Lake District a few years ago but I was not a blogger then and didn't take any photos. Can you believe it? I'll have to go back. Happy Easter!

  8. Oh, Emily, what a totally delightful post! I absolutely adore your centerpiece, and to see that photo of your sweet MIL and that innocent smile on her very special. Happy Easter, and thank you for such entertaining background music.

  9. Oh my goodness Emily, your centerpiece is beyond adorable!! You are so sweet to take your MIL an Easter basket every year! The little lambs are so cute too, I hope your hyacinths bloom as planned...will you be seeing your little bunny? Coastal weather is nice but very windy. Thanks so much for the shout out! Happy Easter,

  10. This is exquisite, Emily. I love your centerpiece and especially love how you use things that are so precious to you in so many ways. I love Beatrix Potter (there's a new book on her art out now -- I really want it!). I never collected the figures and wish I had. Probably too late to start now, so I'm glad you are sharing yours with us.

    Your home looks so beautiful for Easter. I love the photo of your mother in law. She looks like a kid in a candy store! Oh, I thin you will have a beautiful Easter filled with sweet treats, love and loads of memories!

  11. Every detail perfect as ever, Emily ...but OH THAT HEADER.
    Running off to errands this morning, but I'll be back for a second (and third) look. :)
    Congratulations on the pretty tote.
    Happy Easter, dear friend.

  12. Impressive collection! My favorite photo, though, is of your MIL, the delight on her face over her Easter basket so obvious! That one is a real treasure.

  13. This is a beautiful post, and it warms my heart. It especially makes me happy to see your mother-in-law's joy at the simple, heartfelt gift of an Easter basket. Just goes to show that at 9, 5, or 95, there's a kid that lives deep in us all. Have a blessed Easter.

  14. OMG! I love every single one of you darling Easter touches! I hope that you have a very happy Easter, dear Emily!

  15. I love Beatrix Potter and your collection is really nice. I'm sure you'll enjoy my post tomorrow ;)

  16. Oh you do it so well, you make it look effortless!

    I love your pictures, and your Potter treasures are amazing.

    Well done, it's all awesome. ♥

  17. Your dining table vignette with the Beatrix Potter mini figurines is just so sweet, Emily. I also loved seeing all your other touches in your French hutch. Thank you for sharing the touching photo of your dear MIL. How sweet to gift a Happy Easter basket with her. I hope you had a wonderful Easter. ❤️

  18. Oh Emily, I just love everything in your post--the adorable ornaments, your very sweet MIL, the centerpiece, and the wonderful story of these pieces being passed to you from someone so special. Your hutch is beautiful all dressed up for Spring. I hope your Easter was very happy! Linda

  19. How sweet Emily. I can see why you love these adorable Beatrix Potter figurines. Your vignette is so pretty. Congrats on the win. How special your mil is still with us. I am loving your beautiful

  20. Oops. I meant to tell you that this post is being featured on my Pink Saturday post this week as "the one with the most clicks".♥

  21. What a lovely Beatrix Potter Collection!Love all your pieces!