Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Yesterday Jim and I made the drive down to his Mom's home, a small town about eighty miles south of our home. It was a beautiful day for our drive, morning temperature was cool and quickly warmed up to a very warm 86 degrees in the afternoon.
The Spring flower show starts early here, with daffodils blooming at the beginning of February, now everything is waking up with new blooms coming forth every day. Here are a few photographs to share until everything  is in its glory, usually in May,  at which time I'll share more photos of all the beautiful flowers.
The picture above is the view from my Mother-in-laws kitchen window, a Church in the distance with the Cherry Tree Blossoms making their first appearance. Wow, what inspiration to start a day.
More of this show in a future post so please stay tuned.....

Enjoy the show!

Church Steeple through the Cherry Blossom Trees

Holly Tree full of Berries for next Christmas
stands between the house and vegetable and flower garden


I love the Little bunny sitting in the violets

Garden Phlox

Mobile Azaleas

Boxwood and Rhododendron divide the upper and lower gardens, path to fern garden down a few steps behind the swing

All gardens under a tall canopy of pine trees

The same path leads to a Show of Camellias next to the fern garden

Camellias reach for the sky

Fern Garden just starting to show

This will be a Fairy Garden during the Summer months

Angels among the Lilies

Peter Cottontail all dressed up for EASTER

The Garden Gate



  1. Emily what a lovely place to live. And the view of the church is lovely and inspiring. Beautiful shots my friend. I am so longing for Spring. Ummmm I suddenly find myself wanting (needing?) to collect quimper......I wonder why? *winks* Vanna

  2. Emily, I'm your newest and happy follower! I love your post...let me start by saying that your French fiance ceramic is gorgeous, it's sooo French! You had such a nice trip to your MIL's house, your photography is marvelous of such incredibly beautiful flowers, wow, flowers makes my heart sing! I thank you so very much for passing by my blog and checking it out and also the wonderful and sweet comments you left me. Will keep visiting!

  3. Oh, the flowers are gorgeous! A delight to the eye! Bet I know who dressed Peter Cottontail!

  4. Emily, your photos are fabulous. So many beautiful flowers. Love that little bunny. ;-)
    ~ Sarah

  5. Hi Emily! thanks so much for popping over to say hello on my blog. I host a garden party on Thursday's & would love to have you link a post to Cottage Flora Thursday's? Cute idea to have eggs around your little bunny statue! xoox, Tracie

  6. love your shots...awesome photo's...what a lovely place to visit and relax...indeed spring is just around the corner...visiting you from Watery Wednesday..followed you through GFC, hope you'll follow me back...

    mine's here:

  7. What a beautiful place. I could spend hours just taking in all the scenery.

  8. What a hoot, colored eggs around the rabbit out in the garden. Lovely place to take a cyber stroll.
    Joyce M

  9. The flowers and that church are so pretty. Lots of the same things we have.

    Loved your post.




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