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Tour Today ~ Dublin

Tour Guide ~ Emily

I hope you don't mind, I'm going to repost one of my first travel posts as a blogger. With St. Patrick's Day fast approaching I wanted to share my love of the "Irish."
I would love to hear if you've traveled to Ireland and how you celebrate St. Patrick's Day. 


"Ireland Forever"

I will be sharing with you today photographs of the beautiful city of Dublin and the coastal town of Malahide, a short train ride from Dublin. It was a special trip Jim and I made with my sister and brother-in-law, Iris and Craig. We have friends living in Wales and they met us in Dublin for a wonderful reunion. We sure hope a return trip is in our future.

I am also going to introduce you to a special little guy, and yes he's Irish, well part Irish from this "Bama",  and his great grandmother my mom. He is my three year old grandson Connor.


Kiss Me, "I'm Irish"

The Emerald Isle


Our Hotel was in the new and trendy Temple Bar Area

If you visit Dublin you must eat at the Boxty House

Rustic Interior and cozy Fire

Christ Church

In Dublin's Fair City, where the girls are so pretty

Meet Molly Malone

Cockles and Mussels

River Liffey

Guinness Anyone?

Dublin Doors

Town of Malahide

We walked passed this Thatched Roof Home

Castle Gate

Malahide Castle

Castle Door

Thank you for your visit and I hope you enjoyed your tour of Dublin.

A Traditional Gaelic Blessing

Irish Crochet Handkerchief
hand made Irish Linen 


  1. Emily, thanks for taking us along. We've not traveled to Ireland, but it is on our list. I know it is a beautiful country. Want to get back to Scotland too.
    Your photos are so pretty and of course Conor is precious. ~ Sarah

  2. Beautiful shots! I loved visiting Ireland too. I didn't get to Dublin though. I've blogged all about it. Thanks for stopping over and following. following you back!

  3. How gorgeous, every photograph is lovely. Dublin is beautiful, my daughter went there last year and fell in love with Ireland. Your photos make me want to jump on a plane.


  4. Emily, thank you for the tour...these pictures of Ireland are so is on my list to see.

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed the tour! Terrific shots, beautiful! Looks like a wonderful trip.

  6. Hi Emily!
    Your grandson Connor is adorable!
    Yes, I've been to Ireland many times, and my post tonight is about Saint Patrick's grave in Downpatrick, Northern Ireland --I was quite touched to see it last year.
    I love Ireland and hope to take another trip there in a few years. Your photos are lovely. I did eat at Boxty House and visited the Guinness factory and I saw the Book of Kells in Trinity College when in Dublin, and I saw the the Cliffs of Moher, Blarney Castle, the Waterford Crystal factory ( before it sadly closed production) etc.
    Such wonderful memories!

  7. I too have a three year old grandson named Connor - and he is a red head. He has a four year old brother named Declan who is equally precious.
    I love those Irish doorways! Thanks for the peek at a beautiful city.

  8. Thank you for sharing Dublin, a place I'd love to visit sometime.

  9. What a fabulous post! I'm reading 'I Capture the Castle' right now and it's making me wish I could see a castle up close! ♥

  10. Hi Emily Sweetie...
    Oh my gosh, where do I begin? I love it all. I want to go. The Dublin doors took my breath away. I can't decide which one I love most, I want them all.

    The castle is gorgeous and so mystic. Can you imagine spending time there. If only those walls could talk, what would they tell us? Stories galore I am sure.

    The flowers, and the pubs look so beautiful. So much gorgeous wood, and color surrounding them. I can hear the laughter and conversation amongst many. What a fun time.

    So beautiful dear one. I cannot thank you enough for taking me along the river, that was gorgeous, and the church is SO beautiful as well.

    One day perhaps? I am dreaming of the green. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  11. We've been wanting to visit Dublin too. Your photos are really quite lovely and are incentive to move Dublin to the top of our travel list.

  12. A beautiful post. You have made me homesick. I lived my first 20 yrs in Ireland and return each year to visit my four brothers and sister. I was born in Galway and my later schooling was in Dublin.

    Wishing you the blessings of St Patric's Day

    Helen xx

  13. What a great post, being Irish I have always wanted to visit Ireland. Thanks for sharing your lovely trip.

  14. A fab visit to your area!!! Happy St. Patrick's Day to you~

  15. What a wonderful tour Emily! I would love to visit~ beautiful photos and Connor is adorable :)

  16. Hi Emily, I enjoyed the photos so much. Great shots as always. xo

  17. Oh, this was such a gorgeous tour you shared with us! I would so love to visit Dublin sometime!

  18. Thanks for sharing your trip to Dublin and the bits of blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, Emily.

  19. Have been to Ireland, your pictures make me want to go back. One of our favorite cities was Kinsale a beautiful harbor town. Thanks for sharing, Laura

  20. OH wow, your beautiful photo's make me want to go to Ireland. What a treat you gave us with your photo's. Wonderful.

  21. What a great tour!
    Have a wonderful week,

  22. Emily, thanks so much for the tour of Dublin. I love it! I want to visit Ireland soon. Your photos of the Temple Bar District are fantastic!

    Ricki Jill

  23. What a wonderful tour guide you are! Your photos are so colorful. Have not been to Ireland but it is on my list of "must visit" places.

    Visiting from the St. Patrick's Day party at A Holiday Haven.


  24. Beautiful city...beautiful photos...and I love the ones of Connor.:)

    Mr. Sweet and I decided long ago that if ever we won the lottery, we would go to Ireland. It is such a beautiful country.
    Thanks for the tour.

  25. Thanks for the tour! Your photos are beautiful!Thanks for stopping in Joann

  26. Hi Emily, Loved loved loved your tour (and that yellow door). It was fun! Hope you are having a wonderful week. Computer problems are preventing me from loading up photos for my blog post. The chair post is coming. :) x0

  27. I SO want to go to Ireland! I wish I could get over my fear of flying! I have wanted to visit Ireland for years since my sister and niece went and loved the heck out of it. They didn't want to leave! They've been trying to get me to agree to a girls' week out there, but I just can't get past my Nervous Nellies about flying. Everything looks so cool, and I would love to hike in the pastures and look out over the waters, and just drink in all the incredible history. What an fabulous experience!

  28. So cool! Beautiful places..

    Visiting for Blue Monday_ hope you can stop by:)

    I am also hosting a $50 giveaway. One day and 8 hrs left.. Hope you can join.. Check it here:

  29. Thanks so much for linking this fabulous tour of Ireland.
    I hope to make it ther some day, but you let me share in your travels and I feel like I just got back!

  30. What a fabulous tour you have taken me on, Emily! I would love to visit Ireland one day, as my hubby is half Irish and me, a wee bit too. Wonderful photos and you have a fine little laddie there! Thanks for sharing and I'm stopping by from Outdoor Wednesday. Enjoy your week and Happy St. Patricks Day!


  31. Thank you for the wonderful tour of Dublin. We loved ireland so very much. We also have a grandson named Connor. My four kids have Irish names. Happy St. Paddy's Day!!

  32. I really enjoyed my trip to Dublin via your post:) Such a beautiful city. I loved all the pretty hanging baskets. So many beautiful and interesting buildings, pubs and streets to see.

  33. Oh my gosh, this is wonderful, especially with the music, someday I hope to get there, my mothers side, guess I like the pubs the best, well after all I am half Irish!

  34. Hi Emily!

    Your tour of Dublin is the highlight of my day... I have always wanted to visit Ireland. The landscape looks so green (like I would expect) and the store fronts were so colorful. I guess I will make sure to pack my umbrella!

    Thanks for visiting me and I am doing much better today...

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  35. Hi lovely lady.
    What a wonderful tour guide you are! Your photos are so colorful. Have not been to Ireland but it is on my list of "must visit" places. Emily."
    I hope you and your family have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day.
    XXOO Diane

  36. Thomas Patrick Murray (my grandfather)
    came to America as a young boy from
    Dublin... We have been to visit his
    homeland several times and I'm happy
    to say the Blarney Stone stories are
    so true.. kissing it, did give me the
    gift of gab!
    Very nice post indeed!
    Happy StPattys Day!

  37. Emily, what a wonderful tour! Ireland is everything I had hoped it would be. Have always wanted to go there and Scotland. On my bucket list! I love all of the flowers, and that yellow door. Now that says "WELCOME". Little Conner is a doll and has such a sweet smile. I don't think it will be too hard to force yourself to kiss him. Best watch out when he gets older, all the girls will want to steal a kiss. We have a green dinner planned with all the kids for Sunday. Happy St. Patty's to you!

  38. Emily, I thoroughly enjoyed touring Ireland with you. I'd love to go there and see where my husband's grandmother lived. Your photos are wonderful and I especially enjoyed the doors of Dublin and photos of Malahide, but the sweetest photos were of Connor. What a darlin'.

  39. Connor is a cutie,looks like he is having lots of fun at the beach:)Thanks for taking us through this gorgeous trip to the Emerald Isle. Enjoyed each and every picture especially the the streets of Malahide.The crochet linen is absolutely exquisite!Enjoyed my trip here today and thanks for your sweet note. Happy St. Patty's to you!Have a wonderful evening!hugs~Poppy

  40. How completely wonderful! I especially love the doors and storefronts - VERY charming!

    Hope you're doing well...happy St Paddy's day to ya.

  41. Oh how lovely! I've never been to Ireland, so thank you for letting me live vicariously through you.


  42. How wonderful that you've been to Ireland, Emily. That is one place I've always wanted to visit - but never have. Hopefully, one day! By the way, Connor is a doll. ;)

    Thanks for linking to Time Travel Thursday again this week.

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  43. Oh wow! I have to go to Ireland! This is a lovely post. Such interesting photos. Love the thatched roof home. Wonderful post. Thanks for adding it to the St. Patricks Day party! I am sharing this on pinterest and twitter too.

  44. Emily, I have always wanted to go to Ireland. Your tour of Dublin is wonderful. I love your sister's front door greeting. I once did a post about Ireland. Kind of a virtual tour. Connor is adorable. My dad was Scottish /Irish.

    Happy St. Patrick's day.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  45. Thanks for the tour Emily! I really enjoyed it! I've also always wanted to go to Ireland. Malahide castle looks like such an enchanted place. And of course Connor looks adorable! So when will you be heading back? Maybe I can come with you? *winks* Vanna

  46. So happy you reposted this! Your pictures are fun and wonderful! Thank you for sharing at Potpourri Friday! Your participation is always appreciated!

  47. Nice photos! Great blog ^_^ always wanna live in Ireland!

    Visit my blog,and if you love it,we could follow each other!!! :)
    I'll wait your answer on my blog!!!

  48. Great photo's. I have never been to Dublin, actually never been to Ireland. I would love to go though because I know its a beautiful country. My dad used to go there fishing all the time when I was a kid. Enjoying your blog.

  49. What a fun tour! Glad I could experience it through these amazing photos! Connor is a doll and the girls will want to kiss him!!
    Loved the green in all these colors!
    I'm off to fix corned beef and cabbage now!
    Happy St. Patricks Day

  50. What a lovely post! Thanks so much for sharing the beauties of Dublin. I just love the pruple storefront in Malahide. Happy Pink Saturday. ~Marti

  51. Nice pics! Makes me want to go to Dublin, too!! Liz

  52. Hi Emily,

    Thanks for the tour; your pictures are wonderful! I also posted pics from our trip to Ireland in 1999. Mine was such a short visit; I'd love to go back some day! Did you see the Book of Kells at Christ College? My in-laws saw it. We also had a fun shopping spree at the Blarnery Woolen Mills Store near Grafton Street. Lots to do and see in Dublin!

    Your grandson, Connor, is just adorable. :) Visiting from Pink Saturday -- have a great weekend!


  53. I loved this post-thank you so much for sharing these images and reminding me of my wonderful trip to Dublin a few years ago.

    Best wishes and Happy Pink Saturday!
    Natasha in Oz

  54. I would love to see Ireland personally, but can't fly nor get on a boat....thanks so much for your little window on the world. Love the thatched roof and all the window boxes...beautiful.

  55. This is absolutely the best St Patrick's Day post I've seen yet... your inspiring photographs make me want to see the Emerald Isle myself. I'm also enjoying your Irish music... ":o)

  56. Ireland is one of the few places I raally would enjoy visiting ~ but it's not likely, so thank you for the wonderful tour and Happy St. Patricks Day and Pink Saturday to you,Dru

  57. Top of the Morning to you, Emily! Your St. Patrick Day post is terrific. I feel like I'm Irish!

  58. Emily, what a great post!! These images are gorgeous!! Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!!!

  59. Looks like a great trip! Wish I could have gone too. Happy St, Patrick's Day and Pink Saturday from Warm Heart Bears and The Patchwork Ark.

  60. What a wonderful post. Love all the pictures.

  61. Great pictures,
    Thank you for the great St Patty's trip!
    How fun.

  62. I adore all of the images! I have yet to make it to the Emerald Isle but it is still at the top of my list!

  63. Emily, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the photos from your trip to Ireland & the DARLING shots of your precious grandson, Connor! We visited the Emerald Isle years ago & landed in Dublin but didn't spend much time there, as we had golfing tee times further south. We adored all the pubs & beautiful flowers & thatched roofs ...not so much the narrow, stone-lined roads!! LOL

    My Great-Grandmother was from Co. Cork & I hope to someday return with my sweet granddaughter in tow, so she, too, can experience the magic of that beautiful GREEN country!

    Thank you so much for sharing! You post brought back many fond memories.

  64. Beautiful tour and trip!
    Happy PS & Irish weekend:)

    Irish Smiles,
    Kay Ellen

  65. Love your pictures, thanks for the lovely tour. One of the favourite poems that I have written is called "I wish that I was Irish" if you go to my blog you can read it if you like under poems.
    All the best

  66. What time of year was your trip? So sunny! I'm guessing summertime.

  67. Gorgeous! Visiting late for Pink Saturday.

    Green Goodies is my entry. Please come by when you get a chance. Have a great week ahead.

  68. Great post. Great to have you be a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  69. After your comment about loving Dublin I had to come over and visit your photos. I recognize everywhere you were!!

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  71. Thanks for the lovely tour of Dublin. I love all things Irish and being a Newfie [from Newfoundland ] I was sure that I must have Irish roots but all my wishing only turned up English. I wrote a poem called " I wish that I was Irish " to the tune of Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ra. If you look on my blog under poems you can read it.
    All the best from Canada

  72. love the photos, thanks ! :-)




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