Friday, August 5, 2011


My home is a colonial saltbox, almost unheard of here in the deep South. There are only two other homes similar to ours in our town. I fell in love with this design early on and thank goodness Jim agreed that yes, he liked it too. More on the subject of our home in a future post.
 We decided we would furnish our home with things we love and enjoy and not in any particular style or period. I guess you could say we have eclectic taste, we don't adhere to any one major style. Since I love almost every style it was not an easy decision coming up with a plan for our home.
  Jim and I both love cherrywood furniture and it's a perfect fit for our home. Traditional plays a big role here, with fabrics and accessories. Those of you who know me also know I love French country. We enjoy a more formal look and although I love whites and neutrals you will see color wins out.  You will also see how we were influenced by French and Italian styles from our travels .
I'm going to share with you some of the styles of furniture, fabrics and art we use in our home.


iron console table with marble top
windsor chair
painting by my sister Iris for Christmas

 oriental silk ~ Benjamin Moore

doorway leads to family room
and kitchen

doorway leads to living room
and study

six inch wide pine plank floors

painting by my DIL
Isle of Capri from a postcard I mailed  from there

I love the white spindles on the staircase

we have a fireplace in the family room and
we left the brick exposed in the foyer

family room

family room media armoire
 I love hardware and moulding

bookcase in living room
made in Italy

pair of wing back chairs
oriental toile fabric

camel back sofa

my Momma's candlestick lamp

baby Connor

I have a collection of Jay Strongwater frames
Jim and me at our our son and dil's wedding

the study
French country sideboard 

my French trumeau mirror 
hangs above the sideboard

 a round library table where I keep
my favorite books

comfortable wing chairs for reading or conversations with family and friends
this is the room we have our Christmas Tree 

gorgeous legs

bubble glass in doors of dining room hutch
go here to see more dining room photos

highboy in master bedroom
master bedroom redo still in progress

French armoire neatly stores television in center cabinet
opposite the bed
purchased at auction for a song

my hand-painted dream bed

 guest bath window treatment

guest bedroom window treatment

linen hand towels
these came home with me from Paris

oils and prints

a sweet memory 
spring and summer flowers from the garden


I am sprucing up the house, changing things up a little for a fresh look for fall.  I'll have an open house soon and share more. 
I guess it's safe to say I love tassels, fringe and color.  I have to say I have been a savvy shopper with my furnishings. Always waited for big sales and shopped a lot of outlets, out of the way places and going out of business sales. If I found something I liked and it was expensive I knew I could always find it cheaper if I do my homework. Hope I haven't bored you all terribly with such a long post. I do get a little carried away with photographs. If your're still here thanks for your visit. I'll have more information to share on my home in a future post.
What's your style?  Am I the only one who still enjoys old-fashioned sensabilities? 


  1. sweet pinks....

    Wishing you a Happy Pink Saturday

  2. Your home is absolutely beautiful as well as your beautiful flowers! I have joined your followers and will be back when I have some time to explore! Thanks for stopping by my place and leaving a sweet comment.

  3. Emily, always a treat to see your beautiful home. I love the French piece in your bedroom and the headboard. Is it French? You have lovely things. Have fun with the rearranging. ;-)
    Hugs ~ Sarah

  4. Short & sweet, Emily ... AWESOME, ELEGANT!

    Happy PS weekend ~
    TTFN ~

  5. Happy Pink Saturday Emily Sweetie...
    Oh how grand everything looks in your home. It is SO warming and welcoming. I love the entryway and the message of time stands still with the clock right there to greet one who enters. SO beautiful.

    Love those draping, flowing red curtains. Red is so my favorite color, it just makes me so happy.

    Your headboard is my favorite piece of all. I was lost at that point. Just so beautiful. Would make one feel like a queen sleeping there. Exquisite sweet friend.

    I am exhausted from the tour, decided to take a seat in one of those wing back chairs. Tea time and we will chatter and laugh for hours. So wonderful to take this tour this evening. I enjoyed myself immensely sweet friend.

    I am so happy that Dear One delivered my hello from Phoenix. Just tickles my heart HAPPY. Have a glorious weekend sweetie. Many hugs and much love from Phoenix, Sherry

  6. Emily,
    I like color too. It wins out over neutrals. But, I like neutrals also. I have struggled with our house. It isn't finished being remodeled. We have a new addition that is finished and it all has trouble matching. Someday... Until then I keep playing. My favorite two styles are Coastal Cottage and British Colonial. I love your family room. It looks English Country. The leather couch with the painting and the red are gorgeous! Thanks for linking it up at Home Sweet Home!

  7. Your home is gorgeous! The curtains are voluptuous!

    Like that color in foyer too...walls!


    love, kelee @

  8. Your home is beautiful. I love all your furnishings - the staircase - oh, I would love to have a staircase in my house, but without a second floor, that's not going to happen any time soon. Happy PS!

  9. Emily, your home is gorgeous. I don't think I have seen any saltboxes in your town, but I like that style of home, too. I also adore Jay Strongwater frames. They are all so pretty! I thoroughly enjoyed this entire post, especially the photo of the gorgeous trumeau.

    Ricki Jill

  10. Emily, I LOVE your home and all the gorgeous traditional furnishings. When you mentioned wide pine flooring, I started to swoon.:) Oh what I wouldn't give for heart pine floors!Thank you for asking about our grandsons. They are growing by leaps and bounds. The baby is 2 months old now and a little chubby darling. The three year old is a Wii fanatic. How old is your grandbaby? Is that him in the little flower frame? Gorgeous frame, too. I hope you like the spinach quesadillas. I first had them at a resturant near us and I just copied their version. Any time I post a recipe, it will always be quick and easy. I love to cook but don't like long, involved prep work.
    Thanks for visiting and I love touring your home.

  11. Your home is gorgeous and I am so glad you took us on this virtual tour through it. I love all your French goodies but those Toile chairs have made me swoon!

    I just wanted to let you know that I have started up a weekend linky party where you can link up posts about your favourite Pinterest pins for the week, your favourite music or even a bit of both! It's Called Pinning and Singing on the Weekend and I'd so love to see you there!

    Best wishes for a lovely weekend,

  12. Your home is stunning. I love all the color. I'm much more eclectic, with color and no set style. We lived on the water on Galveston Island for so many years, that I guess you could call it "relaxed beach" with a lot of wicker! I love wing back chairs and you have very talented relatives who can really paint! Hope your weekend is going well. Have a delightful week!

  13. Emily, what an artistic family you have. Your home is very beautiful, and I love the furniture. xo

  14. Happy pink saturday to have lovely things thanks for stopping by my place and leaving a comment. Trish

  15. Emily, I guess I never realized how much style we have in common. However, you have executed it much better than I. There are still similarities in our homes. I love your drapes in the living room. Your emblishments remind me of my living room valances. I made mine because I was thrifty, OK, cheap to have them fabricated. I love your bed, it is breathtaking. I am working on my bedroom but haven't gotten to replacing accessories. Most will be moved from other places in the house. Sorry for rambling, your home is so lovely. I have gotten lots of inspiration to get up and shake things us. Thanks so much for sharing. Ginger

  16. You have a beautiful home, love the staircase:@)

  17. I love your eclectic taste! Your home is beautiful. I can't wait to see more of it. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful home with us on Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  18. Hi Emily! I love your style! Your home is just so beautiful!! Every inch is gorgeous!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  19. Your home is beautiful, Emily! Of course, I love all of your wonderful country French furniture and your lamps are gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing with us! Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  20. I love a home that reflects the people that live in it, regardless of current fashions. You have made a home to suit you, and it's absolutely wonderful! That grandfather clock in the foyer is so beautiful!

  21. Hi Emily
    How lovely it was to tour your home today, to see the things you cherish and the way you live.
    Good luck with the Open House.

  22. Happy Pink Saturday...
    Thank you for the wonderful tour of your beautiful home.....your decorating is so full of character with a warm and inviting it!

  23. I am from New England. We have no shortage of Saltbox houses here. I like them too.

  24. I like color and have eclectic tastes as well. Your home is elegant; my home is Grandma's attic. ☺ You didn't bore me in the least. I enjoyed the tour.

  25. I like the yellow on the walls in the entry...may have to copy that. The furniture is really beautiful and the toile fabric was perfect for the chair. Your home is lovely and elegant.

  26. You have a lovely home. It shows your pride of ownership in your decor. V

  27. You have a beautiful home, thanks for the tour. Take care and enjoy your week:)

  28. Emily, your home is beautiful. When we redid our railings, we painted the new spindles white again and they're against a much darker stain than yours. Just something about the contrast, don't you think?
    I just love the frame with the dragonfly and it's a nice picture of you and your hubby.
    Thanks for the tour of your home.

  29. You have some fabulous furnishings and fabrics! Lovely colors and style! We have an old Craftsman in a town full of Antebellum Victorians! Wouldn't trade a thing!

  30. I love your home and your furnishings are gorgeous, this is very much what I love, every detail is great! Beautiful style of decor, the staircase is fab and the saltbox home is fabulous! Thanks for sharing, I have a tour too, hope you come over... welcome! Have a great week. FABBY

  31. I'd feel very comfortable in your house - I also love colour and texture. Your house is warm and welcoming!

  32. What a fun photo tour of your beautiful home! Even though I have visited many times - I saw many new details with your lovely photos! And I adore that photo collage!

  33. Your home is beautiful and thank you so much for sharing it with us. Not following a particular style always makes for a much more interesting and warm home, I think. I too like tassels, hence the name of my blog. Your fabrics and pictures are also wonderful.


  34. Hi there, you have beautiful home and some gorgeous furniture. The style of your home is a favorite of mine and there are many in New England and eastern Canada where I live. Your summer flower collage is beautiful. Have a great day.

  35. The Oriental toile on the first wing chair has my name all over it. Very pretty! Also, there is a colonial salt box 2 doors down from me and I live in NC - so you aren't alone.

    Thank you for joining the party today!

  36. Your home is absolutely lovely! I also like traditional which is the style of my home. I have a lot of color and pattern in the rooms and I love wallpaper. Thanks for giving us a wonderful tour of your home. It's obviously filled with many memories and souvenirs of your life and your travels, the way a home should be!

  37. You're house is absolutely stunning. Truly gorgeous. Thanks for stopping by today via C and V~~~

  38. You have a wonderful home and Ilove your style -- I especially covet that floral lamp -- it's really pretty!

  39. Oh my, such a beautiful home. I love your style and all of your furniture, art and accessories are stunning. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  40. You have a beautiful home. Your furniture are fabulous and I like your style!..Christine

  41. Emily, stopping in to see if you were joining the Heart of Home Party with a few feathered friends. Love the new header. It's gorgeous!

  42. I just posted my foyer and when looking at the snippets, I was attracted to yours and brought me back here again. I guess I get drawn to your decor, I really love it. I forgot to tell you how much I like your oil paintings. Please come by again if you get another chance....Christine

  43. Lovely home. We have very similiar furnishings and decor! Love the tall case clock~ Your sofa is red and ours has Marlborough legs and is blue! LOL

  44. Emily, you have such a beautiful home. Love the furniture you have especially the armoires and I was hoping to see a distant shot of the sideboard and trumeau above it. Gorgeous details throughout.

  45. I thought I was already following you. Am now!

  46. Emily, What a beautiful and well appointed home! So many exquisite treasures! I love your fabrics and the luxurious woods in your home!
    What a delightful tour!

  47. I zeroed in immediately on the Great Books of the Western World!


    Come in, my dear friends, and be seated, please—
    Oh, all of you reds are such a big tease!
    Scarlet, you creep over cheeks in a blush;
    Crimson, you’re always in such a big rush!
    Cherry, you’re tasty and pleasant to see;
    Carmine, you utterly satisfy me!
    So come in, my friends, and be seated, please—
    Of all the colors, I’d rather have these!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Little Red Shopping Bag

  48. Emily, Your style of house fits your furnishings so very well! Such elegance and comfort, too. I could get lost it in all....

  49. Emily, your home is very beautiful! My home is much smaller and less formal eclectic "country"style Your pink roses are also very beautiful! each and every one looks perfect.

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday and Pink Saturday!

  50. Your style is beautiful and personal. Makes for an inviting home.

  51. I LOVE It! You have great style and a beautiful home.

  52. Wow, lovely indeed! thank you for taking the time to share all of those great photos and show us how your bring all of those style elements together. You have done a fabulous job and your home looks warm, inviting, and stylish.

    I have an eclectic taste, too, and out of financial neccessity our home is mostly an interesting mix of second hand stores and Ikea! haha... but it works for us and I love to accent our home with vintage pieces that gie that warm, old fashioned feeling. Blessings!

  53. Emily thanks for that super sweet note over at my blog! I failed to mention in my previous comment but I am following you, too! Blessings!

  54. Love your floors and window treatments. You have such a lovely home :)

  55. I enjoyed the cyber tour of your salt box home. I loved the French furniture.
    Joyce M

  56. Oh my goodness, Emily! Your house is a feast for the eyes. I love colonial style, and I've always thought a saltbox style house was the coolest thing. I saw a number of them while I was in New England, and they've always been a favorite of mine. The furniture is exquisite. Such beautiful wood. Your French mirror took my breath away, and all of your fabrics are lovely. Thank you for sharing your home with us. I used to be absolutely gaga for colonial style and I still love it. I then went through a Victorian period, and now, I'm most comfortable with cottage decor. Hugs, Terri

  57. This is a delightful tour of your beautiful home, Emily. Everything is so lovely and your taste is magnificent.
    xo bj

  58. Your home is beautiful~ love your trumeau and your gorgeous furniture! Thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

  59. What a wonderful blog!! I could stay here for hours and hours!! Your home is beautiful, I love it!

    I'm your newest follower and would love for you to follow me.
    Have a wonderful day!!

  60. Your tour is a wonderful feast for the eyes. You have a beautiful way with color and I appreciate the mixture of styles with a thoughtful eye to each detail.

  61. Hi Emily, Thank you for sharing your beautiful home at the Open House party. Such pretty pieces and I especially love the french sideboard and your gorgeous bed. I have an almost identical armoire to the one in your bedroom. Love the new blog header.

  62. Hi Emily, I love the oriental fabric on the wing chairs and the roses are beautiful too! I will be sending you an e-mail soon. I have been off the internet for an entire week getting my daughter ready for her dorm. ♥O

  63. It's just an amazing home and your furnishings are perfect for this type of house. The colors and patterns are wonderful! Thanks so much for linking up with VIF, xo Debra

  64. Yay Emily!! Finally some shots of your beautiful house!! Girl I've been eating them up like candy!! Ooohhh I love your family room and the Strongwater frames! My style is so similar to yours.....We love all the same color combos *winks* And I live in a colonial too...Although mine isn't nearly as beautiful as yours *winks* Vanna

  65. Yay Emily!! Finally some shots of your beautiful house!! Girl I've been eating them up like candy!! Ooohhh I love your family room and the Strongwater frames! My style is so similar to yours.....We love all the same color combos *winks* And I live in a colonial too...Although mine isn't nearly as beautiful as yours *winks* Vanna

  66. Emily, I just love your style of decorating. Your home is very tastefully done with beautiful furnishings and fabrics. I just happened to find your blog while visiting other blogs today. Thanks for a peek into your lovely home. Shannon

  67. Your home is absolutely gorgeous!!




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