Monday, November 2, 2015


Love of Tartan

Come and join me at Alison's Polohouse for the beautiful Tartan Parade! Just click below the parade sign to see how Alison and her friends are enjoying all things Tartan.


The end of September and early October I enjoyed meeting up with Quimper Club members for the annual meeting held in Seattle and Vancouver, BC. What a fabulous trip that was. More on that later. While on a day trip to Tacoma, we visited vintage shops and I found a treasure trove of tartan picnic bags, make-up bags and small luggage pieces. Oh I couldn't believe my luck. I though my only problem would be how I would get these finds onto the plane!

Well, I couldn't believe this! I couldn't buy anything, it was an auction house and the sale was not the day I was there. Sure made my husband happy. 

Some of my favorite tartan pieces

Book bag exactly like the one I had as a child
my sister found it at Pleasant Company~American Girls

RL Wedgwood Hampton Floral

Halloween was a wet and chilly evening. A perfect time to pull out tea I brought home from Vancouver. The black canister is from the Fairmont Hotel, rose tea. I have a special friend I can't wait to serve this to. 

I have been wanting this RL tartan set for a guest room. Patience paid off and I found it deeply discounted at Macy's. I will show the before and after as soon as I finish.

November and I am already pulling out Christmas linens!

I love this pillow, tartan on the back

Needlepoint front

Love to use my tartan runner and placemats, Williams Sonoma

Dinner plates, Williams Sonoma

Tartan Christmas stockings

Love the black velvet

Buyer's Choice, a tartan loving family

And, St. Nick with his tartan ribbons

This southern girl is ready for the one or two days we need to keep our hands warm, tartan of course!

Thank you Alison for leading the parade. I hope everyone enjoyed my parade of tartan favorites. Hope you will leave a comment so I know you came to the parade.


  1. Tartan certainly gets me into the holiday spirit.

  2. Hi Emily!
    Tartans and plaids are alive and well at The French Hutch i see!
    You have the largest and prettiest collection of plaid linens that I have ever seen.

    I was going to write that I must get to Vancouver to treasure hunt but those
    lovely plaid vintage auction items are long gone for SURE!

    Darn it!

    Thanks so much for linking up with the Tartan Parade!
    Loved seeing your collection. Love it!


  3. Emily, hoping the 3rd time is the charm. Blogger has eaten two previous comments.
    With all the details you shared about the meeting trip, you managed to keep this one a little secret. I can only imagine how excited you were to come upon this treasure trove of tartan, and how disappointed you must have felt to discover these wee auction items to be auctioned at a future date. I love the adorable doll carriage. I can see it filled with presents at Christmas and other things during the year.
    Love seeing all the tartan goodness in your home. And LOVE that precious silver heart. It is perfection atop the tartan!
    Thanks for the great parade!

  4. Hi Emily, Those dishes made my heart skip a beat. I've been lusting after them for years! Love seeing all your tartan! ~Delores

  5. Those Wedgwood dishes are to die for!!!! Sally

  6. Loving so many items here but especially the RL wedgwood dishes!

  7. Lovely photos! Those dishes are wonderful. I love St. Nick's tartan ribbons!

  8. hi Emily! You are definitely MAD for PLAID! I bet your trip was wonderful~The vintage pieces in the auction house remind me of some things my mother had~ I think adding a little Christmas to November is a fine idea, especially with all the pretties you have! The china is exquisite~

  9. Tartan plaid is so classic and timeless. I've always loved it, and these examples are very tempting. I can see why you were smitten.

  10. Emily, Great post! I like that black canister from the Fairmont;) and Tartan is my absolute favorite .. especially during the holidays. Your tea set is gorgeous and I like the carolers:)
    Hope your week is off to a great start!

  11. Emily, I love this tartan parade, and now I see I have this, as well as Quimper, in common with both you and Sarah. :) Love that needlepoint pillow with tartan back, and that CHINA!
    Rita C at Panoply

  12. Hi Emily! Oh, I'm so sorry you were not able to get your tiny hands on those pieces! They are nice. I loved seeing your things too. Sweet tea set! Christmas is coming! Oh, my goodness, I can hardly believe it! Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. Beautiful!!! Love! The Ralph Lauren Wedgwood is absolutely divine!!

  14. That tea set with the tartan finish is gorgeous. Big sign.

  15. I really loved all of the tartan everywhere!!! I quite like those Christmas, err, tartan red pillows! I don't know why tartans seem to make me think of Christmas, but they do! How much fun to pull all of this out to decorate!

  16. These are just tons of fun, Emily! And I love how you have incorporated tartan into your house so beautifully! Yes, I can see why you'd be inspired to whip out a few of your holiday favorites. I'm getting ready for that, too! What a lovely special and so beautifully personal home you have. And very cozy!

  17. I'll bet you were about to pitch a fit when you found out the auction wasn't until later! Dang it all! What a great set of Wedgwood that is. Plaid is definitely here to stay and I love that it's making such a big come back!

  18. Love the parade! I bet you were upset this was an auction. Glad you had a good trip and are back home.

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  20. I love Tartan! It makes everything look cosy and chic at the same time.

  21. Love the different plaids. It must be extremely popular this year, because I am seeing plaids everywhere.

  22. Hi, Emily....I, too, am mad for plaid...:)

  23. I love all that tartan, especially those tea cups!

  24. I absolutely love tartan! The china is my favorite. It's almost as if you're in the Highlands of Scotland! LOVE it!

  25. Beautiful tartans! My fave is that gorgeous tea set. Happy New Year, Emily!...Christine

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