Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Celebrating an Irish Heritage

Beginning in early March I enjoy bringing out the green, a nod to my Irish family from my mom's side. A few favorite things I brought home from my trip to Ireland find a place in a vignette I set on the table. Vintage cards, coasters and fine Irish linen are a few of my favorites.  I enjoy making and serving Irish treats before and on St. Patrick's Day. 

An Irish Angel keeps watch

Favorite coasters with Irish Blessings

Shamrocks and Lace

Mushroom with green glitter

Cherubs and Shamrocks

Strawberries with green fruit dip

Irish linen and green napkin rings

My favorite white platter and tea set, Wedgwood RL Claire

Coffee and Shamrock shortbread with green sprinkles

Favorite Vintage card

Irish Linen

Cards sent to me from a dear friend

My favorite Irish breakfast
Creamy Irish Kerrygold Butter, Soda bread and jam

May an Irish
Angel always
watch over you

A Grand Trip ~ Ireland

A wee bit Irish, my grandson

Connor and I want to wish you a very Happy St. Patricks Day!
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  1. Happy St. Patrick's, Emily! You have so many lovely Irish items and they are just beautiful!....Christine

  2. Wow! Loved the Irish linens and that bread...I am visiting from Kathleen's and sure enjoyed my stop! The Irish music was a bonus!!

  3. Oh my I love this presentation and the music- gives me chills! Love the angel watching over and the linens. Connor is precious!

  4. So many pretty Irish things!! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  5. What fun. I do love those cards and the Irish lace is special, too. Your soda bread looks real good. I have a visit to Ireland on my bucket list. A very Happy St. Patrick's Day to you. Thanks for your visit to my blog!

  6. The bread looks delicious and I know you are so proud of your handsome grandson.

  7. Emily, I love the Irish linens and lace...your little grandson is adorable...he looks like a Connor, blue eyes, a hint of reddish hair!
    Enjoy the remainder of the week.

  8. Your angel in the pot o' greenery is gorgeous. Love the Irish touches and that delicious soda bread. Connor is a handsome fellow! Happy pub crawling!

  9. Such a lovely post. I simply adore the card with the two Irish lassies on it and you served my very favorite butter. Isn't it the best?? However, the star of the post is that handsome Irish lad - happy St. Pat's to you and Connor!!

  10. What a cutie the little one is! Gorgeous Wedgwood and Irish lace! Happy Saint Pats!

  11. You have so many pretty Irish things! Thanks for sharing them with us! Little Connor is adorable!


  12. Emily, He is just gorgeous and the pose is priceless!! I enjoyed seeing all of your Irish goodies, especially the beautiful Wedgwood china. Ireland was one of the best places I ever visited. The people are so friendly and the scenery is unbelievable. I can't wait to return, and I hope it's soon. Your collage of Irish sites is wonderful. Linda

  13. Beautiful Emily. I would love some coffee and soda bread with you. Your trip to Ireland looks lovely. Ireland is on our bucket list.

    Conner is a doll. So handsome.

  14. We've not traveled to Ireland, but I know it would be a fabulous experience. Thanks for sharing your trip and the beautiful things to celebrate the green. The photo of Connor is adorable. What a cutie! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  15. Darling boy! Your celebration table is outstanding, too.

  16. Conner is certainly a handsome Irish Lad! His eyes are as deep and blue as the sea. Your post is lovely and there are so many things to see. My first thought is that I love the Irish angel standing guard amongst the shamrocks. The images of the vintage cards are so pretty and so perfect for Saint Patrick's Day. The linens, and the tea set, and that wonderful looking soda bread (I do want to find a good soda bread recipe to bake for my Irish husband), and the marvelous Jam - Oh my, I just can't decide what I like best - it is all so lovely.

  17. This is lovely, so many nods to Ireland! Connor is so handsome, a fine boyo! I see many of the gals have crawled here already, they are a fine group! Thanks for joining the 7th Annual St. Patrick's Day Blog Crawl. Love the music!

  18. Your linens are so pretty Emily! What fun to be Irish at this time of year:) Good for you for pulling out all of these special trinkets and goodies to celebrate with your family. The green fruit dip looks like so much fun! Happy Wednesday :) xxleslie

  19. Love your celebration!

    - Alma, The Tablescaper

  20. Love your collection of green Emily, especially the vintage cards! Connor is an adorable wee lad! ♣

  21. You have so many beautiful Irish things Emily~the star of course is your adorable Connor! Love the vintage cards and your mix of Irish foods, plants, linens and treasures~Delightful! Have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day! It's so warm now, we will be seeing lots of green I hope!

  22. I used to make Irish soda bread many years ago. I was dating a man of Irish descent and his mother gave me her recipe. Not sure what I did with it, but it was the best I've ever had.

    I Had that Wedgwood set, but gave it to a friend when we moved and combined two houses into one.

  23. Emily, I always regret not going to Ireland. We were in Scotland and decided to spend a few more days there rather than go with our plans to travel to Ireland. I've enjoyed seeing all your pretty Irish things and Conner is an absolute doll! Thank you for joining the Share Your Style party.

  24. Oh Emily, I would love to sit and chat with you about eachnof our trips to Ireland, while enjoying some soda bread. I bought some Kerrygold butter to have on hand. Don't you just love the color of it??!! I'd love a cup,of tea from your gorgeous Wedgewood China, while the Irish Angel is watching over us. Your Connor is so handsome. My grandson Connor is 14 now! Happy St. Paddy's Day to you!

  25. LOVE all your Irish vignettes, and the Irish soda bread looks sooo good. Did you make yours? We have a lot of Irish heritage in our family, too. Wishing you and Conner, a wonderful St. Patrick's Day. Conner is just precious..or is he too big now to like being called "precious"? Maybe he would like "cool" better. :) xo Babs

  26. I knew you would have an awesome post with all your Irish treasures...and it is, indeed, all very beautiful.
    (wouldn't you know I'd zero in on that delicious looking butter...:)
    Connor is such a handsome little fella and growing up so fast..

  27. Happy St. Patrick's Day! Love all your touches!

  28. Real Irish touches make your table quite special. I've still to go to Ireland, and when I do make it you can bet I'll return with Irish linens!

  29. You honored the occasion in style.

  30. Beautiful celebration, fantastic photos and lovely music.

  31. The teaset is gorgeous and how yummy is that soda bread! You inspired me to bake soda bread for tonight.

  32. How fun that you've actually been to Ireland! Connor is a precious wee lad himself and looks to be very Irish!
    Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!

  33. I like the thought of the angel watching over me
    HPS Laura

  34. Dear, dear Emily! GOOD MORNING! OK, that Irish butter is enough to make me stop and find something yummy upon which to slather a generous amount! Soda bread sounds just perfect! I so love those little shamrocks; the green is intense as an emerald, and what a lovely heritage you have. I am very fond of Irish music, culture (I love that they are a horse-loving culture) and the people. I have to admit, I love an Irish man's distinct!

    Many happy wishes to you and thank you so much for visiting this morning. I miss you all, but posting once in a while is probably what I'll be doing as I get my book ready. HUGS! Anita

  35. Emily such a lovely compilation of all things Irish, I love the linens and adore your grandson!!
    The Arts by Karena

  36. Your blog is a refuge to my heart, Emily. I so love to linger here. Sigh...
    Love the linen, the china, and Connor's eyes. :)
    Taking a little spring break from posting...savoring the visits.

  37. Emily, your grandson is adorable! He has such beautiful blue eyes. I love your irish celebration. I am half Irish myself, on my father's side and love visiting Ireland. I due for another trip back very soon.

    Have a very Happy Easter!




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