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Along The Côte d´Azure

While visiting Nice and Provence last September with The Quimper Club International, here if you missed the post, we did some day tripping. We love to explore smaller towns away from the tourism of big cities and get a feel for life as the locals live it. One place you don’t want to be is anywhere along the Mediterranean during August and early September, it is where you will find most of the vacationing French! It does get a little crowded. We saw the end of the season being there in mid-September. After our trip to Nice we drove to Paris and the roads were full of little campers returning home. Jammed traffic and congestion. But, that was alright, I was on my way to Paris!
Here are a few photos for you of the beautiful towns of Villefranche Sur Mer and Antibes.

Villefranche Sur Mer 

Public transportation, the metro, trains, trams, and buses makes it easy to travel through France and navigate cities. Fast trains from Nice to Monaco (we did this on our last visit to Nice), the TGV gets you there really quick with no stops, then there are the local and slower trains that stop in every little town. 

The train platform is up these stairs and walking down was fine.  We took the bus back thank goodness and didn’t have to walk back up. Busses have their drop-off and pick-up spots marked on the streets which makes it easy. Here you really see the locals coming and going and they are very helpful if you need directions.

Beautiful scenery in every direction

Shops full of treasures to take back as souvenirs


On another day we decided to go to this very “hot spot” resort on the Riviera! Loved by tourists and all who visit here. Jim and I didn’t get to visit here on a previous trip but my friend Sarah, bloggers know her from "Hyacinths for the Soul" had. So we decided to go for the day. There was a market this day and what a treat that was. 

Quimper and French faience

Music and the beat of drums signal a town parade

After a lot of looking and shopping we were ready for a light lunch.

A beautiful setting for lunch with a special blogging friend.

After lunch we walked through town to the Harbor

The Musée Picasso was a must see. Located in the old port of Antibes, what was formerly Château Grimaldi. It is built on the foundation of the ancient Greek town of Antipolis.

The old port and buildings of old town make a beautiful backdrop for a wedding.

The bride was lovely

Sarah enjoying the view

So, time to get back to the train station and back to Nice. A beautiful day and new adventure for me.

A wonderful day and two tired gals!

Hope you enjoyed a look back to the Côte d Azure with me. I will be posting my Paris photos next so please stop by.
Thanks for stopping in. Hope you will leave a comment so I will know you came by.


  1. Wow. I don't know which picture impressed me the most. The colors were amazing and the sky as well. Thanks for taking us on a tour for Dreaming of France. Here’s my Dreaming of France meme

  2. I bet you were tired! Great photos, I feel like I was there too. Thanks!

  3. What an awesome day you two had! I'm especially jealous of that market, where it looks like everything was so pretty and 'European'.

    Monaco is one of our favorite places in the world, especially my husbands. Must have something to do with the beaches ;).

  4. Emily, Emily! What a GRAND guide you would be! Each and every photo is a gem! This is a part of France I've not yet visited and with every photo I wanted to discover it more and more! Beautiful work and what a lovely spot! Biggest sigh!

    Happy week to you!

  5. Beautiful post cards Emily! Love all your photos .. especially those at the water's edge. I've never seen such blue water! Thank you for taking us along:) Have a great week ahead.

  6. beautiful pictures....always wanted to visit france... will with your photos thank you

  7. oh la la Emily, thank you for taking me to France! We are not travelers, so I have to do my trips through my friends. I bet your camera was busy busy, so many colors, architecture, fascinating photo ops~ I love all the sign photos, and the colorful coastline buildings. Sigh, what a fabulous trip!! Great photo of you and Sarah!

  8. Emily, thanks for the great photos! Enjoyed my trip and I would love love to visit that flea market! That water was gorgeous!

  9. Hello, Emily!!! Howdy, Sarah!!! This would have made a great Traveling Tote post for y'all!!!

    Great much fun!

  10. Wow, what a wonderful tour. Your photos are just lovely, each one was a favorite. Looks like a fun time with your friend too, happy times. Enjoy your new week ahead!

  11. Hi Emily, I flew into Nice once and toured southern France and absolutely fell in love with the countryside and fields and beautiful towns. Your photos just make me want to go again but for now I'm enjoying the window shopping you are providing! I hope you will show us all the goodies you brought home. Linda

  12. Oh me Oh my, what gorgeous towns, photos and scenary. I so enjoyed this tour of towns that I will never be going to visit. Enjoy you week ahead of you. thanks for stopping by and letting me know you liked my vintage shasta trailer and junkin finds!

  13. Villefrance is so much fun. Antibes looks lovely. I did not spend much time there.

  14. Oh how these photos take me back to a very special time of my life. When I finally got to France, NICE was my first destination where I lived in a home, went to school and left my husband behind for a WHOLE MONTH! HAHAHAHHAH did I have a blast. Then he met me in Nice, and we both took the adventure of both our lives. Nice and Antibes, Eze and St. Paul de Vence, Grasse, Avignon, then out to Italy, back to France to travel up the Perigord Noir and then know the feeling, need I say more?

    THANK YOU so much for coming to visit my blog. It suits me to post only once a month while I work on my poetry in private and now I'm on Instagram! Enjoy dearest Emily! Anita

  15. So much to see and do on this adventure of yours but the thing that stands out the most is the blue of the water in the first and subsequent photos. How nice to meet up with another blogger too, something I've done a few times and it makes the day special. (nice photo of the two of you:-)
    Thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday Emily.

  16. Your photos were great and some day i hope to travel to France. Those buildings were quite colorful and i love the music you play on your posts. Thanks for this wonderful visit. I am Marlene from Oklahoma.

  17. oh my gosh, how absolutely wonderful! we were lucky enough to go to paris last year, and after a week there we spent a week driving on our thru the different towns in normandy. it was fabulous. what amazing photos you have here.

  18. Just beautiful! Your photos make me want to book a trip right now!

  19. It's raining this morning in Brittany and it was so nice getting some sunshine from your pictures of the South!

  20. Heavenly! How special to have shared this with Sarah.
    So enjoyed this post, Emily.
    I'm taking a blogging break, but still visiting.
    Now to go through those dreamy pics again. ;)

  21. Awesome!!! I have been following your France photos. And finally I could say, I've seen that in person. Yay! Looking forward to more Paris photos. Take care!

  22. Hello, sweet friend! My, what stunning pictures and what an incredible time you must have had. Thank you so much for sharing this delightful post with Roses of Inspiration - I hope you're able to join us again this week. Hugs to you!

  23. Emily, I'm dreadfully late to visit this wonderful post. ;-(
    Love the return visit. So many wonderful memories of this amazing trip. How fortunate we were to spend time together on the Cote d Azur. Wish I could meet up with you and Jim in Seattle. I know you will have a fabulous trip.

  24. Gorgeous views. I enjoyed tagging along.

  25. Hi Emily. I didn't know you and Sarah went on a trip together. It looks fabulous.I hope to make that trip one day. It is so beautiful.

    You and Sarah look wonderful! Hope you are having a blessed summer.

  26. Emily, how are you? Thank you so much for stopping by.
    I have to tell you, there's a word that always comes to mind every time I scroll through this post...DELICIOUS. I love the color of the buildings, especially the orange. Love, love, love!
    Enjoy your weekend, friend.

  27. GORGEOUS images, Emily!
    What a perfect trip!




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