Monday, October 31, 2016


I don't know where this month has gone but I almost missed it! I've added my collection of velvet pumpkins around the house and with the addition of a few fall plants and pumpkins outside I'm ready to welcome fall, even though it was eighty-six degrees again today. Come along and I'll share my month with you. 

Roses in fall colors for the kitchen

A happy halloween kitty nutcracker for The French Hutch

Vintage Halloween candles

Canadian leaves from the Quimper Club International meeting last year in Vancouver

A table runner of fall leaves for a table for two

Amber glass pumpkins and Courtly Check

Baby boos 

Fitz and Floyd 

Lots of treats, love the plant, thank you Iris.

 Love the napkins, thanks Jenna. Enjoyed our lunch.

On the veranda

Fairy pumpkin patch

Still summer on the veranda, the impatiens are still blooming. I will not pull them out while they are still pretty but I will replace them with pansies. 

My neighbor creates a such a cute creepy scary scene for all the little trick or treaters.

 Wish I had my phone with me to video this, it has bats flying around inside. 

Wishing you all a fun, safe and Happy Halloween. I am looking forward to November, one of my favorite months. Do you love November, I would love to hear. Thanks for stopping by and I would love for you to leave a comment, it's the only way I know you stopped by.



  1. Hi Emily, I do love November! It seems like a peaceful month to me even though it has all the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving and I start thinking about Christmas. I think it's because we automatically nest as it gets colder. Your fall decor is beautiful. I can't bear to pull out the blooming flowers in my pots or yard either, and usually wait for the frost to nip them. Then I freeze trying to clean out the pots or replace the flowers with evergreens! Happy November! Linda

  2. Oh Emily, I am TOTALLY overwhelmed! This is gorgeous, every photo more delicious than the last. The rich velvets, beautiful hydrangea, bright bursts of whimsical color. I love the pumpkins in the planters, every single touch. Your home is so beautiful I can imagine that when anyone walks in they simply gasp and can't draw their eyes away (unless it's long enough to have a cupcake!) I am in Halloween heaven here! I hope it was a lovely festive night for you!

  3. Your home always looks so pretty. Your Fall d├ęcor is perfect. So many velvet pumpkins and all of them are such gorgeous colors. Love the way you mixed Fall and Halloween with your Courtly Check. Oh, those Fitz and Floyd pieces stole my heart! Love all of it, Emily.

  4. Loved scrolling through every detail, Emily. Was nice to see the hutch all dressed up for the season. I spy blue and white. :)
    October is my favorite month, and this year it seemed to escape me...gone much too soon. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, but the kids moved away so it's going to be a little different this year.
    Always wonderful stopping by, friend.
    Happy belated Halloween. ;)
    PS-Miss your musics.

  5. You really do it up! Every photo is a visual feast, and I really enjoyed all your pretties. I love that pottery amphora or pitcher with the brass handle -- I see only one side, but it is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing -- I feel so lazy!

  6. Happy Halloween Emily! I love your kitty nutcracker! It's so much fun to see everyone's special Halloween things and fall decor- love the purple mums and of course Courtly Check is fabulous with everything! always look forward to some quiet weeks in early November to clear my head and prepare for the holiday madness :) Do you think it will ever cool off and rain? Loved our luncheon, we must do it again soon!

  7. The glass pumpkins are something I had never seen before, they are lovely. Enjoy your favourite month!

  8. Everything is lovely, Emily! So much to see. I love your velvet pumpkins and have been collecting them too. I actually made five myself which is unusual for me to do DIY. Your mums are so pretty and I am amazed your impatiens are still so healthy. Mine are gone.It hasn't rained in over a month and I didn't water them for two weeks while I was gone. You had a lot of cute Halloween decor and looks like you visited some neighbors that went all out.
    I love your roses in your Courtly Check. Enjoyed your post seeing all you have been doing.

  9. Emily, I've enjoyed seeing your beautiful fall decor. How cool that you got together with blog friends!

  10. Very festive! I love the amber glass pumpkin - and especially the dishes it is sitting on! beautiful roses in a lovely pot, too! We had a frost last night, so the flowers are almost done here, sad to say! Happy November!

  11. I love all the sweet little Halloween touches around your home, Emily! And YES! I do *love* November. Your neighbor's yard is scary! Yikes!

    Your impatiens are still looking great. I'm ready for pansies, but I think it's still too hot, don't you?

  12. RJ, yes, I do think it's to hot for pansies. Surely we will see temperatures cool down soon! Ninety is to hot for November......

  13. Such gorgeous items emily, but I expect nothing less! Love the glass pumpkins!

    I just got together with some blog friends yesterday. Always fun :)

    I'm not a huge fan of November I must admit.

    Enjoy it for me ;)


  14. Hi sweet Emily! I so enjoyed taking a peek around the inside and outside of your lovely home. Your hutch looks so beautiful and so does your table. All your decor is perfect for Fall and Halloween. It's been so hot here, too. It was a record high for Halloween! Happy November to you...I can't believe it's here already. xx

  15. Your photos are like eye candy! Wow, everything is just beautiful!

  16. Your house looks beautifully decorated for fall. I especially love your velvet pumpkins.

  17. The flowers are gorgeous. Your mums look great. I have to admit I'm a little jealous, mine aren't doing so well.

    I love Thanksgiving, so that part of November makes me very happy.

  18. It's all wonderful Emily! Love the velvet pumpkins!! I have that same 'beware' cloche. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  19. Thanks so much for your recent visit and comment on my photo blog, much appreciated. I am happy to be back blogging and have just enjoyed a lovely catch up here.

  20. Emily, you have the most gorgeous Fall decor! Your accents are wonderful! I am sure they are even more beautiful in person! I love seeing all of your pretty treasures!




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