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Spring Vignette

Glorious Spring

Spring is upon us and very early this year after the winter that wasn't. Who knew if spring would bloom with such mild temperatures this past winter. I've always thought we needed cold winter weather to have a glorious spring, apparently not! My question on this subject was answered after a drive south to visit my mother-in-law. Driving up the driveway to the house there was an explosion of color! Azaleas in shades of pink towering up to ten feet welcome family and guests. With beautiful blossoms to enjoy now and plenty of buds these shrubs will not peak for a week or more. 
My in-laws built their home in 1958 and started planting their gardens with a clean slate. Now, fifty-four years later it is a mature garden with Dogwood, Redbud, Azaleas and Camellias all under a tall canopy of Pine trees.

Please join me for a stroll through the gardens.

View of the Church from the side and back yard
Pink Cherry Blossom tree still blooming

White Dogwood, Redbud and Pink Azaleas

Red and White Camellias

 Look Up
 Camellias reaching fifteen feet to the sky

Fern Garden
or maybe a Fairy Garden!

Lady Banks Rose

Garden Phlox

This is my Mystery Flower

Thanks to Babs at upstairs downstairs this plant has a name
 Japanese Kerria


Angel in the Lilies

Vintage Garden Gate

Rabbits in the Violets

Miss Martha quilts when she's not in the garden.
 Her latest quilt throws

the heart is made from an antique quilt

Crazy Quilt
notice the details on the butterflies and the embroidered flowers

Meet Miss Martha

I hope you enjoyed your tour of these spring gardens. I would love for you to tell me what you liked and what you grow in your garden. I know you are wondering if Miss Martha's green thumb has rubbed off on me, lets just say I try! I'll share my climbing roses with you when they bloom, soon I think.


  1. Happy Pink Saturday, Emily! What a gorgeous explosion of blooms! Lovely, lovely! Love the azaleas and dogwood. Love the 'fairy garden' too. I grow pink roses and I can hardly wait for June!
    I watched Marie Antoinette last night and I couldn't help but think of you! Hope you're having a delightful weekend.


  2. Hi Emily~ Your in-laws' garden is beautiful! There's nothing prettier than the maturity of a canopy of trees with a profusion of blooms underneath! I love Miss Martha's crazy quilt with the embroidered butterflies :)

  3. I LOVE LOVE old gardens. The mature azaleas are gorgeous and the violets,too. They always remind me of my mother. Emily, I think the yellow plant/shrub you asked about might be a Kerria(Japanese kerria). I'm not positive though.Please thank Miss Martha for letting us visit her beautiful garden. Love the photo with the church in the background.
    Have a great Sunday.

  4. such gorgeous gardens. Thanks for bringing them to Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  5. What a beautiful garden! Yes, things here in the South are in full bloom. As my hubby and I were getting in the car today I noticed my neighbors Lady Banks hanging over their fence into our yard and it was in full bloom. I'm so lucky I get to enjoy theirs because I don't have one myself. Unfortunately with Spring comes the bugs too. I have gotten 4 tick bites and 3 fire ant bites in the last 2 weeks. Thank you for sharing this beautiful space, Nan

  6. Emily, those azaleas are is the butterfly crazy quilt! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Thank you for taking us along on this lovely stroll! Colx

  8. An beautiful post! My mom raised us saying that as we live our lives we should make sure that when we leave this earth, we should make sure we leave a trail behind us so others can see where we walked. A beautiful tribute to Miss Martha

    BTW, the mysterious flower is called a woodland phlox.

  9. What gorgeous photos, Emily. I love the church and the angel and the rabbit. The quilts are absolutely beautiful. Miss Martha is very talented. xo

  10. Thank you for giving us a tour, loved it. For me, the azaleas for my favorite. But enjoyed all!! Thanks for the tour.

  11. Emily, You have done a wonderful job photographing the budding trees and bushes, and Miss Martha's is all just beautiful. You must be south of us because our azalea's are not ready to bloom yet. Oh, the anticipation!!

  12. I would love to have a Lady Banks Rose. Gorgeous.

    Beautiful post, Emily.

  13. I love the Camellia and the beautiful azaleas. Beautiful garden and flowers. Thanks for sharing the lovely garden and Ms Martha's quilts are so beautiful. Lovely post.

  14. Oh my Emily, you know that I am loving this post! Miss Martha definately is a talented lady. Hubby and I vacationed in the Carolinas and Virginia 3 years ago. We were there at the perfect time and saw all of these same glorious blooms. The Dogwoods were breathtaking! I have a twisted Redbud. It is full of buds and I can't wait till it bursts forth. It's small, but I love it! Thanks for such a wonderful tour. Oh, by the way, love the pic of the church through the blooms!

  15. Lovely, lovely, lovely!!! Flowers and Miss Martha's quilts! Happy Spring!!!

  16. What a fabulous garden thank you for the tour. Your mystery plant is Phlox stolonifera. Have a great week:)

  17. What a gorgeous garden. Such pretty blooms. Love the pretty colors of spring! Gorgeous quilts!

  18. Hi Emily! Oh, my goodness - this garden is like heaven. Just glorious! Those are lovely quilts too. My mother is a quilter and I've been the recipient of many! ;)
    Hope you're doing well.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia :)

  19. Your in-laws have a wonderful property with lots and lots of spring delights. I also enjoyed seeing Miss Martha's handiwork on her quilts. Beautiful!

  20. This is a very enjoyable post, Emily. The photo of the church is beautiful as well as the entire setting. I had no idea that Camellias could grow so tall. The quilts are very pretty and colorful. I have always wanted to quilt but haven't tried yet but maybe someday I will. Loved the tour!-------Shannon

  21. What a lovely tour. I love Lady Banks pretty!!! :D

    Happy Spring, Emily!


  22. I love your music choice and those blue skies!

    Happy Blue Monday, Emily.

  23. Gorgeous post! LOVE Camelias... thanks for bringing them into my home, they don't grow here in the north. I feel like I have been on a walk in the woods. Beautiful!

  24. The blue violets are gorgeous in the fairy garden. The quilt is beautiful and your blue skies are fabulous. Have a great spring week.

  25. Such a delight!

    My Blue, have a great week ahead.

  26. It's beautiful! Flowers indeed can make me happy and brings smile to faces.


  27. Love Lady Banks Rose. Our two are attempting to take over the world. It needs vigorous pruning. Spring in Georgia is something serious I tell you this year. I have four plants to get in the ground in the morning. Have a terrific week Emily.

  28. I love the flowers and then I saw the crazy quilt...oh, it is perfection! Enjoy these beautiful Spring days! ♥

  29. What a beautiful garden, Emily. I sure hope you inherited her green thumb. Her garden is magical.....Christine

  30. Such a gorgeous garden! You must share your climbing rose advice with me if you get blooms. I want to place on on the front porch where there is full sun and I have individual plots of soil to grow. I love roses. Your photos are terrific Thank you.

  31. Those azaleas are simply stunning! Everything is blooming here way ahead of schedule. Still afraid we could get surprised by some snow!
    Happy REDnesday,

  32. Emily, What is there not to love about everything? The flowers, trees, and shrubs are beautiful. Your visit must have been wonderful. I'll post photos when our flowers bloom, but since moving from the suburbs to the city, we don't have as much room. I thoroughly enjoyed your tour and I love your blog. Have a great week!

  33. Emily, your blog is lovely! Your post made me very homesick for Georgia. I love a Southern spring! Thanks so much for sharing this. I have joined your blog. Patsy

  34. Wonderful tour of a 'magical' and beautiful garden ~ love the quilts too! ~thanks, namaste, ^_^ linked w/ Outdoor Wednesday

  35. It is such a glorious time of year and the gardens here are gorgeous. I can't believe how early all of my trees are blooming and even my roses are budding!!

  36. Oh, my...aren't they all so beautiful.
    I am not good at gardening...or, it could be that gardening is a little harder out here on the plains of West winds, dry...I always enjoy going to areas that can grow such lovely things. :)

  37. Because I enjoy your work, I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Please visit my blog for award details, and the badge to post on your blog. Patsy

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  39. Beautiful flowers, beautiful trees. Happy Spring!

    Visiting for Blue Monday- hope you can stop by:)

    1. Beautiful flowers! Very lovely quilt! Congratulations on your award!

  40. Beautiful flowers, I will be glad when Spring arrives here in the north. Lovely quilts too

  41. Emily, your spring vignette is just gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing all of these lovely images!! Spring is definitely in the air!

  42. your pictures are soo beautiful! they make me feel happy.

  43. Wonderful post and beautiful pictures! I love Spring!

  44. So pretty! I don't see alot of those flowers in AZ. thanks for the garden tour, and those quilst are lovely!

  45. This looks so lovely. I would love for you to drop by My Dream Canvas as well :-) I’m visiting from Wow Us Wednesdays. Really like your blog.

  46. Wow what beautiful vibrant colors!! Thanks for sharing!

    Jocelyn @

  47. wow-what a fabulous collection of spring photos! Simply beautiful and just what I need right now in cold NYC--cheers, barbara

  48. I love Spring blooms for the uplift they bring to the mood and spirit. These are all lovely pictures of the garden! Unfortunately, the wacky weather here this year has the flowering pear trees at the end of their bloom now.

  49. Emily, What a beautiful garden. This is the reason Spring is my favorite season.
    xo, Sherry

  50. Gorgeous, Emily, both the flowers and the quilts. I thought I'd left a comment earlier, but don't see it. Thanks for sharing all this beauty. I'm off to dig in the dirt myself today. Happy Sunday ~ Sarah

  51. Truly glorious! I just love the splendor of spring - the quiltis quite amazing! Thank you for sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  52. So beautiful! Thank you for linking up to Home Sweet Home!




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