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How can one be near this shop and resist a peek inside! I know, ridiculous prices but I can't help thinking I will find a great sale. And yes, I have found my share of sales and I have accessories in my home to prove it, but not this trip! I still think it was worth my time, finding things I love to put on my watch list. This is where patience is a virtue. So, maybe I will save you a trip or maybe send you running there. Either way come along with me and  let me show you what's new for spring.

Tea towels

Such beautiful colors and fragrances, these always go on sale

Frosted pastel jars
Blood orange, watermelon, Limoncello and lavender to name a few

 Matches for all those candles

Latte bowls 
I have a mixed set purchased in Atlanta, on sale :)

Francophile dinner  plates

Bibelot kitchen wares
I have some of these pieces and love them

City vignette plates and mugs

Homegrown monogram mugs


Artsy cook books

These books have such great recipes

Store display vignettes using chicken wire chickens

Bed linens

Tray vignettes

Bath towels
love the grey and white

Kitty Soap dish


How to be a Wildflower by Katie Daisy
I love this guide on how to wander, gather, savor and ponder surroundings and your own free spirit

Idiom Journals

Travel Journals

Molly Hatch Eiffel Tower bookends 
for all those travel journals I have

Fleur de lys white 
I love this pattern, grabbed up the dinner set while on sale last year

I could have kept on making more pics of beautiful merchandise and I didn't even get to the clothes! I hope you enjoyed my little "peek inside" at Anthropologie. This just happens to be a favorite place for me, not compensated to do this post. Did you see anything that you like? I would love to hear what caught your attention  if anything so please leave a comment so I know you stopped in. I love reading your comments and appreciate each and everyone.


  1. Emily, thanks for the tour. I don't get to go often because it is so far away.

    I love the Eiffel Tower plate. I have two cups and saucers like your last pic and the teapot to match. Wish you lived closer and we would put them to use.
    My daughter thinks Anthropologie hangs the moon. She wears their clothes too. I've never found anything that worked on me.
    I enjoyed seeing their new things. Thanks.

  2. Emily, we are two peas in a pod! I stopped in to Anthropologie over the weekend and have been back twice since. You know I'm a fan of that store! Like you, I enjoy going for inspiration as much as anything. It was a lucky day for me though. I always pop into the sale room to see what is there. Wishing I'd been checking more frequently because they had two pieces of Balducci that I had admired at Christmas time. In fact, one of the pieces I gave to a friend for her Christmas present. My pieces were definitely bargains!
    I had hoped to see the new Molly Hatch garden pieces, but they were not there. Loved the new dish towel designs! The Molly Hatch Eiffel Tower bookends caught my eye. Too bad the price is just for one. ;-(
    You took home lots of beautiful photos. That's usually what I take hom too. '-)
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. We don't have a store near us but maybe it is a good thing. The chicken tea towels can't help but make you smile and I really love the book ends…I have so many French travel books. Wouldn't it be nice if there were more like these made for famous landmarks in other countries. See, it is a good thing there isn't one nearby or I'd be in trouble.

  4. I have a store not too far from me, and though I don't buy much, I love to look! My youngest son and DIL gave me that darling bunny quiche dish with a server and it's soooo pretty. Thanks for the tour of the shop, Emily, as I haven't been in awhile. Those tea towels are darling!!

  5. Emily, I could spend hours in Anthro. I like your Fleur de lys white dishes, and I have very similar ones but a different brand. Thanks for taking the photos for us.

  6. Good Afternoon Emily,
    Oh yes a little morning stroll through Anthro sounds like a splendid way to pass a few hours:)
    I too have a few treasures from this most delightful shop. In fact I am wearing a pair of readers from there right now. Love those monogrammed mugs-a sweet daughter gave me one for my Birthday one year. You are so, so right, browsing, admiring, much smiling and then waiting actually makes the purchase that much sweeter!
    Happy Wednesday my dear!

  7. Thank you for the tour, Emily. We don't have an Anthro nearby, so I loved seeing all of these beautiful wares. They have such fun tea towels, and aren't those pastel jars lovely?

  8. Oh Emily! I want it all, lol! I dearly love Anthropologie, although we do not have a retail store anywhere in our state. So, whenever my husband & I travel to DC, typically, I will pop in to: a) see and usually photograph the displays and b) shop the sale room, going for the hardware first. I have a random collection. :) Of what you've shown, I love the fleur de lis pattern dinnerware, and the cafe au lait bowls. The succulents are adorable, the journals would be great for my oldest daughter, and the French Comfort Food cookbook looks awesome! So much eye candy, hard to just pick one.....thank you for that great little tour!

  9. I still haven't been to one...and there is one very near where I do some shopping. I just need to make an effort next time I am up in the city. I now I would come out much poorer!

  10. Oh many wonderful goodies!!!!!! I am going to have to check and see if there is one anywhere near us ;o)

  11. My daughter and I are planning our annual Mother/Daughter day for May 7. I fly up to visit her and we SHOP the entire time. She lives in a new town so I told her she has to choose a spot with an Anthropologie!

    Thanks for sharing and giving me a sneak peek on what I might see.

  12. I love this shop. Well worth visiting just for the inspiration but I cannot see how you could possibly leave empty handed.

  13. Hello, I have to say it would be hard leaving this store without buying something..I love so many of these items. The travel journal would be one of my choices, I also love all the cute dish towels. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and the weekend ahead!

  14. I visit this shop once or twice a year because I have to travel to do so. There's an Anthropologie at the West Edmonton Mall and I try to get there when I visit our son. I like the kitty dish and the frosted jars - though the books would have been hard to leave behind too!

  15. I like it too. I love their website even more. I used to buy my bath soap in there, Verbena, but I haven't seen it in a while. I have some cool salad/dessert plates I got on sale once, and I usually look in there most times when we go to the Summit. I have bought quite a few drawer pulls over the years. They had a great selection long before HL got into the game. Thanks for the tour -- I think I am overdue!

  16. Shopping with you this way is much less expensive than going to the store where all those temptations are hard to resist! I love all those dreamy candles and the french pottery. You NEED those Eiffel tower bookends! My grandson gave me one of those initial mugs for Christmas and I love it! The dish towels are all so fun too!

  17. Oh yes I like anthropologie store also and have purchased some cute dishtowels for gifts.
    I always like the dishes also.
    My daughter and I are going into St Louis next weekend I';; see if they are still at The Gallera Mall

  18. I completely agree with you! I like to catch clothes on sale there because they are unique, it seems. Just your pictures caught my eye!

    Thank you for joining Thoughts of Home on Thursday. I agree with Jenna that this was less expensive than going to the mall. :)

  19. What a post filled with so much eye candy!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  20. Oh my! I would be tempted by the journals and cookbooks! I've only been to one of these stores a couple of times but they are fun! Hugs!

  21. One of my favorite stores to browse (which is what I usually do instead of buy lol), but I think a LOT of people can say the same. There is something for everyone at Anthro, and like you said, if you time it right,mthese are some good deals to be had.

    The illustrations on the books are gorgeous. Makes me want them just for that!


  22. I LOVE THIS STORE. I don't go in the local one however, because if I want something, I usually can't afford it! The clothing, I have a few pieces from about 12 years ago that are STILL in great shape so I wear them still!

    The Frenchness and fun of those plates and the towels, OH THE CHICKEN! Le poulet....

    Emily, thank you so much for coming to visit my blog post! Have a lovely day. Anita

  23. I just adore this store and go every time I'm in Atlanta. I wish I could wear the clothes there, but they never seem to look right on me. I guess I'm a little more tailored, but I still adore the free-flow-artsy look. Don't you wish you could have an all-expenses paid shopping trip here? Or maybe Pottery Barn! Happy weekend to you!

  24. After about the second or third photo -- and for sure by the time you got to the French-themed dishes -- I thought "It's a good thing I don't have one of these near me or I'd be in seriously big trouble." Yes, I'd try to wait for the sale -- but I bet I'd cave! Now I'm thinking "When can I get to Ann Arbor to check this out for myself!"

  25. I loved every image, Emily. It was far more fun than being a kid in a candy store. My favorites were the latte bowls, and Little Women and Anne of Green Gables.

    Thank you for joining us. Happy Pink Saturday. I hope you will add our link to your post.♥

  26. Anthro has the absolute best tea towels! I can never go in without coming out with one. Such a fun store!

  27. Thank you so, so much for sharing this wonderful inspiration with us at TOHOT!
    I am happy to see you here with us:)

  28. Wow, so many photos, I feel I visited the shop now, thanks for the tour.

  29. Yes, it is a fabulous store..I've never been in one but I've shopped on line when they have good sales....

  30. Oh I agree! My darling daughter works for Free People creating the glorious store displays. She started her career with this company as an intern at Anthro. :)

  31. Thanks for the Anthro fix! I love looking at all the 'little things'. I've picked up cookbooks and journals and the occasional pretty coffee cup but I really don't think the clothes are for anyone over a size 6! Fun place to buy gifts, too.

    Thanks for the visit! Funny that we both stayed in The Pinnacle. Then again it's one of the top hotels in Vancouver~~~we have superior taste! lol!


  32. Anthropologie is one of my favorite stores! I've blogged about it numerous times over the years...what fun to go shopping there together! I, too, only buy things on serious sale! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm! xoKathleen

  33. My dream store. Sales only. Only bought full price once and it was for a drawer pull I couldn't say no to. $10 and worth it. 😊😊

  34. Loved the photos. Can't believe the huge selection of tea towels - such fun!

  35. Hi Emily, I visited an Anthropologie shop in New Orleans a couple years back and can remember the huge display of tea towels. I enjoy the store and would visit another one closer to me. Thanks for sharing your visit. Also I have tried putting you in my side bar but it only will bring in a post from a year ago. Can't figure out the issue.

  36. One could never have too many tea towels. :) I can't pass one up.
    LOVE the Francophile plates. Ooh, this was fun.
    Lingering for the perfect music (what else is new...teehee), and to visit some of those link parties.
    Happy weekend, friend.

  37. I need a twelve step program for my addiction to Anthropologie. Lovely post, and my b'day and Mother's Day is coming up!

  38. Thank you so much for the tour! I never get near enough to see the stores :^(. I love the kitty soap dishes....too cute. I received the latte bowls in red, as a gift one Christmas. They are GREAT and tough as nails!

  39. One of my fav stores! I spied a few things I have and a few I think i would like - - I am heading out to our Rochester NY store next week, when I return from Cape Cod! Cant wait!!

  40. Emily, I could go through this post 100 times, and never get tired. There's always something new that catches my eye. Today it's that delicious salad. Oh my goodness, I must try it sometime.
    Thank you for stopping by, and for the lovely comment on the wedding pics. I finally got around it. ;) With the move and all, I've been a tad slower than usual.
    Looking back it all still seems very much like a fairy tale to me too.
    Now back to your divine music. :) I wish wordpress would make it simpler to add a music player that starts automatically.
    Enjoy your weekend, dear friend.




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