Saturday, August 31, 2013


Summer Evenings

With such extreme heat and humidity this summer, walking or biking late in the afternoon or evening has been just about the only outdoor activity happening here. I enjoy going to our neighborhood ponds to feed and watch the ducks. Since it was already so late one evening, I lingered to watch the sunset. It was so beautiful I came back the next evening with my camera to hopefully capture some of the beauty here. 
The ducks at the pond are always happy to have guests, if you bring treats! Some of the baby ducklings will come up out of the water to greet anyone. The little darlings are fearless and they do follow, so I had to be careful they were busy when I was ready to leave. They are so sweet, so fuzzy and they want to be held.   Carefully I put them back in the pond and hope all the predators stay away until they are big enough to fend for themselves. 
Being with the ducks brings to mind the wonderful tales of the "Beatrix Potter” books and the movie "Miss Potter". The song is from the movie soundtrack.

We are enjoying Labor Day weekend at home after weekend road trips during the summer. So tell me please, what are you doing for the long holiday weekend?


  1. Beautiful photos, what a peaceful scene!

  2. Loved seeing the ducks. We're staying home for the weekend...nothing much exciting. Have a great Labor Day!

  3. I love watching the ducks and geese and especially enjoy the little ones. Have a great weekend!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  4. We live on a pond, too, and it is wonderful to watch all of the wildlife that visits there. A trip to Baltimore and back to take our granddaughter back to boarding school was our Labor Day week-end fun - we left early in the week and are back now. We will rest on Labor Day - we will not be laboring - hahaha!!

  5. Emily, this looks like a wonderful spot to unwind at the end of the day. A perfect evening walk. I could sit and watch those sweet ducks for hours.
    Quiet Labor Day weekend here. No big plans.
    Hugs ~ Sarah

  6. We are at home as well. We live on the beach but the weather has been rainy, foggy and very humid so the beaches are quiet this weekend. I love your pictures of the little ducklings. They are so cute. There is a wonderful biography of Beatrix Potter that I read a few years ago. I think it's title has something to do with the word Life but I can't remember now. It was published in England.

  7. There is something so very restful about watching water - and it's even better is there are ducks and geese making a trail across the surface. Lovely!

  8. Emily, this was delightful, and the music is perfect. Sigh...could linger here among the duckies all night. :)
    I'm glad you have enjoyed your summer. Looks like another season is slowly coming to an end.
    We were home for Labor Day too, relaxing after Saturday yard sales. :)
    Always wonderful visiting with you, friend.

  9. Beautiful pictures of the ducks on their way to the pond and in the pond. Isn't it peaceful to be able to enjoy the outdoors and the wonders of nature.

  10. Lovely photographs, I can watch for hours.

  11. sweet, time to hang out and just enjoy the pastoral scene and the duckys of course

  12. :D How cute! Your photos have made me smile this AM, Emily!

  13. awww, such sweet pictures! Visiting from Outdoor Wednesday

    Jocelyn @

  14. Hi Emily! I've missed your posts! I still am not getting them in my email even though feedburner insists I am already subscribed. We spent Labor Day weekend taking my "baby" back to college for his SENIOR year! I can't believe it. I love your ducks. We also enjoy quiet activities like this. Hope all is well with you! Linda

  15. What a beautiful place to be, Emily! Those sunsets are dazzling! And yes, I, too, have missed your posts but just started having them show up again. Hooray. An escape to a bit of loveliness!

  16. Beautiful photos--love the pics of the baby ducks! I grew up on a ranch, and used to ride my horses on a neighboring ranch where my dad worked, and where they had a lot of ducks and geese--these pics took me back to those days:)




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