Sunday, August 13, 2023


Good Sunday Morning

Sunday morning is when I make our favorites for breakfast. Six days a week it is oatmeal with toppings and fruit. Today I am setting the table for two for breakfast. Jim loves eggs, so it will be his choice of over easy or scrambled. Bacon on Sundays, our special splurge. A bowl of fruit, cantaloupe today, fresh from the farmer's market.  Croissants and blueberry muffins are being served on the new piece, a MacKenzie Childs three tier sweet stand. I am a big fan of their "Barn Sale" and this was my big find this year. When it showed up on my porch Friday I couldn't wait to use it!

Mackenzie Childs Parchment Check three tier sweet stand

Muffins were in the oven while I took photos and didn't get photographed on the sweet stand 

Who doesn't love a hot fluffy

Crown Linen Designs

Round black/white check placemats and napkins

MC Parchment Dinner plates

Anthropologie Faye Dessert plates

I love chartreuse, perfect I think for end of summer hot August days. The colors along with chartreuse comes in blue and white 

The matching mugs are perfect for sipping Bohemian Breakfast Black tea while breakfast is being prepared

Coffee with breakfast in another "Barn Sale" find

Jylin botanical spoons from Anthropologie keeping with the botanical tablescape theme

Piccadilly butter dish

 Thanks for joining me for breakfast. Do you have a day you make a special breakfast? If you do I would love to hear. I hope you will leave a comment, it's the only way I know you were here.


  1. Everything is just charming, but those spoons are the tops! they are such a surprise touch and perfect for the theme! Love it all!

  2. Good morning Emily, what a lovely breakfast! Your 3 tier tray is gorgeous, and looks so pretty with fluffy croissants and jam! Your tablescape is a MKC lover's delight with all your pretties! Your cute Anthropologie dishes play well with the parchment check and your homemade blueberry muffins are swoonworthy! I love your pretty ceramic mushrooms and of course the crown linens are perfect~ so glad you found such a special piece at the barn sale!

  3. Emily, your breakfast is lovely. Love your new MKC pieces. The Parchment tiered stand is a wonderful addition. I often wonder why they discontinued that line of dishes. The menu sounds delicious, you two should definitely splurge on a special breakfast on Sunday.

  4. Oh, Emily! What a wonderful treat for yourself and Jim! We don't normally do "fancy" meals unless someone's coming over or a special occasion, but what better occasion than a specially set table and meal for each other! I love your new Parchment Check pieces (I should have, but ended up canceling all my orders, long story). PC is my favorite, I think. The Anthro plates and mugs are absolutely darling. Very nice, and good to see your post in my inbox. Happy rest of [meteorological] summer! ♥

  5. Emily, Sunday breakfast looks delightful and I am sure Jim loved his eggs and bacon. I love your new Parchment 3 tier stand displaying croissants and fig preserves, yum! The Anthro plates, mugs, and spoons are perfect for the hot days of August! Have a lovely week!

  6. Emily, a special breakfast is definitely a treat! Yes, Monnie would often fix us something special on Sunday. Often it was a delicious omelette or other special egg dish. Or I would make pancakes or waffles for us. I miss those special Sunday morning meals. Your blueberry muffins look delicious as do the fluffy croissants.
    I'm thrilled for you to add the Parchment tiered tray and the cups and saucers. I don't have but a four heart plates in Parchment. I regret not adding more in this pattern. It sets such a pretty table. I always enjoy seeing how your use your pieces.
    Happy to see this post!

  7. Oooh, you have such lovely M-C pieces. I would join you any day for breakfast - what a feast! John makes breakfast every Saturday morning! I enjoyed this post and your beautiful photos!

  8. Hi Emily! You've set such a pretty table for you and Jim. Your new tiered stand is so pretty. I love the parchment color and it looks so beautifully with your Anthropologie pieces. Your blueberry muffins look wonderful !! I do eat a big breakfast every morning and keeps me full until lunch. Thanks for sharing your beautiful post!

  9. It all looks so yummy. You can cook for me any time :) Your arrangement is so delightful!

  10. What a beautiful breakfast table! I love how the Anthro plates are so pretty mixed with the MacKenzie-Childs. What all did you purchase from the Barn Sale? Trip ended up buying more than me, mostly outdoor stuff :D

  11. Oh, and I forgot about breakfast....I'm really the only one in the family who loves and eats breakfast, but sometimes Trip treats me to Sunday Brunch at our country club after church.

  12. I wish I was your neighbor and you'd invite me over for one of those scrumptious breakfasts. I can dream, can't I?

  13. The bag looks to have had quite a summer. I love that drawing of you, very chic.




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