Sunday, November 2, 2014


Pretty spooks and goblins

Meet my sister Iris

My sister loves Fall and Halloween, and enjoys decorating her home with little spooks and goblins. You will always find her decorating with her collection of vintage cards and retro decorations. Recently visiting her I asked if I could make photos and share with you, and she said yes! Here are a few of her favorite decorating ideas.

Love the ghost on the front door, not too scary!

Lots of pumpkins everywhere

Inside, the mantle holds a cat doll dressed as a witch
love the orange trees

Back patio holds ceramic pumpkins

And cats

She loves to carve pumpkins every year

Favorite Halloween cards displayed throughout 

Christopher Radko collectibles

The base for the Radko Halloween tree

Patricia Breen ornaments

And pretty little spooks and goblins out for
Trick or Treat

My sister’s niece

Trick or Treat

Thank you dear sis for letting me share your Halloween fun. I love you.
Thanks to all who stopped in to visit. Hope you will leave a comment so I will know you stopped by.


  1. This is some scary - and very creative stuff! I'm guessing your sister decorates like this for many different holidays! She's got the flair for fun.

  2. Oh what fun All Hallows Eve decorations and Jack O' Lanterns!

    My favvie fav is your sister's niece all done up in Día de los Muertos style! My post before last is about that very thing.

    Well done. Hope you all had a great time!

  3. Fun to meet your sister, Iris! You two look alike. Thanks for sharing Iris' wonderful Halloween decorations. The face painting is amazing.

  4. Oh I love the Halloween makeup Emily! Especially the little girl with the skull paint. Fun!

  5. I love all her decorations...and that's the best face makeup on the little skeleton I've ever seen..I tried to pin it but for some reason, i couldn't

  6. Your sister has quite a the cat dressed as a witch. Her niece's face makeup is awesome!
    Have a great week, Emily.

  7. Those kids are adorable. I love all the costumes and Halloween decor.


  8. I love the face paintings. So much cooler than those horrid masks we wore as kids.

  9. I love that your sister goes all out for Halloween. What a great setting for a party! I would love to see what she does for Christmas!

  10. I'm late to the party but nonetheless impressed! She's amazing! It's a perfect, magical way to celebrate the holiday! And such fun to be with family! Love it!

  11. Hello lovely Emily, catching up today with all your seasonal pretties.
    Love the pumpkins and that witchy cat is adorable, skinny legs and all. ;)
    Pleasure to meet your sister, Iris, and all the spooktacular trick-or-treaters.
    LOVE her front door.
    Such a wonderful season, isn't it? Just wish time wasn't in such a hurry all the time. :(

  12. Your sister looks like a very fun gal just like you. I love her ghost accessories and decor....Christine

  13. Dearest Emily, just stopping by to wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Thanksgiving, and to let you know how grateful I am for the light you shine in this corner of blogland.
    Keep shining, friend.
    Much love,




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