Monday, December 11, 2017


Wow, it is hard to believe Christmas is two weeks from today! Are you ready? I have a few more stocking stuffers I am looking for and I think I will be ready. I am looking forward to baking and cooking holiday favorites, especially my little French-Style Pecan pie (recipe here in a Valentine post). Everyone loves them and they freeze nicely.

My Christmas trees this year are a silver tinsel tree in the foyer,  a flocked table-top tree in the living room and the big tree in the study. I keep thinking I need to downsize some of my collectibles until I begin unwrapping each little ornament. Each with it's own story and history. Here are a few of my favorites.


Martha Stewart Tinsel Retro Tree
 with Metal Tart Pan with snow stand

I love it with simple blue ornaments and boxes on the snow

See how the Rosettes sparkle!

Vintage Merry Christmas

Inside the front door I have a silver and white baubles wreath with silver silk ribbon. 

Grandfather is topped with a white bear and a menagerie of little felt animals

Living Room

I started with a Patience Brewster tree skirt. I love the Peace, Wonder, Joy, Heaven and Love around the boarder and all the little whimsical characters scattered around. 

A purple peacock tops the tabletop tree

Vintage, old and new dolls

Our nine foot Downswept Fir

Many of the ornaments were souvenirs from our travels.
Napoleon and Josephine came from Fontainebleau outside of Paris

A lifetime of collecting

A special gift from a dear friend and her travels

Two very special gifts 
The snowman and Cub Scout were made by our son when he was young

A few new souvenir ornaments from my recent trip to NYC

I always look for Christmas ornaments for our trees everywhere I go. Ornaments are small and travel easily. They make great gifts too!
Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your visit hope you enjoyed the tree post. I hope you will leave a comment, it's the only way I know you were here.


  1. Beautiful trees - we also have a traditional tree with many ornaments from our travels - it is so much fun to relive the moments as we decorate it yearly. Love your NY city mementos - are you heading back there?

  2. Emily, I enjoyed seeing your trees! Your ornament collection is amazing! I love how you added the New York City ornaments from our trip! xoxo

  3. Quelle décoration magique, tout est merveilleux !
    Très belles fêtes de fin d'année, bisous.

  4. Your home is beautiful Emily! My shopping list is not complete yet .. running behind this year. This morning I hit the ground running so we will see what gets accomplished. I can't wait to begin baking and your pecan pie sounds delicious! Have a wonderful day and enjoy the season!

  5. You are so smart to collect ornaments as trip souvenirs, and your collection is magical Emily! The Eiffel towers and sweet dolls, sparkles of silver, I can feel your love of these things through your words! Your newest NYC ornaments are adorable and I know will bring back wonderful memories of your trip in the years to come~ You look very ready for Christmas, I know you will enjoy your current adventure knowing everything is in place! Thank you for sharing all your pretties, the peacock tree is fabulous!

  6. Stunning is my word! You've qa wonderful collection of ornaments. I wouldn't be able to part with them either


  7. Beautiful trees, Emily! Growing up, we had four picture windows (2 levels). We had the aluminum trees in 3 of the 4, with the color wheels, so that foyer tree was a blast from my past. Our main tree in the LR was a live fir, much like the size of yours in the study. I'm like you, it's hard to downsize Christmas when much of the celebration is in unwrapping all the old friends/memories. We also collect ornaments from our travels. You have some wonderful ones! Enjoy your trip this week!

  8. It is all so beautiful! I have yet to start. Lots of inspiration here, although I do not think I will even come close.

  9. Wow wow wow you have some of the prettiest Christmas ornaments I've ever seen! I love the Ballerina ornaments. I also love all the silver in your foyer! I enjoyed seeing your pretty home decorated for Christmas. We've decorated "Christmas Lite" around here! I'll have to appreciate yours!

  10. Emily, your trees are lovely. Always a pleasure to see how everyone decorates. The ornaments are so precious from your travels. I am so happy for you and Jim going to NYC during Christmas. How fun and festive it shall be. Enjoy.

  11. Spectacular post. I adore your trees. Each is so lovely. So special to purchase ornaments when you travel. I love yours and their special meaning.
    This post was a feast for the eyes. Every picture is magical. You have outdone yourself.
    Enjoy all the special events and family gatherings that surround Christmas. Have the merriest of Christmases.
    Sorry, I am late visiting. I have been entertaining at my house and knee deep in preparations.

  12. Oh my I adore the white tree. I love the way you layered it with the peacocks and all the pretty ornaments. This takes me back to my childhood when we had a white tree and ornaments with soft pinks and some with ballerinas. Your 9 ft. downswept tree is beautiful. I have to create a tree with my collected ornaments like you did. Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas!

  13. I so wish I could see your beautiful, memory filled trees in person Emily! Everything looks so lovely and christmassy :).

    The foyer tree brought back memories. We always had a white and silver tree decorated with blue ornaments. They matched the blue velvet sofa with plastic slipcovers lol. Yes, that's my dirty little secret about my childhood. 🤗

    Enjoy your holiday amongst your gorgeous treasures my friend.


  14. Hi Emily! I'm a little late in visiting, but I so enjoyed seeing your pretty trees and all your special ornaments collected over the years. They all have special meaning to you. The snowman and cub scout were so cute to see!

  15. Emily, I have been sitting on this post, waiting for the right moment when I would have no distractions, put on a little Christmas music and sink into the beauty of your holiday home. Oh, I am not disappointed! You exceed all expectations! I truly couldn't pick a favorite (though that tinsel tree is captivating me especially!). I love the flocked and the beautiful ornaments and your nine footer is simply dazzling. We are much alike in collecting ornaments that speak to our travel, our family, our friendships.

    Like you, I look at everything in my Christmas storage with great plans to downsize it -- but when I pull out things I cannot yet let them go. And maybe that's OK. It will happen; the "when" doesn't matter. Much!

  16. A guirlanda é linda. Bom fim de semana.

  17. Your trees look wonderful. One of your pictures made me think that I have a little ornament like yours, a stuffed animal with a pink tutu that I brought back from Alabama many, many years ago.

  18. very, very nice.
    Merry Christmas

  19. Your home looks so festive and welcoming, great decorations. Happy Holidays.

  20. Love the silver "retro" tree!

  21. Your trees were splendidly decorated, just lovely. I hope you had a memorable Christmas.




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