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National Tartan Day

Last month we celebrated St. Patrick's Day, this month we celebrate the tartans and plaids of Scotland with " National Tartan Day."
Here are some of my favorite plaids and things I love about Scotland.

Favorite tartan's for a lazy afternoon

Ralph Lauren Tartan Pillow

Ralph Lauren Floral Hampton China
tartan plaid boarder and roses

Ralph Lauren Megan Teacup, saucer and plate

Candles and Roses

Favorite Magazines to enjoy with coffee

I love to decorate with plaids

Ralph Lauren Barware
Glenn Plaid


Black Watch 

The kilt I wanted Jim to try on in Scotland, he refused!

He would wear this for the right occasion

I had Black Watch shorts I wore with tights
my shorts were longer, to the knee

This is what I would wear if I were going to a
 Renaissance Festival

If I had a horse this is how I would dress him

I would love to wear this skirt while riding

A few accessories I've had in the past

Photos from my trip to Scotland


Walking the Royal Mile

Castle Interior Room

Castle Christmas Tree

Royal Coat of Arms

Balmoral Hotel
if you go to Edinburgh I highly recommend 


View outside our hotel window

Of course one of my favorites movies is Braveheart. How could we ever forget the "Tartans" worn by actor Mel Gibson as he portrayed William Wallace as he fought to save Scotland. 

“Everyman dies not every man really lives” 
-William Wallace

Mel Gibson in the role of William Wallace
Nice Tartan Scarf, don't you think?

Mel sure looked nice in his Kilt!

Mel Gibson accepting his well deserved Oscar for Braveheart
Love the Black Watch plaid vest under the tux jacket


  1. Oh, yes! Each one of your tartan plaids made me smile. Your tea setting looks so inviting, Emily. Wish I were there sharing a cup with your this afternoon. Guess you and your sister will be out in the garden chatting and enjoying the day. Love the RL plaid and roses pattern. Must look for some to add to my RL dinner plates.
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful post, taking us along to Scotland, and joining in the Tartan Parade. ~ sarah

  2. Yummy Ralph Lauren "Glen Plaid" barware, even more yummy Mel Gibson in a kilt!!! All the patterns are pretty and special in their own way. I had to wear a plaid school uniform for all of my childhood, so I had a real angst about it for many years. I have come to know and appreciate it for its uniqueness and beauty over the years of my "old age." :-) There is no denying the culture and innate beauty of plaid.

  3. Ok, Em.... where do I even begin!?
    Your table in the roses, the dishes, the pillow, the roses! Are they really blooming like that right now? Wow! I clearly need to move!

    Love the Glen Plaid highballs from RL amd I am sorry to say, have never seen Braveheart, but due to the numerous mentions of this movie today, I see it will now be moved to the top of my list!

    Love your travel photos. I must get to Scotland someday soon!


  4. Great post for Tartan Day! The RL dishes are wonderful. Sally

  5. Your colors are just beautiful! I love the sugar/creamer/pot gorgeous flowers and plaid-enjoy:@)

  6. Emily~ SWOON! I'm having serious dish envy over your BEAUTIFUL RL Floral Hampton pieces with tartan & roses! What a beautiful spot for coffee/tea and reading magazines with the climbing roses!

  7. Love this post, especially because you featured my all time favorite dishes ever. Ralph Lauren's Floral Hampton! Love, love, love that pattern! I have his knock off, but it's not the same. Happy Tartan Week to you and thanks for joining the Tartan Parade today!

  8. Loving the creamer and sugar with the roses and plaid.. drooling. drooling! Your photos are wonderful. Makes we more anxious to go.. xo marlis

  9. Hi Emily, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Ralph dishes! I have never seen them, I don't think, but will be on the lookout for them! It would be so nice to sit in your courtyard with you and drink from those glasses, too!! Even Mel looks yummy. I've never seen that movie but maybe I should! I have been to Edinburgh when my daughter was studying abroad there and absolutely loved the city. Can't wait to go again. Linda

  10. So many beautiful things! I love lots of pretty pillows and your tartan plaid is gorgeous! ♥

  11. Your dishes are lovely and I would like a sitting area like yours in my yard. It is very cute. Great post and I enjoyed all the plaids and the photos. Have a great week!

  12. Fun post. Pillows and roses and handsome men!!! :D :D

  13. I enjoyed reading this post and learning more about Tartan Day. Many of your photos look like magazine covers they are so good.

  14. Very much enjoyed seeing your favourite plaid. I two kilts and one Royal Scotch plaid skirt. Have a wonderful week:)

  15. A pretty post tartan and roses! Laura

  16. Oh Emily, I have always had a thing for tartan plaid! I especailly love plaid thermos and coolers. The plaid tea set with the roses is to die for! As for Mel and his scarf, don't know which I'm more crazy about Mel or his scarf. lol!

  17. If I told you how many kilts I own you'd never believe it! Let's just say that I love tartan!

  18. Great find of Blues..

    Visiting for Blue Monday- hope you can stop by:)

  19. I love all these tartan patterns, ben trying to find one for Kansas but alas no luck. Your table looks fantastic!!!Love the pillows. Happy Blue Monday.

  20. Tartan plaids are my favorites! Loved all the examples, especially RL. Your trip to Scotland looks fabulous, that's my dream trip, always wanted to go there! Lucky Girl!!
    Visiting from Boogieboard Cottage.

  21. Your plaids are absolutely perfect....I am so in Tartan Love right now, I am going shopping. :)

  22. You colors just pop. Beautiful blog.
    I’m following you.


  23. I absolutely loved this post, Emily. The music you chose to accompany it was so perfect. My son LOVED the Braveheart and read everyhting he could about William Wallace after the movie. All your Ralph Lauren accessories are beautiful and the outdoor setting in your photos is gorgeous. The cherub vase is so beautiful and unique! I have a ♥thing♥ for angels :)

  24. Plain gorgeousness!

    My Blue, hope you'd come and see. Have a great week ahead.

  25. I'm part Scot-Irish; my mother used to correct me when I said "Scotch-Irish" by telling me that was liquor.

    Happy Easter!
    Happy Blue Monday, Emily!

  26. I'm so enjoying your gorgeous post. Tartan and roses go perfectly together, and no one does it better than Ralph Lauren. The Black Watch tartan reminds me of a BW tartan skirt I had in high school. I nearly wore it to death because I loved it so much.
    How on earth do you get your roses to bloom so beautifully? They are so lush spilling over the fence and in the pitcher. Thanks so much for joining the Tartan Parade.

  27. Such a pretty teacup and saucer the plaids.

  28. This was a great post to look through! So much to learn and enjoy from Scottish! Love it


  29. Oh my what a stunning post! Your tea setting is lovely outside with a pretty chandelier too! I love the sugar and creamer you used, along with the pretty white cup!
    All the tartans are lovely to see as well as the images!

  30. Pretty, pretty, pretty! The candles with roses and tartan just melt my heart ;o)


  31. New here! My 6th great-grandfather was William Wallace of Scotland...but my bet is that there were more than a few men named William Wallace. I enjoyed your post.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  32. How interesting! My family is of Scottish heritage, so I'm glad to know about Tartan Day. I remember attending annual Highland Games as a kid in Canada, which was also really fun. Beautiful images in your post! ~ Heather

  33. Very cool! My favorite has to be the rose and tartan pattern on the that is just beautiful! Happy VTT!

  34. Hi Emily, Love all your plaid and the bistro table with the chandelier is beautiful. Funny, we stayed at the Balmoral in Edinburg too. Great hotel and I loved the city. Happy Easter. Hugs~Sherry

  35. Hi this post is SO beautiful. I love tartan anything. I wanted to say thanks for your kindessa and support and kind wishes for Teddy. I was touched by the support. Just wanted to stop in to a few blogs for a little diversion after a rough days and say Happy Easter.

  36. Oh My Goodness.........a lovely trip to Scotland with all your Tartan treasures.......I want to come and have coffee or tea with you at that table! Lovely, all of it.

  37. This is the second post on Natl. Tartan Day and I had no idea it existed! I'm really interested in this as I have just recently found out my Great Grandmother on my Daddy's side was Scottish! I really need to find out what our tartan pattern is. Have a wonderful weekend, Nan
    PS, YES, Mel looks great in a kilt but then he would look great in a paper bag! ;)

  38. Tartan and roses...two of my very favorite things! I am of Scottish descent, so I love tartan! The tartan and roses tea set is truly special! :D How great is that!!!

    I hope you enjoyed National Tartan Day!!! I enjoyed your post!!!


  39. Love the tartan and your bistro set with the roses and china!!! Okay....i could go on! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  40. Your colors are just beautiful! I love the sugar/creamer/pot gorgeous flowers and plaid-enjoy:@)




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