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The Traveling Tote Adventures ~ Number Six

Being a lover of all things MacKenzie Childs, I jumped at the chance to own one of their large tote bags, a very beautiful and functional bag that I use when I travel as well as errands around town. My sweet friend Sarah at HFTS shared the fun of the Traveling Tote girls with me and I am happy to say I will be joining in on their adventures. This is the sixth in the series and my first. Visit Patti at Pandora’s Box to see how it all began and be sure to read below to see how you can have a chance to win a fabulous gift.

Come along on my beach getaway and meet Miss Courtney Childs.

My husband and I recently enjoyed a getaway to the beach to visit our son and daughter-in-law and attend a program our grandson was in at school. Of course I couldn't wait to pack my new tote! The beach is always a favorite destination, one of many I plan to carry Miss Courtney along on. The weather was beautiful, chilly for the beach so no sunning or swimming. Please join me as I hit a few of my favorite haunts along Hwy 30A!

Beach Photos, Seaside, FL

It didn't take Miss Courtney long to find the path to the beach!

The Beautiful Gulf of Mexico

Not many sun lovers out on this chilly and breezy morning

Perfect timing for a morning walk

How I love the feel of sand beneath my feet

Need a pick-me-up after a walk?

After my walk it was time for a little retail therapy

Great Southern, a favorite place to have lunch

 Miss Courtney had her own menu!

Blackened Grouper, can only find it like this at the Gulf!

Miss Courtney only wanted the famous Key Lime Pie.

Sundog Books
my favorite beach bookstore

You'll find great beach reads and more

A colony of shops, antiques, art and gifts

Ruskin Place Artist Colony

I love this spot, a great place to visit and sit anytime but especially when is is so hot in the summer, trees provide a canopy of shade.

Miss Courtney carried back a few gifts, cards, magazines and books. A great debut for Miss Courtney Childs…..

It was great to spend time with our family while enjoying beach life. Connor's school program was so much fun with students dressing as historical characters while giving a speech. Thanks Connor, Papa and I enjoyed your program!

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Onto Rita's Fabulous Giveaway!

Leave Rita at Panoply a comment (either directly on her blog or by sending her an email mentioning this post) for a chance to win a MacKenzie-Childs Sticky Note Pad and Set of three Courtly Check Enamel Herb Pots. Both are just in time for your Spring planning and planting or great for stashing pens and pencils. 

A winner will be randomly chosen and announced  March 15

Be sure to look for The Tales of The Traveling Totes next on June 1

I hope you enjoyed photographs of Miss Courtney Childs as we made the first of our trips to the beach this year. I am delighted with my new tote and happy to be a part of The Tales of the Traveling Totes. I hope you will leave a comment before you go. I appreciate and read each and every one. Thanks for your visit.



  1. Hi Emily, it looks like you and Miss Courtney Childs have quickly become inseparable! "She" is a great traveling companion and at this time of the year, the beach photos are very inviting.
    Glad you've been having fun! Welcome to the Traveling Tote group.

  2. Oh Emily, I'm so glad you and Miss Courtney have joined the TT tribe! I LOVED seeing your adventures at Seaside! Mr. P. and I visited there and really enjoyed the entire atmosphere of the planned community. Seeing your photos certainly brought back vivid memories of most of those places. Thanks for sharing and taking us along - what a great place to go in winter! I look forward to meeting and greeting any of your readers who may stop by my blog for a chance at our giveaway this adventure. Happy March!
    Rita C at Panoply

  3. Fun Emily! So glad you joined the Traveling tote girls! Seaside is such a fun town, {love that 50 Shades of Grayton book!} So glad you got some beach time in!

  4. You and Miss Courtney Childs just had way too much fun! Seaside looks like a very pretty town, with lots to recommend it. I'd love to have visited the bookstore with you!

  5. Miss Courtney had a busy day! Your photos are spectacular. What a beautiful beach and what fun places to shop and eat.

  6. What a fun little tote Emily! Seaside looks so fun and it's so dreary here that I'm thinking I really need a warm weather getaway. The key lime pie sounds so yummy and those fresh pressed juices... so fresh and healthy:) Hope your week is off to a great start!

  7. Emily, you and Miss Courtney Childs got the fun going in a big way. I'm thrilled that you and Miss Courtney Childs have joined the travel group. She makes a fantastic travel companion and can help carry all those shopping finds. Love the beach trip. Miss Merri Mac is going to be tugging at my arm to get one planned for us. Thanks for sharing the fun!

  8. You girls have a lot of fun with these bags! I have never visited Seaside -- I think I need to put it on my list. Thanks for sharing. I really do want to check out that bookstore. Have you ever read SNOBS? I loved it.

  9. Oh my goodness, Emily, this looks like SO MUCH FUN! Thank you for taking us along with Miss Courtney Childs. Your pictures are dreamy, and your travel companion checky-chic. :) Off to visit the other ladies.

  10. This is THE most glorious post, Emily! You and Miss Courtney sure do know how to have a fabulous time. I would have been in seventh heaven if only I could step into each and every other photo! This is a spot I haven't been and right now as the snow is falling rapidly (I think we're due to have another 10" on the ground by tomorrow, or maybe more!), there is no place I would rather be than on the beach or shopping with you. (Or picking up a book or twenty!)

  11. Emily, I'm familiar with all the places Miss Courtney enjoyed. I know many reading your posts that haven't been to Seaside will be wanting to go because your pictures are so inviting.
    You look great by the way!

  12. Emily, Welcome to our group of traveling totes! I must get to this pretty town of Seaside as I've heard of it before and it seems like such an ideal spot. The fried fish looks delicious--I love fried fish! You must have been so happy to see your grandson's program and I'm sure he must have been happy to have you in the audience. Shopping, books and the beach all in one trip--a perfect day in my opinion! I am looking forward to sharing many more adventures with you and Miss Courtney! Linda

  13. This is the second time this week I saw something like this MacKenzie inspired design. The other was a box a friend made.

    I'm not familiar with seaside but I will look it up! We will be near Destin next week. (Not sure what your schedule is?).

  14. I haven't been to Seaside in years and you and Miss Courtney Childs, through your photos, have convinced me to head over the the west coast in the not too distant future.

  15. I've always loved going to the beach..and really enjoyed this post.
    I know this was all so fun......and I would choose the Key Lime Pie, too...:)

    1. back by to say thanks for visiting and leaving a comment...

  16. I feel like I just went on a little vacation! All the books look so interesting and the food looks delicious. I can see you enjoyed the trip.

  17. I've had such a hard time trying to leave a comment last night with my ipad, Emily. It kept reloading your webpage over and over again. I finally gave up today, after trying again, and went to my laptop. Yea, it worked!
    I went to that area in Florida last June with one of my sons, DIL, and two granddaughters and we had a great time. It looks like you and Miss Courtney had a fabulous time!! I look forward to your next adventure.

  18. Your tote is adorable and a great size! Love it. I have never heard of Seaside. I will check it out. I sure wish I was in Fl. It is cold in Pa. and expecting SNOW tomorrow:(:(

  19. I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing where all the totes have been - I read Sara's and Rita's posts.

    Thanks for sharing at SYC.

  20. LOVE Seaside, and we'll spend spring break there soon. :D Sundog Books is my favorite Indie bookstore in the entire world….

    I need a copy of Fifty Shades of Grayton! ROTFLMAO!!!! So funny!

    Thanks for all the lovely photos. Great post!!! I want to retire there, but I worry about the red tide with my asthma!


  21. Such a fun adventure Emily! I too love feeling he sand beneath my feet. What a great time your cute tote had. A girl after my own heart. Eating dessert first. lol! Sounds like great food and shopping fun. Love the moss covered cherub! you would have loved a store I went to today. It is a discounted damaged goods store. There was a lot of Mackenzie Childs dishes today. I resisted because I have so many dishes. Sure enjoyed seeing them! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    1. Oh Jann, I would love to find a shop full of discounted MacKenzie Childs dishes! I'm positive some of them would have come home with me!

  22. Me again emily :).

    Just got back from Seaside and wow! Loved it!!

    We just went for dinner and ended up at the air streams! How cool are they!?

    I didn't see the artists colony but it was dark so maybe we will find it when we go back...which we will!

    Any tips are welcomed...

    1. Doreen, I just sent you an email! Have fun, so happy you went…………...

  23. I just ret'd from vacation and finally got around to reading the TT posts!! Seaside is on my bucket list so it was fun to follow you on your trip there. I am so happy that you have joined us and I look forward to more travels with you!!

  24. I have never been to Paris but certainly enjoyed your gorgeous pictures. We have just about finished visiting all 50 states so maybe Paris will be on our list soon.

  25. What fun....this is a fun way to enjoy Florida! It's quite warm here this week! Happy Spring!




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