Saturday, November 1, 2014


Around the Southeast

I have missed all of you lately, hope you have missed me a little too. This past month has been full of travel. Last month I traveled with my husband to France for the Quimper Club's annual meeting held in the south of France. From there we traveled to Paris for a week, actually staying a little longer than planned due to the Air France strike! After returning home we’ve been on two other road trips visiting family. In-between trips we have spent our time getting flower beds and urns cleaned up and ready to replant for winter. I haven’t had much time for organizing all the photos we made in France, all twenty-five hundred! I promise to be sharing some of those soon. I found so many garden delights while shopping for plants at two of my favorite garden shops, one in Birmingham and the other in Atlanta. So much inspiration and so little time. Visiting in Birmingham, Charlie Thigpen’s Garden Gallery and in Atlanta, Boxwoods.

Fresh and dried flowers, lovely plants to create fall vignettes

Local pottery

So many bird feeders to choose from

I hope you will come back for another visit soon. I will be sharing a little Halloween fun and soon I will post about my adventures in France, with lots of photos! Thanks so much for dropping in.


  1. Oooh! I really enjoyed this. Do you remember where you saw the lions? I think they are calling my name. Great to see you back, and I can't wait to see some of your photos from France.

  2. I especially like the pair of white turkeys. Very elegant gobblers!

  3. What a beautiful post! I can't wait to see your pictures of France. Have you seen the book Lessons From Madame Chic, by Jennifer L. Scott? You might enjoy it since you've recently been to France.

  4. Welcome back. It was so worth the wait. Love the mosaic lady in the garden.

  5. Gorgeous pictures! They make me want to work more in the garden! I love the big white pumpkins.

  6. Wow, did you see the fleur de lis lantern at Charlie Thigpen's? I was there last Saturday, but I missed it. Trip bought me a cute little vase from there. I really would love that lantern for our back patio…it's so pretty. What a fun post!

  7. Take me to a wonderful garden center any time, and I'm a happy girl. Love the pretty containers and statuary at these stores.
    I worked in my garden most of the day, but still have more to do. It always takes more time than I plan on. Bulbs are planted! Now to get a few more annuals in.

  8. Great photos Emily! I do love a good garden center and it looks like yours is terrific. I never really buy statues but I'm such a sucker for them! And those verdigris pumpkins would have come home with me!

    Can't wait for your Paris pix -- that's one time when an air strike is a good thing!

  9. Emily, these photos are beautiful! I so enjoy visiting garden centers. I always come away with such wonderful ideas and inspiration! Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see your photos from France!

  10. lions, sheep and puppy dogs with flower baskets....oh my!
    I am in love with the beautiful leaf dishes, wish they were closer :^)
    Sounds like you had a good time traveling, and we are glad to have you back.
    Happy Thanksgiving, and blessings to you,




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