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Georgia On My Mind

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Welcome to Georgia, Y'all!
  Atlanta, Midtown and Buckhead

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Welcome to Decatur to be exact. Decatur is in DeKalb County in Georgia. It is a suburb of Atlanta and part of the Atlanta Metropolitan area. While in Atlanta visiting my sister and brother-in-law we sometimes enjoy spending the day in and around Decatur. It is a lovely town with a small town feel. The local square where the courthouse is located is surrounded with shopping and dining options. I would love to go inside the courthouse, it was closed the day we were there. We walked around town and strolled in and out of shops. Shopping here you find a mix of unique one of a kind items along with your typical souvenirs for tourists. 
Days like this are perfect for Miss Courtney Childs, my MacKenzie-Childs Courtly Check tote bag that carries all my packages and then some. Come take a walk with me in Decatur and then we'll be off to another suburb to visit a new place for me, the Buford Highway Farmer's Market.

Statue of Thomas Jefferson


Would love this whimsical art if I had just the right place

Beautiful wood pieces for serving

One of kind throw pillows

A great selection of paintings  

this sure caught my eye

Lovely serving dishes

An afternoon snack
Georgia peach lemonade and a slice of pizza

The next stop 
Buford Highway Farmer's Market 

Atlanta's speciality farmer's market where you will find global and locally fresh fruits, vegetables, produce and herbs. Here there are aisles and aisles of international food products and items, Eastern European bakeries, meats and fish. Have you ever tasted Russian ice cream? It's all here!

Vibrant varieties and unique flavors


Yellow root

A cure all for your aches and pains!

Anything with Calvados goes into the cart!

Internatonal wines
Jim added to the cart here

Cookies and Lollipops from Quimper! 
My lucky day

I always have several varieties of pickles in my frig, these are the latest and are delicious.

Russian dolls and toys

Teas from around the world!

European Bakery

And, of course fresh Georgia Peaches

Here at the market and all around the city you will find just about any item you can imagine with this most famous line.
When my husband saw my overfilled cart, I showed him this little line on a card!

(He helped fill it!)

My sister served up delicious pastries and coffee after a very long day of shopping

Decatur and the farmer's market took up most of the day. If you get to the Atlanta area I hope you find your way to these fun spots!

One of The Traveling tote girls will offer a MacKenzie-Childs giveaway with each of our next posts. Our next post will be December 1.
Please join my Traveling Tote pals to see where their summer travels have taken them. Their adventures are always fun!  

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A MacKenzie-Childs Giveaway

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Giveaway gifts
A Courtly Check small enamel storage container and a package of Festoonery Salad/Dessert and Dinner Paper Plates

Thanks so much for your visit...... I hope you leave a comment here for a chance to win. Good Luck!


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  1. Wow, Emily, I want to go to a market like that! Quimper cookies, no way! How sweet (pun intended). We're heading to Atlanta for a family wedding in late September, but not sure if we'll have the opportunity its to take in a small-town feel like you have in Decatur while we're there. I sure hope so. Yours looks like an ideal trip. Lucky you to have a sister there you can visit and scope out all the neat little stores like you did those crafty items are right up my alley for the kinds of things I like to shop when out of town. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Emily, You are the shopping Queen!! I always want to join you on your trips and I know we would have a ball!!! The salted french lollipops sound yummy and the peaches look absolutely delicious. I love peaches! I can't believe you have your tote with Jefferson! Did you see mine with Lincoln? We should start a collection of our totes with the founding fathers. Or with presidents! The possibilities are endless. Have a wonderful day and here's to more happy travels! Linda

  3. I love a market with lots of food!! And there were a few pics of new foods - a few I have never heard of!! Looks like it was a fun adventure and happy that your Tote went along for the fun! The desserts look divine!! - yum! Happy travels!

  4. Wow, that market is a great resource. I've never heard of yellow root, and looking at all these photos has me hungry. Can you guess which item was my fav? Love the tote with Jefferson. Love Linda's idea of totes with Founding Fathers. ;-). Then there are Patti's with all the wild animals. Too cute!

  5. Loved your shopping adventure. Such great shops. I'm sure I would enjoy those pastries and cakes.
    Fun to visit your sister and enjoy the neat shops and places to eat in the small town feel of Decatur.

  6. So many amazing delicacies at this market Emily! The lemonade and cream corn cake, which I've never heard of but plan on googling it, sound amazing. I've been to Atlanta but not this market. For sure I would have remembered!

  7. I came to your blog from Panoply & would love to win your giveaway!

  8. Oh, my goodness! Emily!!! I wouldn't have known where to start! I would have to get some Polish Dill pickles -- my mouth started watering the minute I saw their image. I love them. Looks like Decatur should go on my places to visit list!

  9. Emily, I think I need a trip to Atlanta. Miss Courtney Childs looks so stylish with the beautiful purple eggplant! I would love to visit the Buford Highway Farmers Market. Thanks for taking me to a special place that I would like to visit.

  10. Emily, a fabulous trip indeed! you had me at those salted caramel lolipops.. they are my absolute favorites. Thanks for a chance to own a bit of CC! Have a blessed day.

  11. That market looks wonderful. I'd have had a hard time leaving, and when I did I'd have a cart full. Miss Courtney Childs was well-used there! Decatur looks like a lovely place to spend an afternoon!

  12. Looks like you had a most fantastic day on your recent trip! I just showed your market photos to my husband, and informed him that we need to go over and see this for ourselves. Do you know how much longer this will be open, or is it a year-round thing?

    Thanks for sharing -- you girls have fun with your totes. Love it perched by TJ!

  13. I love how you found France in the South! Those photos really pop on your black background (especially the eggplant!) I would love those lollipops -- carmel/salt, what's not to love! I'm not terribly familiar with Georgia but if it is much like this I don't think I could leave!

  14. Wow! I want to visit that place. I enjoyed looking at all the photos...Christine

  15. Thank you for the lovely trip to Decatur Emily, and that market wow!! I would have filled 2 carts, so many goodies, and those pastries!! Luckily you brought your large travelin tote, Miss Courtney! And you caught her flirting with Thomas Jefferson! You must have been thrilled to spot those Quimper lollipops! The giveaway is lovely, I would be thrilled to win :) Happy Labor Day weekend, and thanks for the opportunity and fun shopping!

  16. Now that is what I call a full day of shopping fun. I think Miss Courtney must have been filled to the brim.

  17. Such a wonderful market! Thank you for sharing at SYC! xx Jo

  18. What an entertaining post. I especially liked the statue of Thomas Jefferson and the sweet Russian dolls. Your tote sure does get around.

  19. OMG!!!! I love anything MacKenzie Childs, but can't afford it. How wonderful to have an opportunity to win....thank you. I am familiar with your city as we lived in Tifton GA for a short time. The folks there are so friendly and I made many friends. Love your blog.....Janice Davis at

  20. That makes me hungry! Such wonderful pretties. I would love this trip!

  21. I really enjoyed the tour - and I used to live in Decatur, GA! How did I miss all that??? Loved the statues and especially the tour of the market. Now I want to go there!
    Thanks for an enjoyable tour with you.

  22. I am so loving the throw pillow! They are so colorful! I also Love MacKenzie Childs! Such pretty and cute everything!

  23. What a fabulous adventure for you and your cute tote! Oh boy, would I love some of those salted caramel goodies! :) Thanks for sharing with SYC. Fun give away as well!

  24. What a fun outing with your sister! Emily, I love the colorful pillows. Do you remember where you saw them? I'd love a few for our sofa.


  25. What an amazing post filled with so much eye candy!! Love the tote!
    Thanks so much for visiting!!

  26. What a fabulous market! Enter me in the giveaway. That would make a perfect gift for a McKenzie Childs lover I know! Thanks for the chance! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  27. The tote is nice! Love your food photos so much ♥

  28. Hi !,,,,i love your house and you blog ,, you have a new follower

  29. Your pictures are so colorful! Thank you for the opportunity to win the giveaway.

  30. Emily, I loved the trip to the market. I can't believe that you found Quimper lollipops!!!! Thanks so much,
    Mary Doak

    1. Hi Mary, so good to hear from you! I scooped up several of these packages of Quimper lollipops, I couldn't believe it ether!

  31. Happy Pink Saturday, Emily. I am so glad you joined and shared with us.

    This post is being featured on my Pink Saturday post this week as "the one that caught my eye", and I am so glad it did because I thoroughly enjoyed strolling Decatur and the market with you.♥

  32. Would be great to visit thanks for all the in sight on a fun market day.Please enter me in the g/a.




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