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 I have been collecting all things Beatrix Potter for many years. I loved reading these sweet little books to my little boy, and now I enjoy giving my almost three year old grandson these same books. I have a wonderful collection of books, music boxes and figurines from the Beatrix Potter Tales.
While on a trip to London I had the opportunity to see the original sketches by Beatrix Potter on display at Victoria and Albert Museum. What a wonderful experience.

Every spring I enjoy bringing out of storage my Beatrix Potter collection and making spring vignettes around my home. They bring with them wonderful memories of reading with my son and gifts received from my sister and husband.
Please come along with me as I revisit Mr. McGregor's garden with my collection and beautiful new spring plants, which will eventually go into my garden.

Please click on photographs to enlarge

Beatrix Potter ~ Hilltop Farm

"I hold an old-fashion notion that a happy marriage is the crown of a woman's life"
~ Beatrix Potter

 Beatrix Potter ~ "The complete Tales"

Book was a gift from my husband for me to enjoy and read to my class where I served as a volunteer for Head Start

Once upon a time there were four little Rabbits, and their names were ~ Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton-tail, and Peter.........

how many times have we all read those lines.......

The Tale of Two Bad Mice

Once upon a time there was a very beautiful doll's-house; it was red brick with white windows, and it had real muslin curtains and a front door and a chimney.

Mr. McGregor's Garden

 Sweet little Beatrix Potter garden critters

Tom Kitten ~ Benjamin Bunny ~ The Tailor of Gloucester ~ Fierce Bad Rabbit ~ Mrs. Flopsy Bunny ~ Rock-A-Bye-Baby

Please visit The World of Peter Rabbit for interesting tidbits and facts on all things Beatrix Potter.
Looking at the home of Beatrix Potter, it is no wonder where her inspiration for her stories came from

Beatrix Potter House ~ The Lake District ~ Hill Top Farm near Sawrey

The Complete set of twenty-three books

I hope all of you enjoyed Revisiting Mr. McGregor's Garden........

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  1. Wow what a great post! How sweet that your husband gave you the book to read to your class. Great pictures and love all of the great information. So glad that I found your blog.

  2. My daughter and I spent a lovely afternoon at the farm on a little holiday to the Lake District, when we lived in England.
    You might find the eggs I painted for my 1st grade students.
    My blog:

  3. How sweet. You really know your stuff here! Thanks for sharing with my newbie party. Have fun!

  4. This is just beautiful! I adore Beatrix Potter.
    I am visiting from DebbieDoos Linky Party.

    Susie at Puddle Jumper Creations

  5. That was fun!
    I, too, have a collection of things Beatrix - but it's a small one.
    Something else we have in common - I worked as a teacher for Head Start in Coatsville, PA in the mid-seventies.

  6. Oh, what a treat! You have such a nice collection, and have them displayed so well. I would love to do that England visit. Thank you for stopping by my blog, too. I am your newest follower.


  7. Such a lovely collection. Thanks for sharing the information too.

  8. Hello Emily,
    Oh I adore Beatrix Potter - such a charming, whimsical woman! You have shown us some very lovely collectibles - they're too precious! I watched the movie - Miss Potter and was completely delighted in how they portrayed her - thank you for sharing this with A Return to Loveliness - seems we like the same music :D
    My husband loves Pride and Prejudice - this music transports me and makes me think of him -
    So very delighted to meet you!

  9. I love Beatrix Potter too. When I sold all my things to move to France, I HAD to keep one little figurine of Peter. I just had to. Your collection is lovely. What a fun way to celebrate spring!

  10. Such a romantic and sweet post. Thank you for sharing. It's pure beauty.
    I found your lovely blog from Debbie's newbie party! Have a wonderful day. :)

  11. Oh my, what a wonderful post and every picture is stunning. Such beautiful little houses and figurines. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  12. What an enchanting so sweet.
    Conner is a mighty handsome little fella..and bet he loves those books. :))

  13. Hi Emily, I have read those stories so many times to my kids, especially The Tale of Two Bad Mice! I don't know why that one was so popular with them but it was! The drawings of the little house are so sweet and you can just imagine being cozy in their world! Isn't the V & A in London magnificient? I love London too! Linda

  14. I have a box of figurines in the attic...Maybe its time to get them out!

  15. Wasn't she fantastic. I've seen some figurines like yours "in person" before, a lady that brought them from England showed them to me, I also loved the article in the Victoria's issue, I just don't remember which one it was may be the summer issue from last year. I love your collection, looks like a fairy tale garden. Thank you for sharing it with us!
    Have a happy Wednesday!
    XXX Ido

  16. Such a wonderful have quite a nice collection...I wouldn't want to store them away!I read all those books to my two sons as well when they were little...loved them all!

  17. Beautiful collection. I too am a big fan or Beatrix Potter.. which reminds me! Thanks for sharing with us.

  18. what a darling post, i love all your pieces straight from the book. i did a wee post on the same book this week too, was delightful to see yours.

  19. Thank you for your visit! What a beautiful collection. I don't need to collect anything else, but I would love to have some Beatrix Potter in my collection!! I'll visit again soon.

  20. You have so many cuties, I can't pick a favorite! They are all so adorable.
    I will have to see if I can find my childhood copy of The Tale of Two Bad's here somewhere...

    Thanks for stopping by to see my Fiesta 'scape!

  21. You have a beautiful collection...and you displayed it so artfully. Thank you for the treat...

  22. Oh I love your post. Beautiful. I was not raised on BP as so many were. It was only when I grew older and I was introduced to her writings.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  23. Your post is so enjoyable -- and I loved the Potter quote about marriage. I would have to agree with her, since it was such an arduous process for me to get it right.

  24. Emily, this is a fabulous post. Not only is full of wonderful information, it is totally enchanting. You have the sweetest collection! Of course I've read the stories of Beatrix Potter many, many times through my 30+ years of teaching young children. I could never tire of these sweet adventures. Thank you for sharing the wonderful vignettes of your collection. It is indeed very special. ~ Sarah

  25. I came across your post from BNOTP. I also am a lover of all things Potter! We happened to visit Hilltop a few years ago on the 100th birthday of Peter. What a wonderful celebration. Now I think I will pull out all my STUFF! Thank you for the post. Carol

  26. Oh this is my favorite book too !!! I have an old version and i cherish it ! Loved your post !! Loved all the pictures. Following you back !
    Happy day!

  27. Wonderful post! I am crazy for Beatrix Potter. My daughter's nursery was full of everything Potter. (Now she's much older and Beatrix Potter was replaced by Harry Pottery. LOL) I came over from BNOTP and am now your newest follower.

  28. I gave my collection of Beatrix Potter porcelain characters to my daughter-in-love, to be used in the nursery for our first grandchild. I also paint the mural for said nursery. I thought that you might enjoy it, Thank you for sharing your charming collection. Cherry Kay

  29. Hi Emily, What a wonderful collection and a fun way to celebrate Spring! Thank you for sharing this at my Open House party.

  30. I love Beatrix Potter, Emily! Her illustrations fascinate me and her simple tales are captivating. I read her sweet stories to both of my children, when they were young, and now I have a granddaughter to share these delights with. By the way, your grandson is adorable. Aren't grandchildren just the most wonderful blessing?!

    Thanks for linking to the party. I hope to see you again next week.

    Have a terrific weekend!
    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  31. Emily, it was so lovely to have you visit atthefarmhouse here in Australia!! I loved your blog on Beatrix Potter!!

  32. Hi Emily,

    I will always have a place for Peter Rabbit in my heart.

    My son's nursery was decorated with that theme.

    I adore the illustrations and the story.



  33. Emily, your Beatrix Potter collection is amazing. The way you have pretty plants and greenery with your vignette, it truly is like you are in Mr. McGregor's garden. Thanks so much for your lovely post. My girls have the Peter Rabbit/Wedgwood china, and my oldest daughter had a Peter Rabbit nursery. Your post has brought back many happy memories!

    I hope you have a blessed Easter!
    Ricki Jill

  34. Emily, I love the art of Beatrix Potter. You are so fortunate to have seen her original paintings! Have you seen the movie that was made about her life? It was both sad, wonderful and inspiring, all at the same time! She had absolutely no art training! In later years she devoted herself to conservation around her home. I would love to paint a picture of it. This is a lovely post. The greenery arranged around your collection complements it beautifully. Hugs, Terri

  35. Hey Emily! I just posted on my blog a post about your newest Alabama home you featured. You can check it out here:

    Hope you like it!

    Best Regards,

    Suzy Q

  36. I remember this post and thought a comment from me would be here but I didn't find it. We visited Beatrix Potter's home in 2010. I loved it but was disappointed they did not allow pictures inside. Also the tour we were on rushed us so I didn't get a picture of the outside either. I enjoyed the movie, Miss Potter, with Renee Zellweger before and after we visited there.

    I looked on the back of the tea set pieces I have and there is no date. On my way to google and learn more. Your blog is delightful.




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