Friday, September 27, 2013


Using Sunflowers and Hydrangeas

I wanted to do a little fall spruce up in the kitchen for the weekend. I love picking up seasonal flowers in the supermarket floral department, inexpensive and convenient. The sunflowers and hydrangeas caught my eye, perfect for transitioning from summer to fall. I still have my table vignette to do, pulling out containers from storage and I’ll do that this weekend. For the island I took my wine barrel lazy susan that I use on the table and put it on the island.

Wine barrel lazy susan 
A gift from my son and daughter-in-law

I love making a centerpiece using this and it sure works for a casual full dinner table

Pulled out my roo

Added the sunflowers to a blue pitcher for a pop of color

Red plaid napkins

Added my Anthro sugar and creamer and there you have, easy and simple. I’m sure this will change a dozen times for the Autumn season.

Dried flowers to keep from a fresh picked mini bouquet from Connor

Now on the table are pieces from a RL Megan tea set

Using champagne buckets to hold topiaries and a favorite container for the hydrangeas.

All ready for the weekend! Thanks for your visit, hope you’ll take a minute to leave a comment and let me know you stopped for a visit.


  1. There is nothing like fresh flowers to liven up a room. I love your sunflowers and hydrangeas and the blues in your decor.

  2. Your kitchen looks very festive and lovely.

    I *really* love your Roo!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  3. You can't go wrong with roosters and sunflowers in a cobalt vase, Emily!
    Have a wonderful week...

  4. Love the sunflower vignette with Roo. A great look.. Everything you shared is so lovely.
    xo, Jeanne

  5. The lazy susan is beautiful and I know it will make a lovely base for anything you do. All the yellows and blues are so pretty along with the rooster.

  6. Beautiful vignette Emily...I love sunflowers....they look perfect paired up with Mr. Roo! Love your pretty curtains too:)

  7. What a beautiful photo of the sunflowers! I love both sunflowers and hydrangeas! It' a gorgeous time of the year.

    I am your newest follower.


  8. Looks very pretty. Love the sunflowers in the blue vase. The lazy susan is a good idea, too! Susan

  9. Aren't sunflowers gorgeous? I love the Eat cake container. So unique. Deb

  10. Beautiful, Emily! I love the sunflowers and the hydrangeas. I need to go buy some flowers for the house before S & J arrive on Sunday. ;-)
    I have that same "Let Them Eat Cake" vase. Love it! We always seem to like the same things. ;-)
    Excited to see you soon........Sarah

  11. Oh, I love that Let them eat cake vase! I also love Hydrangeas, so that entire vignette stole my heart. These little glimpses into your kitchen were so much fun for me. The French Provencal fabrics and the worn wood table had me swooning. Have a good weekend. laurie

  12. Good morning! What a cute display---very festive! I've been on vacation most the month so I'm hoping to get my fall stuff up this weekend. When I left, it was still 90 degrees!!

    HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!
    Mrs. Sarah Coller

  13. Not sure if my last comment went through.. So hopefully this one will ;)
    Love the hydrangea, sun flowers and rooster! I've got a lazy Susan that's identical and really like it.. such a nice gift! Happy weekend:) xxleslie

  14. Your kitchen is so pretty, Emily, and I love the rooster--I have a similar one in my kitchen window! Also I am a sucker for sunflowers. I've had some in the garden that I've been picking, but the rainy season has started here, so don't know how much longer they will last outside. Your look beautiful in the blue container. Nice to hear from you today!

  15. Thanks for the inspiration. I needed a boost.

    Very pretty.

  16. A lazy susan makes such a nice feature on a pretty table! What a beauty!

  17. As beautiful as anything I could imagine from you! It's lovely in every way!

  18. Your kitchen is so pretty, Emily. The lazy Susan is such a nice gift! :D

  19. I am crazy about that lazy susan...think I'll get one for son and d.i.l. and maybe one for daughter. Well.....and one for me. :))
    Love everything you show us do have the talent, dear one. :)

  20. Emily, your vignettes are so pretty! I just love to pop in and see your gorgeous decor! Love the sunflowers and hydrangeas...two of my favorite flowers. Can't wait to see more!

  21. Hi Emily... I am visiting from Alison's party... love your kitchen for Autumn... your rooster is adorable and looks so pretty sitting by your sunflowers... love love love your lazy Susan!... Happy October to you, xoxo Julie Marie

  22. Beautiful images Emily, I the shot with the rooster peeking his head out from behind the sunflowers. I am so ready to welcome fall.

  23. Hi Emily!
    What a nice gift you were given! I love lazy Susans. They are so convenient, aren't they!?
    Your table arrangement is so pretty and loving your vintage French wine buckets too.
    Have a great week.

  24. Your kitchen is so beautiful,, Emily. I really like your choices of accessories. You have very good tastes and very classy!...Christine




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