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A week at the beach and
Touring the Nina and the Pinta 

Mother's Day Week

A few weeks ago we spent the week leading up to Mother's Day at the beach. Time at the beach with family is always fun and one of my favorite places to vacation. We happen to be here when the ships, The 'Nina' and 'Pinta' were scheduled to dock. We couldn't let this opportunity pass, so with our grandson Connor in tow off we went for a fun history lesson. Connor was more into seeing pirate ships! When you see the replicas of Christopher Columbus' ships, the Nina and the Pinta, you will indeed think you have stepped back in time and they do look like pirate ships!

1492. The original 'Nina', 'Pinta' and 'Santa Maria' used by Christopher Columbus on his first voyage across the Atlantic were common trading vessels. The 'Nina' and 'Pinta' were Caravels and were used by explorers during the Age of Discovery.

Go here:
The Columbus Foundation 
to read more about Nina & Pinta 

It was a lot of fun and we all  came away grateful we didn't have to cross the Atlantic in one of these ships!

Back at the Beach

Home away from home

Nothing but the relaxing sound of the waves

Connor loves the beach like his "Bama"

Roses for Mother's Day

ArtsQuest is always a great place to find unique art 

Another wonderful vacation
The last sunset

I enjoyed sharing another vacation photo book with you. If you are still here thank you. I would love to hear from you, it is the only way I know you stopped by.




  1. Great opportunity for all of you. What a wonderful Mother's Day weekend.

  2. I love this lesson in history. And what a fun day for your grandson, he must have been delighted.

  3. Some remarkable photos, Emily. And fascinating, although I can see why Connor would find it more exciting to look at pirate ships than history! But maybe this will make a difference. I can't imagine a nicer day for Mother's Day. All that, and the beach, too. Seventh heaven!

  4. What fabulous photographs Emily, and you know I love the ones you added with the watercolor effects. I can't imagine what an amazing experience it was to see those ships in person and gaze in wonderment thinking how men were brave enough to cross the ocean in those things not knowing where they were going or what they would find! Connor has a life time of memories from that outing I'm sure! For now they can be pirate ships but when he gets older and starts learning history he will understand and appreciate. Early May is such a great time on the gulf coast, I know you enjoyed every second of your visit...the summer crowds have arrived now!

  5. Enjoyed the visit on the Nina & Pinta! What a moment in history! And what a treat for Connor - to see the pirate ships!

  6. Emily, we toured the Nina and Pinta replicas a few years ago when they docked in our town. What really floored me was the overall small size of the ships and how many men they housed. That and the fact they did cross the Atlantic is a true wonder! Your trip looked really fun through Connor's eyes as captured in your photos. Beautiful beaches in that part of FL too!

  7. Interesting tour of the Nina and Pinta! Conner won't forget having experienced first hand what the ships looked like and hearing about the voyage on site.
    The beach looks wonderful. I love the Gulf Coast. A great pic of the sunset. Glad you had a great Mother's Day vacation before the huge crowds.Enjoyed your post.

  8. Your grandson Connor is a handsome boy! I am sure he had so much fun touring the Pirate ships. I cannot fathom the bravery of the men who sailed across the ocean, sailing blind really on those little boats, because I have been on a great big ship, and I got very seasick on that one. Of course, I am glad they did, because then we would have no America, no Internet and no blogs! Then I wouldn't have known you. So it's all good. Glad you had a fun Mother's Day! (That is a seriously huge condo!)

  9. What a great field trip for you and Connor and a wonderful vacation, too. Your Connor is a cutie pie, Emily! I was on 30 A last June and had a great time, staying in a vacation rental home. Fun memories at the beach!

  10. What a great experience for everyone. Connor must have been so excited! Looks like you had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend! We got to see one when we visited Plymouth Rock- I was surprised how small they are considering the long trip they were on and all the people that were on them.

    1. What a sweet boy Connor is 'Bama' (cute name). :)

      Loved the history lesson Emily, and I see you made it down to the beach sooner than I thought! The weather must have been great this time of year, but recently there was a storm that passed through I believe?


  11. I can't think of a better way to holiday with a little boy than by taking a trip to the beach and visiting 'pirate' ships. I'm sure that your Connor will never forget visiting the replicas, and when he learns about Columbus in school he will be able to put the voyage in context by remembering the size of the ships.
    I loved the view of the beach!

  12. What a lovely vacation - nothing beats time at the beach with your grandson for company.
    Thanks for the interesting history lesson - what brave sailors those men must have been.

  13. Hi Emily, I saw the Nina and Pinta once and now I'm wondering if they were these replicas or others. I remember being shocked at the small size of these ships and thinking about them crossing the ocean, not knowing where they would end up! You are a very lucky grandma to have this adorable boy to travel with! The beach is gorgeous. I would love sitting there with you listening to the water. Thanks for the interesting post! Linda

  14. Good Morning Emily,

    I have always been fascinated by the journey of Christopher Columbus, one of my favorite History lessons. I enjoyed our tour of the ships and those sleeping quarters were awful!
    Such bravery to travel the uncharted and high seas.
    What a beautiful treat for the children and of course the beach is the perfect place to create lasting memories and experience pure joy.
    I can feel the water on my toes!
    Wonderful to have you join us today at TOHOT!

  15. I suddenly feel the need to schedule a vacation.

    I've read before that they Nina and Pinta were really small. Did you have that impression in person? I bet your grandson loved every second of that trip. Your photos are wonderful!

    Thank you for sharing this at TOHOT. :)

  16. Hi Stacey, Yes, the Nina and Pinta surprised me at just how small they were. It must have been a long journey when crossing the Atlantic. Oh yes, Connor was loving roaming around the ships and listening to the guide. So happy to hear you enjoyed the photos.

  17. Emily, this is such a wonderful post! I feel as if I am on vacation with you! The photos are amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Oh this post was chock full of so many gorgeous images! I adore the beach shots. Thank you for so faithfully joining us at Thoughts of Home on Thursday. You are a treasured friend.

  19. Emily, What a beautiful post this is! Thank you for taking me along... Such an exciting trip for your grandson, and memories forever...The beach is just breathtaking.
    Thank you so much for visiting and kind thoughts.

  20. Thank you for bringing us along, Emily. I so love that ocean. Medicine to my soul.
    The ships docked here many years ago when our children were younger. They're impressive to see up close. Glad Connor enjoyed.
    Happy weekend, lovely friend, and thank you for your kind words.

  21. What a wonderful trip Emily. I love history and would love touring the ships! It's been to long since I was at the beach. Thanks ofr sharing with SYC.

  22. How wonderful that you got to spend some quality time with family in such a beautiful place! So fun to tour those boats, and that view - gorgeous! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm! xoKathleen

  23. It looks like you had a wonderful week's vacation at the beach with your grandson. I saw a replica of the Santa Maria in Spain and was surprised how small it was for the adventure that lay ahead.

  24. Thanks for sharing your wonderful vacation.

  25. Emily, I know you have fond memories of your nice vacation. I love seeing the different beaches in FL. Thanks for the history lesson too. Connor is so precious!

  26. This was a fascinating post. I'll show your pictures next year to my pupils when we talk about Christopher Columbus.

  27. What a fabulous vacation. And how fortunate of you to have the Nina and Pinta there, so nice of Connor to learn some part of history.....Christine

  28. I'm stunned at how small the ships are. That took some incredible bravery to go off into the unknown in something so small. Got a kick out of the living quarters/interior. Total upgrade from the fifteenth century, for sure.




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