Friday, April 6, 2018


First a Thank You!
Tales of The Traveling Totes ~ Gift Swap

"A Taste of New York"
I want to thank my sweet friend and gift swap partner, Patti from Pandora's box.  We were swaping gifts made in our hometowns or states. My gifts from Patti were all wrapped up in ribbons. Patti's "Taste of New York," package included so many delicious treats, local honey, maple syrup, chocolate, popcorn and local wine. And, a favorite of mine, checked straws from MacKenzie-Childs. Patti, the honey is so good, already consumed and the syrup delicious on my Sunday morning waffles. I will enjoy this again this weekend.  I am saving the popcorn for sharing with Connor, his favorite. The straws are a staple in my kitchen and they go quickly. The chocolate was a huge hit! Jim and I shared the wine from your local winery, it was so refreshing, enjoyed on one of our warm sunny days on the veranda. I loved the crisp fruity flavor! Thanks Patti, you do know me so well. On my next trip to visit you I will be bringing home more of these treats! If you would like to see what my gift to Patti was please visit her at Pandora's box.

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Spring Waterlogue fun

 Spring is in full bloom here. Pretty petals everywhere, bird nest spilling their baby robins out into the world. Azaleas, dogwood trees and purple Iris are a few of the miracles I enjoyed seeing today. 

Spring has been enjoyed inside as well with the help of fresh flowers and lots of bunnies and eggs an chicks. I thought it would be fun to play with my spring vignette photos in Waterlogue. 

My Ornamental Pear 

Simple boxwood wreath with blue ribbon to welcome guests

MacKenzie-Childs Courtly Check rabbit and hare. The hare was a gift from my son and his family

This adorable duck topiary was a gift from my sister. Not from Waterlogue but he is much to sweet not to include. Notice his big feet!

Eggs and chicks

Rosie Rabbit

This has been a glorious Easter, beautiful blue skies and cool temperatures. Such a blessing!
Thank you for dropping by. I appreciate each and every visit. I do hope you will leave a comment, it's the only way I know you were here.

Happy Spring


Dishing It and Digging It 


  1. Emily, what a delightful gift package you received from Patti. The MKC straws are too cute.
    The syrup and honey are so perfect. Chocolate is good anytime. I am sure Connor will love the popcorn. Local flavors are so lovely, a taste of a different area. The watercolor photos are so sweet. How fun to play with Waterlogue. Have a lovely weekend.

  2. What a great assortment of tastes from the NY region, Emily. The straws are the perfect added touch denoting our tribe connection. I so enjoyed rhis swap among us! Happy Spring with the Waterlogue app and all your great items pictured, too. Have a great weekend, and enjoy your treats.

  3. Oh Emily! What a glorious post! Patti's got you figured -- what a great idea! And your waterlogs are really beautiful! You chose wonderful subjects for them. So pretty with the colorful eggs!

  4. You lucked out with those goodies Emily!

    Love your waterloguws. Nailed it!


  5. This is such an amazing app! It looks totally hand painted, and your photos are the perfect subject to transform. You have such a creative eye! Happy springy-wingy-thingy days to you!

  6. What a fun gift exchange. All the spring vignettes were so inspiring. Here in NoAla, spring has sprung with azaleas and dogwood. Every year I forget how lovely spring is until it is upon me.

  7. What fabulous gifts you received from Patti, Emily! You girls are having such fun in your traveling tote group, aren't you? I certainly enjoyed seeing all your waterlogue pictures, too. Happy weekend to you!

  8. Happy to hear you and Jim (and Connor) enjoyed the treats! I know we are enjoying ours!! Love the waterlogue app!! And that MC bunny - love him!!

  9. Emily, I'm going to try again. My previous two comments disappeared!
    Your swap looks delicious. I'd be eating waffles every morning or hot biscuits with honey. Yum!
    This swap has been fun!
    I enjoyed your "paintings". I need to play with that app some more. It's truly fun! Hope you have a great weekend.

  10. Wow, what beauty you have shared today! Looks like fun with waterlogue.
    Neat to hear about your gift exchange. Great group.

  11. Oh Emily I love to play with Waterlogue, your "paintings" are gorgeous!! What wonderful treats from Patti, and so cleverly packaged! I know you are enjoying all the goodies, we are enjoying the California sampling from Linda too. Seeing MKC Rosie the Rabbit has me so tempted, have you seen all the sale items on the MKC on line store now? I am itching to buy!! Raining buckets at the beach today...hope you're having a nice weekend!

  12. I enjoyed seeing your watercolor photos. What a fun app! It was also fun seeing your goodies from the TTT swap. Patti sent you lots of delicious goodies! My post will be live Monday. Jackie sent me some super cool stuff from Utah!

  13. Oh there are so many fun things from each area! Everything sounds delicious and you were just like me - I started chowing down right away! I had to stop so I could get pictures.
    Love all of your fun Waterlogue photos. I just love this time of year with all of the fun colors and flowers. Hope the weather warms up soon!

  14. We had so much fun with this swap! It took my mind off of winter for a few hours. LOL It was sweet of you to share with Jim and Connor. I am a popcorn lover too. Love the waterlogue app!! That MC bunny is the sweetest! Patti sent you some great items, and if you ever visit us (ha ha), we will take you for Tomato Pie, Greens, Chicken Riggies and the best Half Moon cookies!

  15. Such a lovely watercolr... It looks like you really enjoyed the process... and the photos are fabulously detailed ..Thank you... I do love seeing swap items too..It’s so exciting , isn’t it !!!...Sweet post....hugs

  16. Hi Emily, It looks like you had some delicious things in your package from Patti! I had so much fun with our swap trying to find something unique and interesting. You have such a nice collection of Easter bunnies and I especially love Peter and Mrs. Rabbit, Rosie (of course!) and your large-footed topiary! I hope she fills out nicely with the ivy! We would love to see you again. Guess who still is not retired? He says Hi too! Linda

  17. I love your watercolors, Emily, what a wonderful talent.




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