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Touring Through Blogland

Last week I was featured at Hyacinths for the Soul, where Sarah invited me to join her in the the series, “Touring Through Blogland.” I am delighted to join you for the tour Sarah!

Sarah and me antiquing in St Augustine, FL

Sarah and I met in St Augustine, FL for the first time where we were attending the Quimper Club International meeting. We have been the best of friends through our blogs for several years and when we finally did meet it was like seeing a friend I hadn’t seen for a long time. We share so many of the same collecting interests and seem to find we both enjoy decorating our homes with the same French country style.

As part of the tour, Sarah asked me to answer three questions and give a little insight into The French Hutch.

What am I working on right now?
Freezing fresh Vegetables

Wow, have I been busy in my kitchen! With so much fresh produce coming into the local farmers market I have been freezing vegetables to squirrel away for a cold winter’s day. I don’t do a lot, just enough to enjoy the occasional summer sides during those cold days of winter. All of my family and friends enjoy sharing these special dishes on holiday gatherings and special occasions. 

Nothing like Field corn to make creamed corn for Thanksgiving

Pink Eye Peas


  Another delicious side served with peas and limas
prepared and ready to freeze

The most important summer love! Served up fresh all summer long, and freezes well for those winter’s soups and stews for a burst of summer flavor and goodness!

Basil, lemon verbena and rosemary
from the herb garden for drying

How does my work differ from others in this genre?
Sharing anything and everything

This is where I could copy and paste Sarah’s answer to this question, that’s how much we have in common! I do love decorating and it has been a challenge over the years. With the company my husband worked for we moved a lot, building six new homes before he retired. With the help of my Dad who was a contractor and who taught me so much about building, how could I not also become interested in decorating. I’ve always decorated my own homes and helped family and friends along the way. Although my home is now pretty much the way we’ll keep it I do still enjoy small projects. The last one being an addition to the back of the house, a veranda  that runs the length of the house.  I keep changes simple, changing out small items or rearranging to give me a new look. Photographing my collectibles, travels and mother nature gives me plenty of blog post material. I’m hardly ever without my Nikon!

Nice, France
Rooftops, Old Town

Christmas Tablescape


Veranda addition

My Roses

Why do I write or create what I do?
I enjoy writing and being creative in all I do, then sharing with bloggers who have similar taste.

The idea of a blog began with of all things, my Christmas tree! Our tree was up and all of my friends and family kept commenting on how beautiful it was. I started looking for ways to share it on all the magazine sites on line, where you could add your own photo. I had never even heard of a blog, much less read one. While searching for photos of other Christmas trees, I discovered blogs! Wow, I thought, this is something I can do. I had photographed my hutch displayed with Quimper faience and also decorated for Christmas. It was then and there The French Hutch was born! A way for me to share all my interests through my photographs. Early on, I found Hyacinths for the Soul and contacted Sarah. As others had done for her, she did for me. She invited me to join Quimper Club International, and was always helpful when I had a question.  Being a little creative with a blog and then hitting the “publish” button, well, it’s a little like publishing one’s own publication. I’ve met and made wonderful friends along the way. All bloggers know and understand these friendships.

The Christmas tree that started a blog

How does your writing process actually work?
Usually beginning with a photograph

For me, writing a new blog post, ideas usually begin with a photograph. I am hardly ever without my camera. I take advantage of all beauty around me, photographing nature, people, architecture, and art.  My latest obsession is photographing my six year old grandson.  I keep a journal with notes about what I photograph and ideas of how to use my photos. Then I sit in front of my computer and let the words flow! 

Using my camera and telling a story

Continuing the tour

Now I would love to introduce you to you three bloggers I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know, all members of Gulf Coast Bloggers. 

Leslie Anne ~ Fairhope Supply Co.

Fairhope is a getaway destination for my husband and me. I love the little town by the bay and when I discovered Fairhope Supply Co. I started following. I got to know Leslie Anne through visits to her blogs. On one of those getaways to Fairhope I contacted Leslie Anne and she invited me to join her at one of the local coffee shops. Of course she was every bit as delightful in person as she is on her blog. Leslie Anne’s blog is small town southern life, with a gulf coast accent. She also writes articles for six newspapers throughout Baldwin county and her column has been picked up by a Sumter, SC newspaper. She recently had her radio debut as a guest where she was invited to read one of her famous southern stories. 

Ellen ~ Scribbler Unfocused

I met this charming lady in Fairhope, after attending the Southern Bloggers Jubilee. A group of members often get together and go to lunch and we were seated together and the conversation was like meeting a friend for lunch, only this was the first lunch! She was so easy to get to know and I certainly hope to have many more lunches with Ellen. 
Ellen, like me shares a love of all things French and European. She shares this passion on her blog, Scribbler Unfocused. A writer, painter and retired interior designer, she enjoys decorating her home in a more daring style. A bit of a Boho interpretation of French style, where she enjoys mixing color and patterns. 

Kim ~ CozyNest

Another blogger I had the pleasure of meeting at Southern Bloggers Jubilee was Kim at CozyNest. We also shared a table at lunch and getting to know her was so much fun. Kim shares through her blog her love of travel, staying fashionable and enjoying life after her nest emptied out!  Kim is an empty-nester who is searching for ways to ease the transition. She recently began her Thoughtful Thursday link party as a way of sharing creative ideas. Simple, Cozy, Beautiful, Home, describes Kim’s blog best!

Sarah, thank you for asking me to be a featured guest and join in the tour series.  I look forward to seeing you soon as we sit and enjoy the view of the promenade de angeles in the Côte d’Azure!
Next Monday, August 18th I hope everyone will visit Leslie Anne, Ellen and Kim when they answer questions and join the tour. 


  1. It was fun getting to know more about you, Emily, through this tour. I've always enjoyed your photos, travel, recipes and your love of French inspired things.
    Your new veranda is a lovely addition to your home!

  2. Great post Emily! I loved hearing how you got started blogging and named your blog! Good for you on putting up summer's bounty~as much as I love to cook, I have never gotten around to learning how to can and preserve~ I love that you keep your camera close by, I often wish I had mine when I don't! Your veranda addition is gorgeous and I always enjoy your beautiful tables. I can't wait to see Leslie Ann's, Kim's, and Ellen's posts next Monday...I have gotten to know Ellen through blogging and we recently met for lunch and had a grand time! Hopefully we can all meet in Fairhope again soon~

  3. Emily, this is a wonderful look into the workings of The French Hutch. I don't think I knew the story of the "why" you started this blog. Your Christmas trees are always gorgeous as are your home and gardens. I'm impressed that you are putting up summer's bounty. I've never done that, though my mom did every year she lived in her home. It's a huge undertaking, but how wonderful to have a freezer full of goodness for the coming year. Thank you for sharing in the Blogland Tour. Love the photo of the two of us. Much better than the one I found to share. '-)
    See you in a few weeks, my friend!

  4. Oh, forgot to say that I'm eager to read the posts next week. Ellen is a friend who I've followed as well as Leslie Anne. I don't know Kim. Thanks for encouraging these ladies to join in.

  5. Emily, that Christmas tree looks good enough to have been in the manger on the first Christmas morning! WOW!!! That put me in the Christmas spirit in the middle of the summer!

    Your photos are beautiful, and I loved reading about all your fun projects. I appreciate the kind words you sent my way, and I'll get busy and prepare my answers for your questions next week. Thanks so much for including me!

  6. Your pictures are lovely. I understand how it is your photograph that inspire your writing.

  7. There is no doubt about it in my mind that your photography is right up there with the best of the best in blogland. You always show your very best, and it always evokes some kind of emotion in me. I can certainly understand how your creative writing process would begin with a photograph!

    Your veranda is rockin' big time!!! I would love to be able to sit out there and just chill!!! It's beautiful! Those blue chairs are so pretty! I'm not sure if that's a huge hurricane lamp or a heating source of some sort out there by the post on the periphery of the veranda, but it sure is cool. And I LOVE that you have not one, but TWO sets of French doors leading in and out!!!!

    It's been so great to read about the creative process and the inspiration starting point for bloggers through this series. Yours has not and all!

  8. I so enjoyed learning more about your world and all the beautiful things within it, your home is wonderful. Looking forward to meeting you for real next month at the QCi meeting, a bientot.

  9. I loved reading this, and have actually looked at about five times because your photos are so incredible. I do not have your gift for photography . Thanks for choosing me for next week, and I hope I can live up to the hype next week!

    I can't believe you have been able to build so many houses! I have never been able to get my husband to even build ONE from scratch! Now I am going back to look again!

  10. Ah another member of the Quimper Group. So interesting. :)

  11. When my children were growing up and they told me they loved me, I replied, that is music to my ears. This post made me feel that way too! I have meet Leslie Anne and Kim but I would love to meet the Scribbler, you and Sarah. Blogging does draw you to people that share similar interests. Beautiful photos that drew me in. The Pont de Gard pic is fabulous.

  12. Dearest Emily, I have thoroughly enjoyed your tour. Gave me a closer look at that beautiful heart of yours.
    As always, I enjoyed your music too.
    I sent you a reply to your email just a few moments ago.
    Love and blessings, friend.

    PS-Love that picture of you and Sarah.

  13. I've been reading your blog for a very long while but I didn't know some of your back story! How delightful! I know that when I visit the French Hutch I always leave feeling as though I have been on a journey of delight! Your photos "take me there!" I'm in the process of learning how to freeze basil but on the off chance it doesn't fly, I'm also drying a bunch (and rosemary and tarragon and whatever!). I should do that with corn -- you've inspired me! Again!

  14. This was a great idea, Emily and I am honored to be included! You are a dear and I love reading your posts! And thanks for introducing me to Marcia P. She's a doll.

  15. What a great story about how you gt started on this blogging journey. This is my first visit here as I was directed from Kim's site. I am also a member of the Southern Bloggers Jubilee but haven't had the pleasure of meeting you yet. I'm looking forward to seeing what else you have in store here and reading more about you! Nice to meet you. :)

  16. Adore, adore, adore your new veranda! Can you possibly provide me with information on your french doors?

  17. Your veranda is so pretty! :) I love your blog, Sweetie.
    Have you been to any games yet this year? Trip will be in Tuscaloosa this weekend while Shelley and I are at a horse show.

    Roll Tide Roll!!!





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