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Memorial Day
Is an American holiday, observed on the last Monday of May, honoring the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military. Originally known as Decoration Day, it originated in the years following the Civil War and became an official federal holiday in 1971.

                                                                          Source ~  History.com

With Memorial Day fast approaching, I have been thinking about how we will celebrate the holiday. I love to bring out the red, white and blue and reflect on those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our amazing country.

I love displaying the American Flag

I am not sure if we will have a house full or if it will be just a table for two. I pulled up some  photos to share of past celebrations from my photo library. 

Of course there will be lots of flowers

And fun vignettes 

Place settings using red, white and blue

And Food!

We love grilling

Jim loves to cook out, I love for Jim to cook out!

Baby back ribs 

Or a great burger!

Southern Sides

Ice cold soda

Homemade ice cream

And just in, fresh peaches for making peach cobbler

So, do tell, what will you do to celebrate Memorial Day weekend? 
Heartfelt thanks for those serving in the military, past and present. 

Thank you for stopping by, I love and appreciate your visits. 


  1. Too early for peaches here just yet, but peach cobbler sounds delicious! Actually it all looks and sounds delicious! No big plans here other than lunch with friends on Memorial Day. I need to pull out the patriotic things this weekend. I like to put them out Memorial Day and leave them out for the summer months until Labor Day. Happy Memorial Day!

  2. Ohhh fresh peaches, I haven't seen them yet, can't wait! You have me drooling over ribs at 6:30am Emily and that burger, I can almost take a bite! Love your little red patio set, and your red white & blue hydrangeas! Let's hope the weather will finally settle down and cooperate! Have a lovely time~

  3. Hi Emily, Hurrah for a hubby who likes to cook outside! All this food looks delicious to me, even now as I write at breakfast time! I think a piece of your peach cobbler would be excellent with my morning tea -- oh it is making my mouth water at the thought!! I love seeing your patriotic decor ideas, especially the metal (painted, enamel?) flag and the tiny fairy garden! We will be in Washington DC this year for Memorial Day and then to Mount Vernon. Enjoy your weekend! Linda

  4. If Jim wants to head this direction and fire up our grill, too, I'm all for it! Nice to trip down memory lane with you and revisit patriotic tablescapes from the past. Looking at The food suddenly made the oatmeal I'm eating taste very, very flat! Have a safe weekend!

  5. Oh Emily, it looks so beautiful and festive! I'm with Sarah on the peach cobbler -- too early for here but oh, how good it looks. It ALL looks good! We're spending part of the weekend at a friend's cottage and all I have to do is bring the wine so the decorating is up to them for a change! Whoopee!

  6. It is always a great pleasure to study your beautiful photos, especially the way you capture detail and nuance. I suddenly realized I was very hungry when I got to that burger!

  7. You are set for a lovely celebration this weekend! I love the patriotic colored flowers and the American flags. I am happy to have a free moment to visit ;P

  8. Wow, your food looks fabulous. The ribs look so moist and tender and the ice cream and cobbler are calling my name. Your photos are excellent. What camera do you use?
    I love all your red, white and blue flowers and table settings. There is nothing more beautiful than our country's flag and what it stands for.
    This is a holiday to give thanks for all who have served.
    Have a great weekend.

  9. This is so wonderfully assembled, Emily! I love to display our flag as well for Memorial Day. My hydrangeas won't be fully blooming until July 4th, but it's a great summer kickoff weekend. My daughter is exec director of an arts festival that will host a preview weekend, and part of that is many restaurants' Taste-of-All. That will be my go-to for weekend food fare. Enjoy your weekend!

  10. All of this looks perfect Emily and I'm loving all of flags! My daughter's boyfriend (getting married July2!) is still serving .. he is ready to step back in silvian life and we are happy about that. Enjoy the long weekend!

  11. Good morning Emily!

    Everything looks amazing! That burger belongs on the cover of a foodie magazine!

    Can you send Jim over? ;)


  12. All the flowers look so pretty, Emily, and the food, oh the food! I thought the ribs looked so awesome, but then I saw the burger. I'd have both, I do believe. The sides look so tasty, too, and peach cobbler with homemade ice cream...what an ending! Happy Memorial Day, sweet friend.

  13. It will be another month before our glorious Porter Peach Festival heralds the peach harvest in our area. Until then I'll still be retrieving peaches carefully frozen to last all the way from last year's harvest until the coming harvest and weeks of truly fresh peaches. I'm fairly certain that in heaven, we'll have an eternal supply of always perfectly fresh peaches! Your table is perfect for this special holiday. Thanks for inviting us for a peek.
    Cherry Kay

  14. And now I MUST have a burger. :) Beautiful as ever, dear Emily. I remember instantly falling in love with those mini red adirondacks when you shared them before.
    Lovely weekend to all.

  15. You certainly know how to celebrate. Beautiful and yummy :)
    Happy Memorial Day.
    Connie :)

  16. Beautiful photos. Looks like you celebrated this special weekend in style.

  17. Your photos are breathtaking, Emily!! And they are also making me drool. Hope you are enjoying your day!!

  18. Yum! Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!

  19. I loved seeing both the beautiful decors and the yummy food!




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