Monday, February 5, 2018


A Valentine’s Series, the love of home, family and  friends

It is a dark rainy day so I have been reminiscing of most enjoyable days of lunching with friends and family while in France. Having found two of my favorite dolls on sale recently, I decided to set them up to lunch! I would love for you to play along with me.


The cafe, tucked away in the heart of old town Paris is know for it’s Brittany crepes and relaxed atmosphere. This is the scene for two good friends on vacation from the states to meet up and enjoy a leisurely lunch while in Paris. 

The Paris Cafe

Annabelle and Skylar are seated. The waiters at this very popular Paris Cafe bring out and set up another table near the outdoor terrace beside a wall of windows. The pretty cafe curtains speak the language of Brittany, France with the traditional Breton costume. 

Making room for Annabelle and Skylar

These two friends love to dress in their favorite dresses and sit for hours and chat. The sun’s rays shine through the open weave of the curtain fabric and warms the room on this cold day in February. 

The table is set with a lovely Quimper tea service. The colors in the pottery compliment the lace tablecloth and and floral napkins. 

Soon the table is set for tea. Delicious pastries, sandwiches and shortbread filled with clotted cream and jam.

Fine ceramic flatware with lots of glitter lets the table sparkle.

The serving plate 

Is filled with treats

After a wonderful tea with delicate cakes and delicious sandwiches the table is cleared.

And, these two friends sit on into the late afternoon planning their next destination lunch!

 I will always remember the Paris Cafe!

If you are still here I hope you enjoyed the fun. I always love getting together for lunch with friends and family. Whether it’s close to home or a destination it will always and forever be special memories. Thanks for stopping in and I hope you will leave a comment, it’s the only way I know you were here.

Doll Tea Set ~ Quimper Faience ~ QCI sale, Nice France

Cafe Curtains ~ Quimper, France
Purchased on my first trip there and hung over my kitchen sink for years

Chairs ~ local garden shop

Annabelle and Skylar ~ Pottery Barn Kids

Tablecloth ~ doll shop

Cupcake Cake Pedestal Ornament, NM and Serving Plate by John Derian ~ gifts from my sister Iris

Flatware ~ Museum gift shop

Dear Friends Box ~ From my dear friend Sarah


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  1. Emily, what a perfectly lovely post. I love your Quimper tea set. I love how you tell us where you bought everything. I bet that every time you use that tea pot you have a warm memory of the sale in Nice. Thanks for letting me in on a wonderful afternoon. Now, can I have a couple of those yummy cookies?

  2. Emily, your little tete a tete over tea between these two friends makes me smile for many reasons. It brings back such fond memories of time spent in Nice, France with you and Jim and the other QCI friends, that petite Quimper tea set was the perfect souvenier from that trip. Granted the return to Paris was not without stressful arrangements, but we all made it. Thanks for sharing this delightful little interlude. Every detail is charming.
    Today was dreary here as well and cold again after 70s yesterday. Winter is not over just yet.
    Annabelle and Skylar are dear. I look forward to this Valentine's series.

  3. Your little Quimper tea set is so flippin' cute, Emily! I love all your special touches for Valentine's Day. You are so good at putting adorable little vignettes together!!!

  4. This is precious! Adorable dolls, setting, furniture, tea set and treats.
    How special to reminisce about your trip to Paris with friends.
    I so enjoyed the tea party!

  5. Oh Emily, I feel like I was transported to another world. Your tea set is adorable. I have a teeny tea set done for the Queen Mum's birthday years ago, just about that size and you remind me it's time to get it out! I really like how your journey comes to life as you share your special finds. And the dolls are just adorable! A lovely tea!

  6. Oh Emily how much fun you are having!! Those dolls are beautiful, I was shocked to learn they were from PB, I thought they surely were from France! Such an adorable vignette and sweet tale! I agree, there is nothing better than a lunch with a friend in a pretty setting!

  7. Coucou Emily, quel régal ce billet à l'accent de Paris !
    J'ai bien sûr un gros coup de coeur pour ce joli service à thé de Quimper, en Bretonne que je suis !
    Tes mises en scène sont magnifiques et évoquent pour toi de jolis souvenirs de Paris.Je te félicite.

  8. Tea for TWO sounds perfect to me and those cookies look divine!

  9. I think Valentine's Day was invented just for you! All the pretty frills and ruffles and romance, it's got your name all over it.

  10. Emily, Beautiful photos - I feel like a tea party! The clothe and lace are gorgeous, the dolls very french and love the dishes! Thanks for sharing!

  11. How sweet! The glitter spoons are just adorable! I have never been to Paris - maybe someday!

  12. Oh I love the Dear Friends dolls, reminds me of Nicole Sayre dolls or Bethany Lowe
    I have never been to France and enjoy it through others pictures and posts

  13. What a fun tea with Annabelle and Skylar! I loved playing along with your whimsical tea, Emily. The treats looked perfect and the Quimper teaset is just darling. Thanks for the fun time! xx

  14. Oh Annabell and Skylar are absolutely gorgeous! Their faces and hair are amazing and then their dresses are revealed - swoon! I am in love with them and of course I am willing to travel to France with them for tea. What a darling tablecloth too! Everything was just delightful. I can see my little granddaughters being enchanted with this.

  15. How sweet Emily! Glad Annabell and Skylar were able to enjoy their French tea at the Paris Cafe. The dolls are so cute and so special as is the Dear Friends box. We are going to Paris and Normandy in the fall so I am particularly interested in all thing French right now.

  16. What could be better than lunch spent with a good friend? I'll tell you...lunch in France of course! Add in some thumbprint cookies and that makes for a perfect day :).





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