Saturday, November 12, 2016


Fresh baked breakfast bread

Saturday mornings in November are normally rushed for a number of reasons. Family visits, football games and meeting up with friends. I need something to warm the hearts and stomachs of family on these cool mornings. I love the aroma of coffee mixed with pumpkin spiced bread drifting up the stairs to wake my family. A sure bet it gets everyone up and moving.
When I'm in a hurry a mix gets the job done. I do enjoy baking from scratch but today I used a mix, delicious. I plan to make this for a quick start on Thanksgiving too. 

Quick and easy to mix

I love this baking pan, perfect for autumn 

I love using this set of Portmeirion; Birds of Britain. It was given to our family from my mother-in-law. It was displayed in her dining room for years. There are six dinner plates, salad plates and mugs. I think it is perfect for autumn and it always makes me think of her. She is in a retirement home now and it makes her happy knowing all of her favorite things are being enjoyed by her loved ones.

What a great way to start the day, coffee and fresh baked bread, a little buttery spread and jam and it's even better!

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  1. It's after 7 pm here, and I've just finished dinner. How I'd love a slice of this yummy breakfast bread for my dessert. ;-) It sounds yummy, and I can smell the aroma through my computer screen. Love the bird plates. Happy November, dear friend!

  2. How lovely to wake up to the wafting smell of pumpkin spice bread! And your Portmeirion Birds of Britain china is so beautiful and elegant, not to mention a special family heirloom. November is flying by, you have reminded me it's time to slow down and smell the pumpkin spice!

  3. I've seen other Portmerion patterns but not this one. It's just gorgeous. And how I love the bread and the way it comes out of the pan! Sarah is right -- you can practically smell it! It all looks so very beautiful, Emily. I can just imagine myself getting up and sitting down at that table and relishing the warmth and love I know must abound. Happy weekend, my friend.

  4. I tried that mix, and it was delicious. Your special pan makes the presentation special, too. Your MIL's Birds of Britain china is simply wonderful. I don't think I have ever seen this particular pattern before, so thanks for showing it to us. I have another day of cooking ahead of me, but next week, I plan to slow down!

  5. What a pretty Portmerion pattern! And I think that your bread is so pretty due to the baker. It's too pretty to eat! I love the smell of pumpkin spice and coffee this time of year. I've been burning both a pumpkin spice and espresso candle from Anthropologie this past week!

    Roll Tide, Emily!

  6. How pretty your Birds of Britain plates and mugs are! I know your MIL is happy her nice things are being enjoyed by her loved ones. I love pumpkin bread and nothing is better for breakfast. Your baking pan makes a lovely loaf.
    Would you believe I just received the notice that your post was posted by email at 2:20 and others received it earlier. That's crazy. Since you posted yesterday I would think it would have gone out on Saturday.

  7. Emily, what a cool pan and beautiful dishes! They have been very well kept, you can tell. I love bird motifs on most anything. Your November morning sounds perfect for any time of the day, really!
    Have a great week.

  8. First of all, the bread pan is so pretty for Fall, Emily, and it makes the bread extra special. It just warmed my heart to know that your dear mother-in-law's beautiful dishes are loved by you.
    Wish I could share a slice of pumpkin bread with you!

  9. Oh, Emily, your bread looks delicious! I am inhaling and imagining that aroma drifting up the stairs! Your MIL's dishes are truly beautiful and you are so lucky to have them to think of her when you serve your family now. I've never seen this pattern, but I do love the glaze and weight of Portmerion dishes. Ooh I am thinking about that bread again! Linda

  10. The bread pan is wonderful, and it would certainly motivate me to do some baking if I had one like that. Your mil is fortunate to have her treasures well loved and used. The dishes are truly special!


  11. What a lovely way to start your morning. I know your MIL must be pleased that you use and enjoy some of her treasured items.

  12. Now I need to go and make myself a coffee, no frshly cooked bread though. :)

  13. I need a cup of coffee and a slice of this wonderful bread!

  14. Emily, that bread pan is fabulous. The Birds of britain dishware is so pretty. You mil would love knowing you are using the dishes. A cup of coffee and this bread would be heavenly.

  15. What a beautiful post, Emily! (I don't know why I don't get your posts.) How sweet that you are able to enjoy your MIL's beautiful dishes. That's a true treasure! I bet that bread is delicious, as well!

  16. Those dishes are beautiful and the bread pan...oh wow!

  17. Oh, I want a piece of your beautiful bread served on the stunning bird plates. Thanks for sharing at Monday Social.


  18. Hello my lovely friend. How are you this Thanksgiving eve? Busy I'm sure. I could almost smell that delicious bread. Stopped by when you first posted this but was only flying by.
    Wishing you many blessings this holiday season, and looking forward to lots of your wonderful photographs.

  19. I love the baking pan, so perfect for the season. And Portmeirion is always so pretty!




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