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The Traveling Tote Adventures ~ number seven

Miss Courtney Childs
a beautiful helper

If you are new to The Traveling Tote Adventures, you can go here and meet Miss Courtney Childs and friends and read how this adventure began.

Our first adventure began at the beach

It has been a busy Spring. Miss Courtney Childs and I have already made yet another trip to our favorite beach destination (more on the beach trip later.) 

Last week we were busy preparing for the Memorial Day weekend. 

Honoring all those who have served and those who are serving this great country. Thanks Dad! God Bless America.

Bringing home patriotic necessities 

For a kitchen table vignette

Every year I am in eager anticipation of Spring and working with my husband in our garden. I look forward to spending a lot of time at my favorite nursery and the big chain stores which always have a fabulous selection of flowers and plants,  choosing just the right flowers to add to the beds. 

After a little traveling to spend time with family in early spring and helping my MIL get settled in a retirement home we found ourselves a little late with gardening. Wanting to get a few things planted fast for Memorial Day I brought Miss Courtney Childs with me to the nursery and then to Lowe's to help me with all the plants I planned to buy.

Finding a lot of;



and Blue

After several trips to the car we were ready to go home and start planting

I made one more stop, the farmers market but didn't find any flowers. We did enjoy a stroll down by the river.

Ours was a quiet Memorial Day weekend and we enjoyed our favorite bbq ribs from Dreamland. No cooking for me this holiday.

We usually have a crowd and I spend a lot of time in the kitchen but this year I didn't even make desert. I picked up pretty cupcakes and decorated them with patriotic colors and placed them in a pretty red, white and blue quiche/pie dish.

I am finding I don't know how I got along without Miss Courtney Childs. She is a workhorse of a bag and you can just keep filling her with more. I want to thank Patti for a sweet and thoughtful gift of a MacKenzie-Childs liner, it helps keep Miss Courtney clean and free of trash. 

I am already thinking about the next Traveling Tote Tales and what Miss Courtney and I will do. Oh the places we will go! Please plan on joining us September 1, 2016.

A special thank-you to Rita for this gorgeous image!

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  1. Your photos are gorgeous! I am drooling over those ribs. Have a wonderful week.

  2. Hi Emily! So happy that you are part of our traveling group! I know what you mean about these totes--they are bottomless and also so versatile! I haven't taken mine to a garden shop for fear of making a mess, but your idea to use the liner from patti is great! I admired that torte/quiche dish too in one of our favorite shops. Your idea to use it for a patriotic dessert tray is very clever! I was thinking Bastille Day! :) I hope your MIL is happily settling in to her new home. I know that is such a difficult time but hopefully she will have a wonderful experience and make many new friends, just as we all have with our totes! I'll be looking forward to your future adventures! Linda

  3. Emily, I'm basking in the beautiful red, white, and blue of this post. You captured the patriotic spirit of the preview shot perfectly. I love to see how each of us shares our traveling tote. Like you and Miss Courtney Childs, I find that Miss Merri Mac is a true workhorse of a bag. I don't want to leave home with out her. Ha!

    Thanks for sharing this gorgeous post. Love the fun dish from Anthro. '-)

  4. Emily, I'm so glad you're participating in the tribe. Besides our totes (and they really are work horses, aren't they?!), we have a lot in common. Like you this past weekend, I'm usually working in the kitchen but we didn't host either (a niece did). Garden chores ruled, with relaxing evenings afterward. I even managed to get some estate sale shopping under the belt over the weekend. Happy June and happy to have you along with our adventures.

  5. Hello Emily! That tote certainly earns its keep!

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who got a late start with gardening this year. We'll catch up though ;).

    (Dare I say you've been back to the Panhandle?).

  6. Hi Emily! Well, you and Miss Courtney Childs were certainly busy. I can see those pretty hydrangeas that you found, plus all the other pretty flowers. Your table vignette is so patriotic, and I love your flag pillow that's on your iron bench. Have I ever told you that I have that same Anthropologie quiche dish? I used mine to put Debbie's Best Ever Beans in for Memorial Day. I look forward to more adventures with your traveling tote.

  7. Emily, enjoyed seeing the pictures you made over the Memorial Day weekend.


  8. A delightful trip around town on Memorial Day weekend with Miss Courtney. She does seem to be quite a workhorse with much panache. Great patriotic post. Blessings to your MIL. Certainly know how you feel. We have been there.

  9. Miss Courtney Childs is a great workhorse and looks great doing her patriotic duty hauling party supplies.

    Emily, I'd love to know more about the crowd you have for Memorial Day weekend and how long you have been doing it.
    Looking forward to hearing more on the beach trip too!

    I understand about getting your MIL settled and what that involves. Pretty blooms at the garden center! Love the red door and hydrangeas.

    Miss Aurora and Mizz Bella wish you and Miss Courtney Childs safe travels this summer.

  10. Wow Emily, Miss Courtney Childs is a workhorse of a bag! I thought she would be more like a pricey princess, and wondered how she would deal with garden dirt, and then to learn you have a liner for her, how brilliant! I love your red white and blue garden flowers and the flag pillow on your bench. It's nice to let others [Dreamland] do the cooking, and I think decorating cakes from the bakery is a great idea too. I love the adventures of the traveling totes, have fun with your tote this summer!

  11. Emily,

    This is pure joy combined with delightful infusion of patriotic color!
    Miss Courtney Childs is my kind of bag!
    If you are going to shop with me, you better carry your own weight, especially at a garden center. My motto is to never leave a plant behind...
    Such a clever and inspiring post and it is simply wonderful to have you share this joy with us at TOHOT!

  12. You have a good helper in Miss Courtney! Fun post, and I love all the patriotic colors for the season.

  13. You sure kept Miss Courtney Childs busy, didn't you, Emily? How lucky of her getting into all these adventures. The flowers are all so pretty and Ms Courtney is lovely....Christine

  14. I too am just getting starting with my gardening Emily! Your tote is so cute don't you love when you find something that is functional AND pretty? ;) The quiche dish is darling and I shared the exact same one in a recent blog post. I made an ice cream pie :) Enjoy your day!

  15. You and Miss Courtney Childs have certainly been busy in the garden! I don't think I've ever seen a prettier quiche dish than yours - I'd have it where I could see it every day.

  16. I really liked your trip with Miss Courtney, she seems to be the perfect traveling companion. I love the way you decorated the cupcakes…great for a simple but still special holiday weekend.

  17. Haven't had Dreamland in a very long time! Too long -- looks luscious. Good to know about the liner. I had wondered how on earth you would transport plants in that bag without damage. I am still lazy, not over the weekend yet. Reading a book, got a knee shot today, off to lunch in a bit.

  18. Oh my...I do love that adorable tote. What a fun post! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  19. I love being able to follow along on your adventures with Miss Courtney Childs.
    Thank you for taking us along at Thoughts of Home.

  20. I so enjoy these adventures, Emily. They're so inspiring.
    Love that quiche dish, and all those bright beautiful flowers.
    I cooked up a storm on Memorial Day weekend. I was watching Julie and Julia (AGAIN) and every single time I watch that movie I walk away ready for anything my kitchen can take. I made Julia's famous boeuf bourguignon, and Martha Stewart's roast chicken with rosemary and wine reduction. YUM and YUM. Every bit was scrumptious, and then I didn't cook anymore the rest of the week. :)
    Have a lovely weekend, my friend. Love the red door.

  21. I'll follow any tote that goes to Dreamland!!!

  22. Oh that is a splendid bag - what fun! the little symbol on the front looks a bit like a Claddaugh ring symbol, doesn't it?

    Loved all your awesome red, white and blue - you celebrated in true style for sure! ♥

    Have a wonderful week!

  23. What wonderful adventures! The patriotic vignette is perfect for Memorial Day! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm.xo Kathleen




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