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Americans celebrate Mardi Gras in this country and Carnival in Italy. Venice is where Jim and I enjoyed the celebrations, traveling there from Rome where we enjoyed the festivities there first. I am bringing an old post back from the archives. Take the tour with me as I travel back to Venice.

Mardi Gras, also called Shrove Tuesday, or Fat Tuesday, in English, refers to events of the Carnival celebrations, beginning on or after the Christian feasts of The Epiphany (Three King's Day) and culminating on the day before Ash Wednesday. 
                                                                                     Source Wikipedia

Today in New Orleans, the King Cake is an oval-shaped braided cake similar to a coffee cake which has cinnamon within the braids and is decorated with icing and sugar the colors of gold (God's power), green (faith in Christ), and purple (Justice of God) and contains a tiny plastic baby symbolic of the Baby Jesus usually baked within but sometimes placed within the cake after it has been baked. (My cake was from the bakery and I place the Baby Jesus in the center). Religious tradition is bound to the King Cake. It is not surprising that the origin of the modern King Cake can be traced back to the Middle Ages, when popular devotion during Christmas not only centered on Jesus Christ, but, also included an interest in the "Three Wise Men," or "kings," who had followed a star leading them to pay homage to the Christ Child. The "Epiphany," a Christian festival held on January 6th honors the Three Wise Men" for having sought the worlds' Savior. It is also referred to as "Twelfth Night" since it arrives 12 days after Christmas. As such, The English definition of the term "epiphany" is a moment in which you suddenly see or understand something in a new or very clear way. "The Three Wise Men" are considered "wise" because they sought the Savior!
                                                                                                 Source, Wikipedia and Google

Mardi Gras beads surround the"King Cake" I served for breakfast to my weekend guests

Carnival in Venice, Italy
The Carnival of Venice is an annual festival, held in Venice, Italy. The Carnival ends the Christian celebration of Lent, forty days before Easter on Shrove Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday. The festival is world-famed for its elaborate masks.
                                                                                     Source Wikipedia

Tour guide today ~ Emily

Google images

Venice has always conjured up fantasies of romantic holidays for everyone but it can also be a dark and mysterious place. With its dark narrow passageways, water lapping onto the sides of centuries' old buildings, the sleek black gondola and gondolier gliding under pedestrian bridges and meeting the passersby dressed in costume and mask are spooky to say the least.
While on a trip to Rome we took the train to Venice for an overnight visit. Let me say do not plan on only one night in Venice.  Simply, it is just not long enough, but a great reason to return. We just happend to plan this trip during Carnival. I really didn't think I would find a hotel room but my sister gave me the name of the boutique hotel Concordia she and her husband stayed in while in Venice. When I called I told them my sister recommended them and they not only found a room for us at a great price, we had a beautiful fruit basket in our room compliments of the management. We strolled the beautiful streets while watching locals dressed in costume, met our friends for dinner and had a night cap at Harry's Bar. The next morning we were typical tourist, shopped a little and went to a glass factory. We had lunch on the Piazza and ended the day with our gondola ride. It was amazing seeing centuries' old buildings from the canals. What a special trip.
I hope you enjoy the tour of Venice.

Jim on bridge, Grand Canal

 Piazza San Marco
Location of famous Harry's Bar where we had a Bellini

Welcome Fruit Basket in Hotel Room

Our lovely room overlooked Piazza San Marco

View Out the Window from the Bed

Window Shopping

Locals in Costume

Gondola Ride
The Highlight of a trip to Venice

Meet my Gondolier Marco
after this trip Marco appeared on the cover of Smithsonian  Magazine
I think I know why, any guesses?


Under the Bridge of Sighs

His Gondola was Gorgeous!

The Costumed locals loved to have their photographs made

My Escort from the Hotel to the Water Taxi to the mainland

Back in Rome the children were celebrating Carnival

I hope you enjoyed my tour of Venice and Carnival. I would love to hear from you if you have traveled to Venice or perhaps fantasized of traveling there someday.

We did return to Italy and to Venice again where we spent several days. 



  1. Emily, I'm so glad you shared this again. How special to have been in Venice during Carnival. Love seeing the costumes. I've never traveled to Venice, though it is definitely on my list. Our time in Italy was spent in Lake Como and in Tuscany. So many places yet to see! '-)

  2. Your pictures are so pretty Emily. My husband and I are trying to get to Italy...... maybe next year. I can't imagine being there for Carnival. New Orleans is crazy during Marti Gras. My relatives on my father's side still live there. When I was a little girl my Gramma used to send boxes of beads etc.. I wish I still had some of that!

  3. oh my goodness Emily, what a fabulous trip. You are so lucky to have traveled so much. We really don't like to travel these days so I really enjoy traveling thru my friends! How much fun that the locals roamed around in costume, and your room looked like it was for royalty! Wow!! And being there during Carnival must have been amazing too~

  4. Hi Emily,

    What a special trip to Venice! Would love to visit once we are retired and can get away. Thank you for your comment on my two recent blog posts!

    I'm thrilled that you have the tote bag and I can tell you that we have a lot of fun documenting our tote travels. I am packing mine for our trip to Key West.

  5. I can't remember if I saw this or not -- but I enjoyed seeing it this time anyway. Attending Carnival has always been a dream, as well as the one down in Rio. You and the husband looks so handsome!

  6. Those children are adorable, but don't forget . . . America's Mardi Gras home is in sweet home Mobile, Alabama! We've been partying all week!

  7. I have been to Venice. I would love to take the girls there one day! Lovely tour, Emily. Your photos are fantastic!

  8. What a lovely holiday that must have been! We've had the pleasure of celebrating Karnival in Koln, Dusseldorf, Aachen and Maastricht - fantastic fun! Isn't it a privilege to be able to enter into such culturally rich traditions?

  9. I enjoyed my tour with you today, Emily! No, I've never been to Venice, but maybe one day.

  10. Some wonderful pictures! It was a great idea to re-post.

  11. My DD Alex was with her fiancée in Venice for Carnival and in Paris for Valentine's among other cities. Your images in Venice make me sigh... wish I was there, I just love Venice, actually, Italy.
    Happy Valentine's dear Emily.

  12. Thank you so much for the tour, I'm so jealous:) And thanks for linking up with Vintage Charm! Hope to see you there again this Thursday! xo Kathleen @ Charm Bracelet Diva {At Home}

  13. Emily, this is fabulous! Thanks for the tour -- next best thing to being there in person! I'm sorry for the late visit -- I've stopped receiving email alerts, although when I try to subscribe again it says I already am. Have no idea how to get google feed help -- nothing refers to this and no spot to just ask a question! Anyway, sorry I've not visited -- I see a couple of posts to catch up on!

    So glad I saw this one. The cake looks fabulous (I like using the Mardi Gras beads) and the masks and scenic views take my breath away! Happiness!




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