Sunday, February 18, 2018


I am still enjoying a few little things from Valentine's Day I leave out to enjoy in February. I keep some of my favorite things in little storage boxes that are as pretty as what's stored inside. This one is a little box with a handle, like an overnight bag. It has a pretty peacock on the outside and the interior is a pretty script.

A pretty wicker tray is used to make a vignette for the kitchen island.

I keep all my valentines cards and hearts from the past. I use them for displaying on plates and trays throughout the house. Favorite vases hold pretty roses for Valentine's Day.

A little Quimper dish that holds my ring 

"Life without memories is like a spring without roses"

Quimper heart from my Quimper, France visit

A favorite Quimper pattern, "Ajonc"
decorated with Heather and Gorse,
decorate a favorite plate and flower pot 

The blush roses look so pretty in this Quimper vase

Love displaying favorite cards on plates and trays throughout the house

Sweet treats are kept in a favorite cake plate and dome. Always good with coffee to serve when you hear an unexpected knock at the door

And of course The French Hutch gets a touch of sweetness

Two heart plates given to me years ago by my mother in law when she and my father in law came for a visit

Pretty soapstone hearts make such a pretty display in this container

I will keep these pretties out until the end of the month, just to sweet to put away just yet. It has been a very cold winter for us this year so spring will absolutely start to bloom inside, soon!
Tell me, do you leave a few favorite things out from Valentine's Day, or, are you in a rush to put everything away? I would love to know!

Thank you for your visit, I would love for you to leave a comment, it's the only way I know you stopped by.


  1. Emily, like you, I want to leave my hearts out to continue to enjoy. It's a treat to see your different vignettes. I have my sweet valentine's out on a dish on the Welsh dresser.
    Enjoy these last days of February, sweet friend.

  2. Everything is tooooo sweet for Valentine's. Our RedHat group visited a large pre-civil mansion last year and they was a tray next to the parlor where the suitors would leave their cards!!

  3. Well, why not enjoy all the month of February, it's such a short month of Love.
    I love all your pretty romantic treasures. Your in-laws heart plates, that basket full of lovelies and your MCH's things, always a pretty classic. Love, love your darling cake plate and dome !
    So keep your pretties until the end sweet friend.

  4. I love all the pretty touches around your home....especially the Quimper tray with the saying about roses on it! You are such a sweet romantic, and I love how your home reflects your personality!

    Ricki Jill

  5. So glad I found your blog....thanks to Leslie Anne's book signing. My husband's family has a French Line, the Morels. I love your Quimper dishes. Thanks for sharing your good ideas on displaying pretty things

  6. Glad you are enjoying the month of February with your great basket filled with Valentine memories. That is such a great idea and what a perfect way to display your collection from over the years. I think I may need to give this a try with my memories.

  7. Your beautiful accessories are my eye candy. I love them all. Hope you have a wonderful week, dear friend.

  8. Oh I love this post Emily and seeing all your Valentine pretties! The wicker tray full is so delightful, I pinned it for future inspiration, I just love that idea! I think Valentine things should stay out all February~ and thank you for your sweet Valentine!

  9. Love all the pink and red Emily! The flowers and chocolates are perfect for this time of the year when the days are shorter and dark. Enjoy your week! xoL

  10. Coucou Emily, quel joli billet autour de l'amour ! J'aime aussi laisser des petites touches de coeur et de jolies couleurs jusque Pâques. J'aime particulièrement ta vaisselle de Quimper et coup de coeur pour la jolie citation sur les roses.
    Un très grand merci de ta visite sur mon blog, je t'embrasse.

  11. I love the idea of displaying your sweet valentines throughout your home on the lovely plates and your vignette is just perfect. I, too, leave Valentine's up for a bit -- can't have too much love. Your Quimper hearts are a perfect part of this collection! The roses are so pretty! I really love the arrangement in the wicker tray. Lots of love in your heart, I can tell -- and that's a good thing!

  12. Such loveliness! Makes me wish I had a little girl to deck-out in frills! So good to have seen you this weekend. You were a doll to come to the book signing! I'm getting my photos organized for a blog post soon!

  13. I keep the card my husband gives me out. I have saved every card he has given since dating, 33 years worth. He also buys me Momma cards from our fur babies.

    Your Quimper collection is wonderful. You enjoy many pretty pieces through February.


  14. Emily, you have a great collection of hearts of all kinds! I love the Quimper pieces. I didn't even decorate for Valentine's Day other than my yard flag, and I replaced it today with my St. Patty' s Day flag. I can't believe our incredible weather here in WV. I spent all afternoon in my garden! So many things are coming up! Since winter is so scarce your area, I'd probably enjoy letting it linger too if I lived there. It'll be warm soon enough.

  15. I love your tray with flowers, cards and pretty things. I have a blue and white heart dish somewhere that I can not find. I know I would not have gotten rid of it! I need to renew my search.
    Your first picture of a heart made from pretty things is delightful! So clever and pretty!

  16. Hi Emily
    You have such beautiful Valentine's Day decorations and Quimper pieces! I Don't have many valentine themed decorations but the few I do display I keep up all the month of February. I have a red heart shaped wreath for my front door, and a few stuffed hearts my daughter made when she was young in Girl Scouts and some heart shaped Lenox dishes. When March arrives, I put out my St Patrick's Day decorations.

  17. So pretty -- and sweet. I have every card my husband has given me. I have considered papering a wall in my artsy space with them. How hokey is that?

  18. I leave my valentine decor out through February, Emily. It's just too sweet to put away. Your Quimper vases are so pretty all filled with pretty those blush roses. I think my very favorite things were those darling plates from your mother in darling! I'll take a yummy chocolate before I leave!

  19. My dear Emily, I so enjoyed this beautiful post. Your photos brought a smile to my face :)

    Have a wonderful day! Hugs to you!

  20. Emily, your decor is so pretty. Ii would leave Valentine's decorations up too, because it is so pretty and romantic. Beautiful roses, cupcakes, candy and more to enjoy. A truly sweet post. xo

  21. What lovely Valentine decor, I'd keep it out until the end of the month too if I had such lovely items. I didn't decorate for Valentine's this year. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. I love the tall vase with the roses on it. Happy day!

  22. The heart vignette is super fun. Pink and chocolate and love should always be welcomed :-)

  23. Wow!! so many pretty things together.. :)

    Please visit:

  24. Emily this is so sweet! We just got back from Lake Placid, and enjoyed seeing this lovely post. Enjoy the rest of February with your beautiful Valentine decor! Glad you enjoyed the card. xo




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