Tuesday, May 14, 2013


With paper flowers

And a little shopping

Last weekend I was in Atlanta visiting my sister. The weather was terrible, storms and raining so we decided to take shelter inside and not venture out shopping to a lot of different locations. We went to the High Museum for an exhibit everyone wanted to see,  "Frida and Diego". After a great lunch we did a lot of window shopping at the mall. So many shops are displaying paper roses and flowers in their windows and a window garden at Anthropologie, where my sister and I just happened to find a great bargain! Normally we would just ooh and ahh over this expensive item, but it was marked eighty-five percent off! There just happened to be two of them so what do you think?

Anthropologie Window Art
Paper flowers and vegetables 

sorry for the poor quality photos, lot of window glare

Love this wall art display 

Neiman Marcus

Lovely tablescape displaying MacKenzie Childs

New enamel pattern, Aurora

My sweet sister in the background checking for bargains!

I love this MC Mrs. Powers weathervane. Several years ago I bought the Mrs. Powers dinner and door bell to hang next to the back door kitchen entrance. She always charms me coming and going. 

Neiman’s Buckhead has a great display of MacKenzie Childs

Now if you are still with me you are wondering what in the world we found that my sister and I both had to bring home. Let’s go back to my favorite shop, Anthropologie. We found this beautiful throw marked so low we thought it was a mistake. "Oh wait, here is one more”, and I checked the price and it was marked the same as the first one. My sister looked at at me and said “I’m getting this”, and I said, “me too”. With no intentions of buying anything we both found something fabulous with a deep discount!

Knotted and tied together from fabric strips and yarn and little flowers made from yarn this is a lovely throw. I plan to use it on my bed but threw it on the living room sofa and it looks lovely. With the colors it will work in most rooms of my home. I think this could also be used as a wrap for a sleeveless dress on a cool evening. 

My Anthropologie Throw


  1. I say hurrah for rain!You found some lovely things to see... and share!

  2. Thank you so much for taking me shopping, Anthro, Neiman, MC, all my favorites, so much eye candy! Your throw is absolutely darling, love the colors and style, what a great find! How about that chandy over the MC table, to die for! Love it all!

  3. *happy sigh* Just love purusing the world of anthropologie and mackenzie childs....Anthro always has such textural displays, don't they? Such creativity is always inspiring. Thanks for sharing. Catherine (new follower)

  4. I loved this post! So much fun to go windowing shopping with you--you saw so many pretty things. I love the cabbage roses that look to be made of paper--gorgeous! Your new throw is beautiful, although my cats would have a field day with all the long lovely tassels at the bottom of it :) The pretty paper cones filled with flowers are really pretty, and I also love clear colored glass dishes--one of the things I collect and use all the time in our home. Thank you for stopping by my blog--so nice to hear from you!

  5. :D Thanks for taking me to Lennox Square with you! LOVE the throws. I love Anthropologie bargains!

    Wow, the window displays were so neat. LOVED the carrots! And those wall pockets are my favorite. I love them!


  6. All kinds of gorgeousness and "Paper Roses". I love every bit of this!

  7. You and your sister know where to shop ;o) Two of my favorite stores. I love your throws!

  8. Loved the window shopping! I heart that wheelbarrow for sure!

  9. Wow...you braved the storms and came out with something really great! That throw is so pretty! I love all the colors, and the design is so feminine! You can use that for a billion things and still have more on tap!!! :-)

    It's so cool what people can do with paper these days. I suppose artists probably did a lot with it back in "the olden days", but nothing like what I see now. So fresh!

    You definitely picked the right stores to browse! Such gorgeous things! The MacKenzie-Childs display is much more subdued in color and pattern than most that I have seen. I really love this one.

    I'm glad you and your sister had a good time! Have a great weekend ahead!

  10. WOW! Thank you for the shopping tour! I loved too many things so I am glad I am only looking. lol Your throw is so pretty and at a bargain! I am glad you had a sunny day even though it was raining!

    Blessings My Friend,

  11. Hi Emily, I just know in my heart that if we lived near each other we would be best buddies! I have been in love with Mrs. Powers forever and I wish I had a garden gate just so I could put her gate in my yard! I am very tempted by the weathervane!! Thanks for the tour. You and your sister found a wonderful piece in Anthro and whenever you curl up in it you can think of her. Linda

  12. Rainy days can bring about some great window shopping!

  13. Wow, thanks for sharing a lot of gorgeous stuff you found. I love the Anthropologie throw. I hope they still have it. I'd love to get one for myself!


  14. Hi Emily~ Such eye candy! Love the paper flower-filled cones and that wheelbarrow is divine~ it makes me want to paint mine! Love the colorful throw you and your sister found! I COVET Mrs. Powers weathervane! Thanks for taking me along shopping :)

  15. Great find at Anthropologie! It makes me want to run down to ours and see if I can find the same thing! I love their windows - they are always so creative. The new MacKenzie-Childs pattern is wonderful. I hadn't seen that one yet!
    Fun shopping trip!

  16. This was a fun vicarious shopping trip ! :)

    What a treasure that throw is ! just stunning! :)

  17. You gave me a much needed, beautiful, and cheap shopping fix! Omg, can I say I love your new throw... I really wanted to say covet, but we all know how bad that is! It's gorgeous. I can see that over a cute dress! I must say I'm not smitten with the MC Aurora pattern. Luckily only one store carries MC here and it's quite a bit away. So my pocket book is safe. But I do love it. Wouldn't it look fabulous on Susan's Porch? xo marlis

  18. That Aurora pattern is gorgeous to me!!!!Oh what a fantastic day shopping with your sister. Your new throw is lovely--the colors dynamic.

  19. Emily, shopping Lenox Square sounds like a perfect way to spend a rainy day. Great find at Anthro. Glad they had two. '-) Thanks for taking us along!

  20. So lucky to have such wonderful images in the mall!

    Wonderful to have you at Oh,the PLACES I've been!

    - The Tablescaper

  21. The rains continue, seeking refuge in the malls is a great way to 'weather the storm'. Love the displays - fascinating. I love the back to that French chair and that weather-vane is fantastic - you've introduced me to someone I wasn't aware of - I'll check out Mrs. Powers! I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,




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