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Last September while on the Quimper Club International trip to Nice, here, we were caught-up in that dreaded six-letter word, strike! We were scheduled to leave the South of France from Nice on Air France to Paris for the second week of our trip, then we received an email telling us our flight had been cancelled. This was not the first strike experience for us in Europe so we had an idea of what to do. Others in our group were also scrambling to secure different Airline flights and some opted for the train. We decided on a rental car. We were lucky that we've driven around France on previous trips so we were comfortable with this. 
So here are some of my "Paris Postcards" of my week in Paris.

First a little of our drive to Paris.  Nice to Paris is a little under nine hours. We decided to  break the trip up into two days. Along the way we saw lavender fields, and of course the French countryside which is always breathtaking. We drove through the town of Lyon, beautiful! When we rented our car we booked a hotel for the night in Dijon. Once we checked in we bought a ticket for the tram and a short ride later we were in the heart of old town. We walked around here, then over to the cathedral. Watching the sun set, we walked to a little restaurant for dinner. 

Our route, I loved every minute!

Stay out of the left lane! Fast, like the autobahn in Germany.

August is when most everyone in France goes on vacation. September finds vacationers heading home.



Leaving Lyon for Paris

Toll roads, which lane? We figure it out in a hurry. Early here so the traffic was not bad. Wish I had photos of traffic in Paris but I was much to busy reading road signs to make pics.


Our hotel was near Notre Dame, about three blocks and we actually had  a bit of a view from our room. A short walk past the river stalls which is always interesting. This is the view we had coming to our hotel.

Street named for our hotel so it was easy to find.

The hotel was lovely inside and out. Fresh flowers were out every day and the full breakfast was incredible. 

City sights of the City of Light

It was a lovely sunset, and we were ready for a little pick me up so  when this waiter offered us a table we were happy to oblige!

Jim enjoyed a beer and we shared the ice cream sundae treat

And, this was our view. We lingered  and enjoyed a glass of wine

I always enjoy walking through the tourist spots, whats not to enjoy?

A visit to Printemps and Galeries Lafayette just for fun

I hope you enjoyed this day and evening in Paris with me. So much to share so I’ll save some for later. Hope you will leave a comment so I know you stopped in. As always, thank you for your visit.


  1. Hi Emily, I so enjoyed visited today and your post cards are lovely. Paris is such a beautiful spot and many of these images .. it seemed like I've been there! I can't wait to go back and next time we plan to a drive like this. I've heard Lyon is a must see;) and I look forward to getting out of the city to see the countryside. Enjoy your week ahead!

  2. I really enjoy your travels, even though vicariously. I really wish I could pry my husband loose. He says he has already seen it all (his father was military and they traveled all over). Your photos are wonderful! I like the street scenes, and those night shots with the architectural lighting are breathtaking.

  3. I love Paris, but I love the South of France even more. It's been many years since I've been, but clearly it's every bit as beautiful as always. What a great adventure you're having Emily! Thank you for sharing it all!

  4. I love traveling with you Emily! You were so brave to drive I can't imagine! The sights, the architecture, the shops, the restaurants, the markets, the food, oh la la! The trip of a lifetime, thank you for sharing!

  5. I'm showing this post to Shelley tomorrow morning for French class....she actually finished most of her French work for today and tomorrow today, so this will be fun for her to see! Awesome post!

  6. Emily your tour of Paris was WONDERFUL! Love love those great photos!

  7. Vos photos sont magnifiques! I will save this to show my French in the usa.

  8. I enjoyed the tour and being back in Paris again with your images. Thank you. I enjoyed my visit to your blog today. Have a great week.

  9. So enjoyed your lovely brought back wonderful memories for me of when we lived in Germany and traveled to Paris for a visit some 40+ years ago. Thank you for
    posting all these great pictures, it was such a treat!
    Looks like you had a wonderful time while there...............
    Blessings, Nellie

  10. Emily, I'm back for another look. So fun to think about our trip just a year ago. Have fun at the meeting this year. Will miss you!

  11. much great stuff to see in this one post.
    That must have been a trip of a lifetime...everything looks so pretty. So glad you had a great time....wonderful photos

  12. love your site,,,the best one on the computer .. and love the music...always wished I had moved to Paris when I was young ,,, thank you so much

  13. I don't think you've truly experienced French life if you haven't been stuck by a strike. I see you've stopped by the famous Breton shop (the one with the "g" on the packets and that sells "Caramel au beurre salé" and by Repetto!!!!

  14. THANKS !!!!! lovely article and great photos
    Happy autumn

  15. Emily, Emily! I have fallen in love with Paris all over again! Your photos are wonderful -- what a beautiful hotel and great location! This is so very rich, filled with wonderful details and such grand beauty! I'm glad you have more to share -- I will eagerly await it!

    Before we went to France, I asked a foreign student at the university what might be some good spots to visit. He listed several in Paris and said "If you can get out of the city, visit Dijon." The photos on your blog from here looked beautiful! (We never made it.) I think I want to travel with you to France -- you know exactly what to do in a strike! Smart move! More, please!

  16. Oh, such lovely photos. Lucky you. Big sigh.

  17. Loved your photos, they make me want to dust off my passport. Will definitely check out your Paris hotel, it looks wonderful.

  18. Oh, Emily. I love love your pics. I love Paris and France as much as you so what fun to look at some of your pictures tonight. I posted some of our trip last September recently also. Of course, I have zillions more that I haven't done. I've taken a blogging break since January with only four posts so far this year but maybe I'll get my blogging mojo back.
    For some reason my blog lovin feed stopped and some of blogs I follow listed on my sidebar disappeared. I am don't know when I'll get all that straightened out.
    Hope you are having nice weather. Love the recent sunshine and cooler temps.

  19. I really enjoy your travels! And you have such lovely photos. Thanks for the lovely article!

  20. Your photos are so beautiful, they make me wanna go back....Christine

  21. Dearest Emily, this was like a breath of fresh air. The sights, the music, the orchids, the bread, the red cafe, the thought that one day soon mr g and I will be traveling again ... and right now, my friend, I'm SO looking forward to that.
    Thank you for the birthday wishes.




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