Thursday, February 17, 2011

Celebrating Early Spring at The French Hutch

Heather and Gorse, use to decorate boarder on  Quimper "Ajonc" pattern

I am so ready for Spring after the dark and gloomy days of winter. Here in the south, the really cold weather is over, except for an occasional cold spell (southern term) which usually last only a few days at most. I'm not quite ready to pull out  Easter decorations for the hutch, but I love daffodils and they're always available in my local shops and supermarkets so I do a little Early Spring Decorating throughout the house, beginning with the hutch and kitchen. I thought this would be a good time to share with all of you in the blogosphere (new word since I started blogging) more detailed pictures of my Quimper collection and the simple cleaned up hutch. Maybe some of you will have information you will share with me about my Quimper pieces.
Hope all of you will enjoy a break this weekend from our Nations terrible winter weather. We are looking forward to a beautiful forecast for this weekend with sunshine and temps in the 70's.

Best Regards to all, Emily

Quimper collection showing here is the "AJONC" pattern

Daffodils are "King Alfred"  and Narcissus "Tete-a-Tete"
the Paper Whites are from Restoration Hardware (had you guessing there)

 Parisian pattern Napkins perfect for a new look

 Daffodil yellow matches the color in the Quimper

Dessert Set from Germany in compote dish

Iris stirs from Iris (sister) are the perfect accent color

Fresh Flowers, a gift sent to me from my sister dried into beautiful arrangement

Love the Mug

Quimper Faience -  AJONC
Dancer and Musician

 Fisherman and Dancer

Breton Woman



Garden Vignette for Kitchen Table


  1. Your faience collection is stunning...thanks for giving us the close ups...French faience and Spring flowers a perfect combination!


  2. Emily, you have a lovely collection on your hutch. The pieces are beautifully painted. I'm sending you an email to share more information.
    I'm so happy to find The French Hutch. ~ sarah




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