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Today I am joining beautiful Anita at Castles, Crowns and Cottages for the Europe: Simply Irresistible Linky Party. Thank you Anita for hosting this party every year. It has fast become a tradition for many!

Europe and the United Kingdon

When You Wish Upon a Star!

A young girl dreams, she reads about a princess and a king and queen in faraway places, she collects picture books. She grows older and she knows someday she will visit those places. Fairytale places were my dream destinations as a child and now I dream of visiting romantic cities, enchanted towns and scenic villages.
Come along with me to some of those faraway places, you see, dreams do come true!

My postcards from Europe

Lucerne, Switzerland ~ A storybook town

Freiburger Munster

Driving and touring the wine country

Florence, Italy

Basilica di Santa Maria del Flore
the Duomo

From our room "A room with a view!”

View from the Uffizi Gallery

Uffizi Art

Galleria dell’Accademia


Ponte Vecchio Bridge

Arno River

Hardware store ~ Christmas shopping

After all that shopping we needed a little pick-me-up!

Oh my, hot chocolate, it is as thick as pudding




A gondola ride? But of course! (He was so handsome)


Isle of Capri



St. Peters

The Pantheon

Italian Faience


Trevi Fountain

Palatine Hill Picnic



St. Martins in the Fields

Big Ben

 Covent Garden

A little more shopping





Christ Church

Dining Hall ~ Christ Church




Storybook Villages 


Cháteau de Chenonceau, my favorite

Cote d’Azur

And of course, "Paris is always a good idea”
quote from Audrey Hepburn

I love the history of Europe. I find the architecture of the churches, castles, and monuments so interesting and beautiful. With each trip we do something different. We’ve backpacked across many towns and cities, rented cars and driven through France and we love traveling by trains. There are great bargains out there for travel and Europe is: “Simply Irresistible” and shouldn’t be missed.
Yes Anita, this adventure of ours Cest Trop Beau! Merci...........



  1. Absolutely lovely, Emily! I am sitting here since 4:30AM, joining our European bloggers who got an early start and am loving EVERY MOMENT. Your photos have taken me to ALL of my European dreams and like you, I love Chenoneceau....oh the lovely memories you have and your kindness, your participation and promptness are MUCH APPRECIATED! May many bloggers come to visit you, and may you enjoy the lovely shares they have too! Some people are not ready yet, but do take the ENTIRE week to visit.


  2. And they lived happily ever after. :)
    So much beauty, Emily. Love every image, but you know where my heart skipped a bit. La bella Italia.
    Thanks for sharing your limoncello. YUM.

  3. Goodness, it really did skip a "BEAT." teehee

  4. C'EST VRAIMENT TROP BEAU!!!! tu es une grande voyageuse, je connais Rome et Paris of course...Ton billet répond merveilleusement bien aux attentes d'Anita...Merci pour ton beau partage...

  5. Hi Emily, You and I share a love for travel! Steve and I have been fortunate to have traveled to all of the cities you mention with the exception of Nice and Pisa. I enjoyed seeing your pictures and headed over to Castle Crowns and Cottages now.

  6. Hi Emily!
       Magnificent Europe tour! many of those places I've visited, and I'm passionate about. I see you've enjoyed every moment and that's fantastic!. thanks for sharing your photos!

    Thanks to Anita today I can enjoy your pictures and this fantastic Link Party!.
    I love your pictures, and I'm enjoying your photos and those explendido places thanks to you!

    Luisa from Madrid ...
    personally selected products

  7. Darling Emily, thank you for leaving a comment on my post too! Oh the music you share hear is a tear-jerker in a great way....may we all wish upon a star with tear-filled eyes so we can TRULY SEE.

    This is a perfect post as you take us to more than one place. I see my French copinaute Nélinha was here, as well as my dear Marcia. May your dreams come true...Anita

  8. Lovely pictures, simply makes my mouth water. And is that you as a little girl at the top? What a lovely little girl you were, and you haven't changed a bit!

  9. Thank you very much for your visit Emily!
    I was excited to participate in this Link Party, because I was unable to meet you.
    I'm afraid I've had a problem with my connection, and has not been seen for a while on my contribution, MY FAVOURITE CITY ..... is mine! ; ) Madrid!
    So if you have not been able to find my home, I offer you today.
    I'd love us to continue from now discovering us.

    From Madrid .... ...
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  10. Great tour and wonderful places. I’ve been to London and hope to visit Florence someday. Loved it all. Enjoyed your photos.
    Enjoy your weekend.


  11. Europa maravillosa! I love very mucho your photos!
    Haapy Pink Saturday!

  12. Bonjour Emily,

    How wonderful it was to take a little escape for the weekend, with all your amazing photographs - it sure was a dream to see all these fabulous places.
    Many thanks for the lovely post and for visiting my place.
    Happy weekend

  13. Your travels are amazing!!!!! WONDROUS!!!!! gorgeous photos!
    Thank you for taking us on this beautiful journey!

    ~ Violet

  14. YOU GOT IT and UNDERSTAND HER BEAUTY!I am with YOU all the way.................BUT of course the lovely ANITA sent me!I am having a BALL traveling through EUROPE today!Please come by and give me a visit too............The Contessa number 26 on her list!

  15. Bonjour Emily,
    Oh my, this was such an enjoyable tour... Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful photos and memories. The sights are amazing!
    How very kind of you to travel to Tuscany with Bebe and leave such a kind note.

  16. Emily,
    My favorite is Château Chenonceau also. Chenoceau, home to beautiful women, a history filled with mystery, betrayal, and intrique...not mention its beauty and setting across the river.

    Thank you for taking us along on a Grand European Tour with your stunning photographs.

    Thank you also for visiting earlier today and leaving such a nice comment. Seeing Europe through everyone's eyes is a fabulous experience.


  17. wow what a tour through Europe and England,thank you for sharing such lovely Memories,xx Rachel and Speedy

  18. Hello Emily....thank you for popping by...such wonderful photographs and lovely to see Big Ben amongst them and Windsor...very near where I live in Marlow in Buckinghamshire...a lovely European tour ;)
    Happy Weekend!

  19. Un billet merveilleux, que tes photos sont belles, un vrai régal autour de l'Europe !
    Merci beaucoup du partage et très bon week-end.

  20. I loved seeing your photos. I have seen some of these places, not all, but I hope to remedy that over the next few years.

  21. I so enjoyed all your beautiful photos. We've never traveled outside the states, other than Mexico and the countries we go on cruises...How blessed you and your honey are to be able to travel to such magical places.
    And, the photo of you and Connor is so sweet...he is sure growing up fast...but, then, you already know that !! lol

  22. Such a wonderful tour through Europe! I feel the same, there's something about all those childhood fairytales that makes travel to europe so magical. I'm so glad I found you via Anita! I'm also part of her lovely party, hope you will stop by!
    xo Mary Jo

  23. Yes, Chenoceau, my favorite! This is a beautiful tip, Emily. Thank you for taking us along. Love the photo of you at the top. So sweet! Also the one of you with Conor. Does he
    call you Bama? See you soon on the Cote D'Azur.

  24. Beautiful all of your photos you can see you love to travel history and art.
    groetjes van Marijke

  25. Emily what an incredible journey with you and so many shared memories, thank you!!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Simply Irresistible:Europe

  26. I adore to see other's destinations and yours were all beautiful and inviting.

  27. I completely understand the pull of seeing history everywhere you go. I'm a history major and love visiting Europe for that same reason. Your photos are lovely especially the one of Chateau de Chenonceau, one of my favorites.

  28. What fantastic photos! I've only been to Europe once. My husband and I visited Salzburg in 1982 while his parents were living there. It's a beautiful city. Everywhere you look, it's a picture postcard.

  29. Wonderful post never enden !!!!..great party !!..thanks for Anita !!! Ria...x !

  30. Emily!
    You took me everywhere! places that I have visited before, and to places that I dream to visit one day!
    It always amazes me how the buildings of Europe have stood for centuries. Being of European descent, I always feel that I have found "my beginning" when I visit!
    It's such a magical feeling!
    Thank you for taking me back to my beginning!

  31. What an absolutely fabulous post! I felt like I just took a virtual journey to Europe with your beautiful photos!! Thank you so much for sharing them!

  32. So many beautiful vacations, Emily! I have been to quite a few of those destinations and it's so nice to see it through someone else's eyes. Thanks for sharing your fabulous photos - so much fun watching you explore!

  33. Emily, what 'simply irresistible' vacation memories! It was such fun to travel along with you… watching your dreams come true! ♡

  34. Your photos are so striking, I feel like I was there with you! You are so lucky to have had so many fabulous adventures and visited so many countries Emily, we don't travel very often so I love "traveling" with my friends. You should publish a book! I love the composition of your photos, they are all very artistic!

  35. Love your gorgeous photos, but the one I like best is of the little blonde headed girl at the beginning! You haven't changed a bit!

  36. i am green with envy + you have been to so many places + loved the images so much.

  37. Emily, I loved loved every pic. Fun to see your photos of many of the places I have also visited. We didn't see Germany, Switzerland, Seina, Nice, Eton, Cambridge, Oxford or Windsor and your favorite chateau but hit the rest.
    How many trips do all these places include? Did you take tours or travel on your own?
    Thanks for a lovely tour.Very enjoyable.

  38. My many dreams rolled into one here! Your photos are beautiful...what memories... :) Yes, dreams can come true! Thank you for this inspirational tour through Europe...
    Stopping by from our dear Anita's party... :)
    - Irina

  39. Oh how I miss Europe. I was just there last November but I want to go back already.. Thank you for showing these fabulous photos, Emily. A lot of them look so familiar. Europe is just so magical.....Christine

  40. Oh Emily, your tour is spectacular, and I am extremely grateful to you for having participated. THANK YOU SO MUCH for you have taken us to so many enchanting corners of your travels! Thanks for coming by, and yes, let's hope for yet another tour TOGETHER, next year! Anita

  41. I am so glad that you wished upon a star for this magnificent experience. I am so glad you shared it, and allowed me to thrill in your experience.

    Thank you for sharing in with us for Pink Saturday. I think I need to do a little star wishing, too.

  42. Yes! Paris is ALWAYS a good place to be:) Your postcards are lovely Emily .. There is nothing like Europe to vacation. History, romance, amazing architecture, shopping, and incredibly delicious food and wine. We look forward to our next visit to the South of France. Anita's European "vacation" was the perfect summer getaway.

    We are knee deep in building a home and between the construction and working .. it's been a little crazy so I've had to limit my blogging. Thank you for visiting today and I hope you are enjoying the summer and having a nice weekend! xxleslie

  43. That was truly amazing!! You have had quite a journey thus far in your young life!! I need to get traveling! Best, Karolyn

  44. Oh, Emily, every single image dazzles. Yes, when you wish upon a star sometimes those dreams really DO come true. Thanks for taking me along on this wonderful visual journey of places I love -- and ones I long to see!

  45. Back by to look at all these amazing photos of such beautiful places. How blessed you are to be able to travel like this. :)
    Hope all is good in your world..xo

  46. Such pretty photos! If you are like me, you never dreamed you'd get to see these magical places.

  47. I had missed that wonderful post. Your pictures are amazing!




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