Friday, September 7, 2012


Tis The Last Rose of Summer

After the tropical rains from Hurricane Isaac I am having a late summer rose show. Blooms I usually enjoy from the spring rose show have returned and will be summer's last rose! Different shades of pinks and a pale yellow rose are blooming their hearts out. Hope you enjoy my late summer blooms, the last rose of summer.

My Spring Rose Show

The last rose is always special to me. It will remain in my heart until spring. I would love to hear if you still have roses blooming.


  1. Magnificent show of such beautiful roses.
    Have a lovely weekend ~

    GIVEAWAY ends 9/9

    TTFN ~ Marydon

  2. So pretty. Roses are the BEST! Happy Pink Saturday.

  3. Emily, what a delightful treat to end the summer. I'd love to have climbing roses, but don't have the sun. We have knock-out roses in beds out near the street and they seem to bloom most of the year. But their show is nothing compared to your rose show. ;-)
    Enjoy summer's last roses........Sarah

  4. We had a few red roses the middle of Aug but they are now all gone, your pink ones are brilliant and I'm sure fragrant.

  5. Your pink cascading roses are so beautiful, Emily! I do have a miniture rose bush in a flower pot outside that is still blooming with lavender colored roses. I will bring it inside soon and hope it survives the winter. It was one of the table decorations at my daughter's bridal shower and I'd love to bring it out to Colorado with me to give it to her.

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  6. Your roses are beautiful! What zone are you in?

  7. It is so pretty.You must have a great camera.Hope you stop by
    Have a Happy PS

  8. You really have a lot of beautiful roses still. In Texas, the intense heat dries the buds before they can bloom. Yours are lovely.

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  10. Wow, you've got so many roses!

    PINK reminds is my entry.
    Have a great weekend!

  11. Sigh, I have no roses so thank you for sharing yours!

  12. I do have roses still blooming, but they are the knockout roses, so they really don't count, LOL! Thanks for sharing your pretty roses with us. I remember your amazing plaid the image from it! So pretty, Emily!!!

  13. Beautiful, Emily! Great photos, too! I love your tablescape in the garden...charming! My yellow roses are in full bloom! Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  14. Your roses are so beautiful, gorgeous pink color. I think you will get some more, I have them blooming (at least one) into October/early November. xo

  15. Happy Pink Saturday, Emily. Thank you for making Pink Saturdays special. I appreciate your friendship and support.

    Your roses are so pretty. We are having some gorgeous blooms here, too.

  16. Your roses are looking beautiful. Mine are getting a few new ones, but nothing like yours. I noticed this morning, my noisette has two new blossoms on it and my Teasing Georgia is getting buds. I'll take anything I can get after the last two summers we've had.

  17. Hello Emily,

    Your rose are so beautiful, I can almost scent the perfume.
    The song "the last rose of summer" brought back gushing memories. When I was ten years old and living in Ireland, my mucic teacher selected me to sing this song at a major festival. It went very well but when I hear this song, I immediately change my posture and breathing.
    Thanks for the post and memories

    Helen xx

  18. Oh my, Emily, your roses are gorgeous. That bright pink is SPECTACULAR!! I love your garden table for pretty with the candles lit and all. Simply dreamy.
    Happy pinks!!

  19. Oh, my word...just breathtaking. How blessed you are to live where you have this kind of pleasure.:)
    So hot and dry, our roses, even the Knockouts, haven't done all that well.

  20. Wow! They look just beautiful! Your little garden set is so picturesque too. Thankyou for sharing!

  21. So glad to see that something beautiful can come out of such a terrible storm! I absolutely love, love, love your set up! It's so romantic.

  22. Hi Emily!!
    Oh girlfriend thank you so much for stopping by! It's wonderful to be back! Your roses are so gorgeous I could cry! And I can almost smell them through my puter screen *winks* We still have quite a few roses here in Wash. Although our summer so far has only amounted to a couple of decent weeks. While y'all were getting record temps it was cold and blah here. We're having a nice spate of weather right now though and I hope it lasts long enough for me to harvest more tomatoes. I have been cutting my roses and putting them up to dry almost every day.... I think I like them dried almost as much as I love them live *winks* Did you dry any of yours? (((HUGS))) Vanna

  23. Gorgeous roses you have. I love the garden table.


  24. YOUR ROSES are STUNNING!!!!!!!If the pic of the bistro table with the chandelier is your backyard..I want to MOVE IN!!!!
    Beautiful roses

  25. These photos took my breath away. So gorgeous! You are very lucky to have such a profuse blooming of your roses right now. I know you are enjoying them!

  26. Life should always have roses - shouldn't it?




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