Friday, October 5, 2012


Imagine a Place...........

Where the pages of a photograph album come alive for a Mysterieux Carnival!

Le Mysterieux Carnival, where a mystical castle and the enchanting forest surround the king and queen and their little prince and princesses.

The Castle in the Loire!

By orders of the king, the traveling carnival is coming to town!  Promised to his children for the fall festival, a scary-go-round, masks with fairy glitter to wear and carnival booths to sell candy, treats and pastries. And, as a special reward to his children for a beautiful comedic performance on the castle stage, the king will grant his children their wish to host a haunted tour through the castle for the townspeople.

Deep in the woods, the mysterieux gypsy camp

To get to the castle, the traveling gypsy caravan must travel down moonlit roads, where eerie cries beckon from the tree limbs.

Down spooky, cobblestoned town streets

And Under mysterieux moonlight

Through town gates

and past foggy towers

And scary palaces

Until we reach the castle!

Under the fairy lights of the magical carnival tents the gypsies rest until morning when the King's children set up their carnival booths

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The Ticket Booth

To enter you must have a Silver Ticket!

Princesses wearing their glittered masks

Treats Booth 
Where treats with the scent of cotton candy and pumpkin spice fill the air 

Castle cake with gummy worm moat

Pumpkins filled with candied gummy worms

Candy boxes filled with candied fingers and other goodies

Pumpkins filled with pink marshmallow bats

And pumpkins filled with ooze and goo!

Delicious Zombie Eyes

 Pumpkin booth

Children selling tickets for the haunted castle tour

Booths with home wares 

And the Scary-Go-Round
Be careful, it is covered in cobwebs and spiders!

 The castle entrance 

Through the creaking door to the haunted tour

Meet your tour guide

Follow her down the long corridor

Where strange faces on the wall are watching you

The castle room with the stage set up where the children play

Your guide to the balcony

Down sill more frightful hallways

And finally out to the balcony

Where you look down on the town below

One of the haunted rooms in the castle.
See the ghosts on the wall, watch your back!

The children do not play here, I wonder why?

Frightful  and Scary Tapestry

A scary coach for the king

Nightfall at The Castle of the Loire

Thanks for coming along with me on my haunted castle tour. As you can see from an unedited photo it was indeed a foggy and scary tour  with dungeons and spooks at every turn. Hope I didn't scare you too much!

Frosted Petunias and Incipient Wings



  1. Ooo, you're way too spooky for me.

    Happy Pink Saturday, Emily!

  2. Soo Goth!

    You might want to leave another comment with your actual link to the post - I had to click in a few times to reach you ...

  3. Those are some really neat pictures! What a fun post...your "tour guides" crack me up!

    HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!
    Mrs. Sarah Coller

  4. A fun eerie Halloween post! Thanks for the shout out and have a great weekend:@)


    Emily you should do Vanessa's Halloween party too with this fabulous and delightful post! xoxo (It's on my sidebar)

  6. Oh, Emily, that was fun!!! Thanks for the spooky tour! Happy Pink Saturday! ~Lorraine ♥♥♥

  7. Beautiful!!! Good food, makes me hungry! Love the childrens costumes and fabulous pictures! Celeste

  8. Such lovely photography and effects. And your goodies are so adorable. I love the castle cake.

    Hyacinth Noir

  9. This is awesome!!! Great pictures! I am so glad you are in the party!
    Here is my post!

  10. Why am I reading this post alone and late at night? The music is getting faster! Are the walls moving or is my head swirling?

  11. Such a creative post. Lovely photographs and great writing :)

  12. Emily, my friend, I had every confidence that you'd come up with something spectacular without even the slightest suggestion from me. :) Castle cakes, glitter-masked princesses, AND marshmallow bats?!? What's not to love? I absolutely LOVE how you brought this castle tour alive from your very own photographs. Love, love, love!!!! And none of it was too freakish which isn't too appealing to me. PERFECTO!!! BRAVO!!! ENCORE!!!

  13. Thank you for the beautiful presentation. I love European architecture and I especially loved the king's coach! :-)

  14. What a fun (and spooky) trip through the castle! I love your effects - quite inspiring!

  15. What a fabulous post, thank you for letting me come to your carnival!


    Victoria from Brushstrokes

  16. Great carnival post :-) love all the masques and chateau photos, Debi x

    chexk out my masquerade if you get chance :-)

  17. Happy PS ~~lovely post :))

    Kay Ellen

  18. Amazing photos and pictures thank you for sharing them with me !
    please feel free to stop by and visit me too! Julie x

  19. Love the altered moon and the masks.

  20. Wonderful photos! I so enjoyed my visit to your carnival!


  21. Oh Lovely Carnival, Really liked the way you had to go to get there!! Spooky, Hazelxox

  22. Dearest Emily, I love your imagination in this post. What fun. Happy Halloween, Olive

  23. Simply beautiful and mysterious! Happy Pink Saturday.

    Your comment at my PINK Post is always appreciated.

    Have a great weekend!

  24. Emily, I was actually holding my breath as I was reading along, great fun post! Beautiful images. I was a little spooked, for sure. And the background music is perfect!! xo

  25. Oh, Emily....this post is so, so creeptastic in a very elegant, very *you* sort of way....I so love it, and that cake is amazing. I hope you will make some of these treats for Mr. Connor! :D

    LOVE the music for your carnival, too. I have bookmarked it so I can come back and visit later on again during the weekend.

    I guess Tuscaloosa is a bit more quiet this weekend with fall break. It has been nice having Shanley home!!!

    I have enjoyed attending your carnival!

    Ricki Jill

  26. What a great carnival, so imaginative!


    Victoria from Brushstrokes

  27. What spectacular photos! So fun!

    - The Tablescaper

  28. That was a great carnival, fun and creepy! great job! thanks for inviting me :)

    please come visit my booth:

    Thanks, Susan

  29. Well that was an amazing trip through the castle and the road to the carnival was perfectly spooky. I love all your photos and the food was deliciously creepy! Fabulous carnival! Thank you so much for joining us and sharing :)


  30. What a haunting and fun tour Emily! The scary-go-round along with your edited photos were oh so creepy and clever! I love the foggy castle photos!

  31. what a great collection of images and the story you told was great. I love all the creepy elements added to the food. Them music was a nice touch.


  32. I absolutely enjoyed viewing your wonderful carnival post!
    What a wonderful story and pics!

    You can view my carnival digital art here:

  33. Fabulous images and spooky sight were seen at this Carnival! Loved the music and all the wonderful aged scenes.

  34. Emily, you did an amazing job on this post! What a creative mind. This was great fun full of clever images. Bravo!

  35. Oh la la this was a thoroughly French experience of Carnivale! The accordion music just got me dancing and swirling my skirts and showing off my red shoes. I loved this sparkly post buckets!!! Thanks for putting it together for all of us. *smiles* Norma
    p.s. if you haven't yet, drop by my offering if you like:

  36. What a fun, creative and beautiful post ~ excellent all around ~ Loved it! ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  37. Oh, you did a wonderful job with this! I love all the photos of the castles and especially the foggy photos! Very creative!

  38. EEks!! That was scary fun!! I loved the whole tour Emily! Soooo creative! Seriously I'd love to see the chateau de Chambord any way and any time I could *winks* Vanna




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