Sunday, April 15, 2018


Making a simple Kitchen Island Centerpiece

I love riding my bike early in the morning or late in the afternoon. This was a late afternoon ride to our neighborhood duck ponds. I love feeding these sweet quacking ducks especially when they have newly hatched ducklings. You can hardly see them in this photo, most were all the way on the other side of the ponds. 

After my ride I decided to cut some of my roses for a simple centerpiece for the kitchen island. With storms, high winds and torrential rain expected the roses would be damaged, a good excuse to cut and enjoy inside. 

Cutting a basket full of  roses

A pretty MacKenzie-Childs tray

Oh how lovely!

A beautiful backyard sunset to end the day...

A simple and pretty arrangement to enjoy on the island, I wish you could smell the rose scent.

Thanks for stopping by. You know how I enjoy reading your comments, it's the only way I know you were here. 


  1. Gorgeous! I pulled out most of my rose plants, so my roses are few and far between. These look so pretty. Wise to cut and bring in before a big storm. Hope you didn't have any damage. I saw the radar on the weather map. Looked heavy!

  2. So beautiful Emily! Your MKC tray is such a great pairing with these gorgeous pink roses! I didn't realize you had such a green thumb!

  3. Those coral pink roses are stunning! Glad you grabbed them before the rain got to them.


  4. You know how much I love roses. We had HIGH winds on Thursday as I was coming back from the Dr, could hardly keep the car on the road. My roses and plants really took a beating. They are in bloom full force now. I missed them blooming as I was in the hospital, but did get to see some in full bloom. Was to tired to cut a bouquet for the house.

    Beautiful sunset - enjoy the week.

  5. Your roses are stunning. I love the pale pink old fashioned-looking climbers. Are they heirloom roses? I love them! Such a pretty post, Emily!

  6. Your roses are so pretty - hope to see mine soon!!

  7. Emily, these are wonderful. I long to see those sweet smelling beauties again and you show them so well! Happy week, my friend!

  8. Your roses are beautiful and look so pretty on your tray. The black checks make your roses really pop! I can image the lovely scent.
    I could visualize your pretty bike ride and that sunset is so pretty.
    Happy Spring although it has been cold yesterday and today. We were in Georgia and it was very cold.

  9. Your roses are so pretty Emily! Enjoy your bike ride today :-) xo

  10. How nice to go on a bike ride, Emily! Your roses in your yard are so pretty, and how wise of you to cut some before the storm. Your vase of roses looks so beautiful on your tray. Happy weekend to you! xx