Wednesday, November 1, 2017


I've been thinking about what I want to do for Thanksgiving so I have been looking back at some of my past Thanksgiving table settings. One of my favorites was using my Booths Real Old Willow, pumpkins and roses. I haven't decided yet but I need to get busy, I love to set things up early and enjoy. Hope you enjoy taking a stroll back to an earlier posting while I decide how I want to set my Thanksgiving table.

Thanksgiving Tablescape

Thanksgiving is my favorite time to set a table with my collection of Booths Real Old Willow by Royal Daulton. I set a coffee service on the sideboard in the dining room early this year, it was a time saver with family coming the weekend before Thanksgiving. This year I added natural materials from the yard and a Fairytale pumpkin hollowed out for the centerpiece.  The pumpkin is a pale shade of pink so I added pink roses for a different look and I loved it! I decided to leave the table set to enjoy throughout the weekend. 

For the centerpiece I started with a moss covered runner down the center of the table. Gathering natural materials from my yard and using tiny salt and pepper animals created a natural look I was going for.

Scooping out the pumpkin and adding the roses, then placing the pumpkin lid back for a natural and finished look.

A post from the past! It helps to remind me how much I enjoyed creating this table setting.  I appreciate you taking your time to stop by. I hope you leave a comment, it's the only way I know you were here. Happy November!


Naps On The Porch


  1. Thanks for revisiting this post, I love blue and orange together. I am happy to see it again while you decide what to use for Thanksgiving.

  2. Your china is exquisite! I love love the teaset! Your pumpkin centerpiece with roses is so elegant and beautiful. I would feel like I was dining with the Queen at your table!
    Glad to revisit your post.

  3. I've died and gone to heaven. <3 <3 <3 Oh my goodness, Emily, what perfect timing to come over and catch up. Your china is divine, as all your home.
    Off to catch up now.
    PS LOVE your new sidebar photograph. Your smile lights up the page even more.

  4. Emily, I love the blue in the china with the orange of the pumpkins and roses. Elegant but not trite. And your woodland creatures on the moss are wonderful! It's hard to believe you might change this for Thanksgiving!

  5. Your china pattern is so pretty. I'm trying to decide how to decorate, too.....
    I'm thinking about enjoying tablescapes in the breakfast room and dining room, and then the week of Thanksgiving changing them out. ;P

    I really like the moss runner and how you put everything together on your table, The centerpiece is so pretty!

  6. Emily, I remember this beautiful table setting. The Booths Real Old Willow is such a gorgeous pattern. I love the soft color of the pumpkin and the pink roses. It's a perfect pairing and your little woodland scene is charming. We will have Thanksgiving at a friend's home this year, so I won't set a table. I think I may play with my dishes though, just for fun. Thanks for sharing this look back. It was a treat!

  7. Emily, this china is beautiful! You know I love tablescaping and this was perfect timing while planning ahead for Thanksgiving. Though I won't be hosting (at least I don't think I will be, long story), a table presentation like this would really make me or ANY guest feel special. That gold rim on the Old Willow is outstanding. I think you should repeat this one!

  8. Hi Emily! Your china pieces are just beautiful and I love the tea set service on your buffet. The painting above the buffet just adds to the beauty.
    Your Connor's picture on the sidebar is so cute. My, how he's growing! My Connor will be 17 next week...hard to believe!

  9. Oh Emily, how utterly gorgeous! I am so glad you re-shared this, the natural way you styled the roses is the pumpkin is so fabulous! And your china is breathtaking!! Stunning! I bet you are inspired now! You've certainly inspired me to get out some pretties and play!

  10. Life is too short not to use the pretty dishes.

  11. I can see why this was a favorite, it is lovely. I really like your pumpkin with the very different and pretty.

  12. Wow Emily, those dishes are gorgeous. They pair nicely with the orange. Re-sharing sometimes give us all a chance to take in the beauty. Hope your holiday with filled with joy. xo

  13. This is a lovely china pattern and it complements perfeclty your beautiful centerpiece.

  14. You always have beautiful table settings..this one was gorgeous.
    We will be have a large crowd as always and I am so looking forward to it.

  15. I just love going through my old tablescapes too. Sometimes I am amazed that I created something that cool! I have to laugh at that, because I was there and did it, but sometimes I am blown away as I look back at the pictures. The Old Willow is a stunning pattern. What a pretty table it made with the naturals! Have a lovely Thanksgiving.




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