Thursday, January 23, 2014


Southern Charm

 Around town

For the past few weeks old man winter has taken over our seasonally mild winters with a blast of arctic air and bitter cold. I am talking single digits here! So, now I am dreaming of a warm weather getaway and this is a great day to look at photos of past road trips.
One of my favorite destinations is the Alabama Gulf Coast. Last fall I had the opportunity to tag along with my husband while he was in Mobile on a business trip. Fairhope was my destination. A quaint town on the eastern shore of Mobile bay. I love to explore the town and of course the shopping is fabulous. To read more of my adventures and shopping in Fairhope go here. Today I’ll share some of my favorite photos. Grab a drink and pull up a chair for great shopping at some of my favorite places.  I have a surprise for you later, someone I want you to meet. Don’t peek!

This town reminds me of strolling the French Quarter in New Orleans.


Great selection of antique and reproduction trumeau mirrors

Santons of Provence

French confit pots


A beautiful Ajonc and Bruyère Quimper Oyster Plate

A collector’s book for “Blue and White"

Christmas shopping

Great Restaurants

With great views

 great seafood

And breathtaking sunsets!

A few miles south of Fairhope you will find the coastal town of Gulf Shores, AL. A lovely town to spend the day at one of the many beautiful beaches. Bring a towel or chair,  favorite book, sunblock, hat and a bottle of water and you are ready for the day. Driving toward Orange Beach the dunes are covered with wildflowers. This is my favorite stretch of beach, there are no houses or condos, only dunes and sea. The dunes are few now, a reminder of how they existed in times gone by. Fond memories from childhood vacations spent here with my family. 

Dune Wildflowers

Sea Oats

Back in Gulf Shores a glorious sunset on the beach

Now for the surprise I promised you. If you are not familiar with the blog “Fairhope Supply Company" let me introduce you to Hope. Well her “pen name” is Hope but her real name is Leslie Anne. Now before you think I’ve just ratted her out let me explain. I contacted Hope while I was in Fairhope. We met at a local coffee shop “Page & Palette”. It was there I learned Hope is really Leslie Anne and where she swore me to secrecy! I knew she was thinking about revealing her true identity and it wasn’t long before I read her post revealing all! Leslie Ann writes at "Fairhope Supply Company” about life in this small charming southern town. Believe me, she will keep you in stitches with her wit and humor. I enjoyed my time with Hope, (I keep calling her that) I mean Leslie Anne. Among other things, we discussed how much we enjoy blogging, Fairhope and of course our beautiful state, Alabama. I suspect I’ll see more of Leslie Anne. I can’t wait to get back to Fairhope!
Please pay Leslie Anne a visit here and see for yourself, tell her I sent you too!

Now with my warm memories of the beach and a cup of hot chocolate I’m ready for a cozy evening. Hope you will leave a comment so I’ll know you stopped in.



  1. Nice photographs. I like the old fashion town look.

  2. Emily, thanks for the visit to Fairhope. Your images of the beaches have me ready for a little beach time of my own. Guess I'll just have to settle for an armchair visit for now. Stay warm and cozy!

  3. Well aren't you a great keeper of secrets! You did a great job with my superhero identity! Ha! It was so fun having you in town and I can't wait for your return. The shop owners keep saying how much they miss you!

  4. Emily, You have the most wonderful photos from your travels. I'm here from my new blog. Pat

  5. Thanks for mentioning Hope/Leslie Anne's blog. I'll check it out. Right now I'm simply signing for all those beautiful flowers and beaches -- something that seems as though will never happen here in the north. What a beautiful spot -- I could visit there quite happily!

  6. What a lovely post, Emily--my mom grew up in Mobile, and used to go swimming with her sisters at Gulf Shores! A beautiful part of the country, and a perfect post in the middle of January!

  7. My goodness was that ever a FABULOUSLY FRENCH TOUR! Emily, thank you for taking me out of my winter blast here! I love where I live for there is a great French influence here, but this is superb. The Provençal feel, the copper, the lovely food and winding cobblestone paths...OUI!

    Thank you for visiting and may you too have a super weekend! Anita

  8. This looked like a fabulous trip, Emily.I loved the antique copper pots--my weakness! The only gulf coast town I've ever visited was Corpus Christi in Texas.IO hope to see more places along the Gulf one day. Off to visit Leslie Ann's blog!

  9. I will need to add Fairhope to my list of places to visit. So much charm -- and the floral photos are a refreshing change from the blast from Old Man Winter we are experiencing as well.


  10. Oh, Emily, thank you for the wonderful tour of Fairhope and Gulf Shores. As always, your photography takes my breath away. Have a lovely weekend. Hugs, Terri

  11. I'm in awe of the architecture--so pretty. The shopping looks like such a treat, the pink walls in the one store just beautiful.

  12. I feel like I just got from vacation, too. Thanks for sharing the photos, just gorgeous! I'll pop over to Stanhope, now.

  13. We just aren't used to this cold weather. UGH! I love Fairhope, Did you go to Aubergine?

    Page & Palette is one of my favorite stores *anywhere*

  14. I love to go to Fairhope, its such a fairy fantasy land of a town! We went several weeks ago while we were in OB for the weekend, I wanted to shop and take pictures of Mardi Gras decor, and it was SOOOOO COLD we didn't stay long because it was too cold to walk around! It's usually too hot! I ate up all your beautiful photos, especially the sunsets :). I must ditch the hubs and go back to do some serious shopping, your photos inside the stores have me drooling!! Great tour Emily! I do read Fairhope Supply Co blog, but didn't know she was keeping her identity secret!

  15. Wow! How quaint and utterly charming Fairhope is (the best towns are)! Thank you so much for sharing your absolutely gorgeous photographs! The shops look to die for, I would've snapped those beautiful goblets right up! Beautiful post. ❤❤




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