Tuesday, September 24, 2019


Celebrating Fall with a cake

Is there anything as wonderful as welcoming Fall after a long hot summer! Although it is still hot there is definitely a change. The ever so subtle change in the air and even a bit of color in the trees, which, I really contribute to the dry weather.  Ever so slight, I am grateful to know Fall is knocking and I am looking forward to the cool crisp air that comes with it. 

So to celebrate this glorious season I decided to decorate a cake. Not bake a cake, it's to hot! I had several layers in the freezer so I wanted to give a nod to Fall. I never leave these long in my freezer for fear of them coming out stale. Perfect, I can use these flowers to decorate and enjoy. Of course, anytime you decorate with flowers make sure they are editable, these are not! This was play time.

I was going for a naked look cake, like my sister makes. No icing on the sides, mostly between layers. The cake finished up somewhere in-between. Ceramic mushrooms, sprinkles and sprigs of lavender from my garden for the final touch. 

I love using this heavy glass sunflower pitcher my sweet Mother-in-law gifted me years ago. Perfect for the extra flowers. 

Thanks for stopping by. I do hope you will leave a comment, it's the only way I know you dropped in.

Happy Fall!

"True friends are like bright sunflowers
that never fade away, even over distance 
and time."

                              -Marie Williams Johnstone


  1. Hi Emily, your fall cake is so beautiful. I love the sunflowers. Happy fall. Enjoy your family and football time.

  2. Beautiful autumnal arrangements. They do say welcome to my home!

  3. STUNNING!!! OMG, I love this - Debbie and I have been trying to perfect using the "cake frog" but you have us in shame!! Anyone would love to have a piece of this yummy cake!

  4. Love your cake. Very artistic! I've never made a naked cake. Great welcome to fall!

  5. Emily, this is absolutely stunning. I've never tried a "naked" cake, but love the look. I also love the flowers! Playing with flowers is always fun. I stepped outside my comfort zone and arranged flowers in a new for me way. Will share a post soon. It's fun to do something different. Who cares if you don't actually eat the cake! Think of all the calories you saved! Your photos are exquisite.

  6. Now this is what I call a cake! Wow Emily, it is too fabulous!! I am posting a cake this week too, but yours puts mine to shame! LOVE the sunflowers!!

  7. So pretty and perfect. Love the pedestal you have place the cake on.

  8. I think I prefer your semi-nude cake to the naked ones. I know they are supposedly more "healthy" because of the lack of extra icing but I like a bit on the side -- it pulls it together. And this looks especially lovely. Your fall pumps and blooms are wonderful. I love the pitcher -- it's perfect with the sunflowers and I suspect that if you are like me, each time you see it you think of your mom.

  9. What a beautifully embellished cake, Emily!!! It reminds me of something Michael Lee would make.
    I’m waiting for Fall to arrive, too. I notice the slight change, like you, but lower temperatures will be welcomed.
    Happy weekend to you!

  10. Coucou ma chère Emily, ouh ce gâteau est merveilleux, quelle belle décoration déjà et je ne doute pas qu'il doit délicieux, un énorme bravo.
    Je te remercie infiniment de tes visites sur mon blog, tes commentaires me touchent beaucoup.
    Très bon dimanche, gros bisous.

  11. Your post is making me smile. There is nothing on Earth as cheerful of sunflowers, and I do love how their little faces follow the sun!




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