Thursday, December 8, 2016


It's finally looking a lot like Christmas! I started decorating before Thanksgiving and working on this post early, made a few photos to share with you but only recently pulled it together. I still need to decide on a centerpiece for the dining room. Last year I broke the big antique crystal punch bowl I always used to hold a maidenhair fern. It was used so many times over the years and was my go to piece for easy and elegant. Well, I won't dwell on that, it can be replaced with something different.  
Get a cup of hot chocolate or your favorite cup of tea and I'll show you around, warning, a lot of photos!

The Foyer
Silver and a little tinsel tree

Lodge Clock with it's usual mice and critters

The Living Room

This is a little white flocked tabletop tree. I decorate it with special things I love and gifts from my family and friends

The table is covered with a Patience Brewster Peace and Love tree skirt

And underneath the table a lot of special little critters and dolls

The Study ~ off the living room
Where we have our big tree

My desk, where I keep and display vintage Christmas keepsakes
Cards and a tiny music box

 Our tree holds many treasures from our travels

And very special pieces, here, a little cub scout made by our son when he was a cub scout

The kitchen and family room

The French Hutch

Sarah, we need to go back to Paris, soon!


Jim says I decorate until Christmas Eve. It's true! I will add little vignettes throughout and maybe change a few things. My favorite time of year and I always enjoy old traditions of decorating, I love vintage ornaments hanging on the tree, big colored bulbs on the outside trees and my favorite Christmas carols and music, everything about the holidays. So do tell, what is your favorite holiday tradition?
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  1. How pretty. So nice to be invited into your home.

  2. Emily, your beautiful home sparkles and shines with the love and joy you have expressed with your cherished Christmas treasures. I love seeing snippets of your home dressed for the holidays. And yes, we do need to get ourselves back to Paris! '-)
    I smiled at Jim's comment about decorating till Christmas Ev. Just yesterday, Elizabeth commented that she is never finished. Yes, we all love the process so much that we just keep tweaking and adding vignettes.
    Happy Holidays, sweet friend.

  3. Oh Emily! I am in love! I am in love with every image, every detail, every tree large and small! All the mice, the bears, the beautiful ornaments, the wonderful kitchen. I'm in love with the tinsel tree and the flocked tree and your big tree -- oh my! I'm in love with the travel ornaments (we do that too!) and the wonderful things made by your son. It is my idea of heaven -- love, sparkle, glitter, joy. Oh, I'll be back to look at these some more! Merry and Merry!

  4. I remember the clock and mice from previous years Emily and it always delights my heart! Your PB tree skirt is beautiful around your table top tree and so many wonderful toys- you have been a very busy elf, decorating every niche in your home, so much sparkling eye candy! I think you are all set for a very merry holiday indeed! Everything looks beautiful, and your French hutch is just stunning!

  5. So pretty Emily!! I love all of your details.. those bears. I have some too and the kids love to snuggle with them while reading holiday stories. Happy Friday!

  6. So so pretty, what a beautiful festive home. Here in France we are only just starting to think about decorating! The lights finally went on in the village last night, the Christmas markets open this weekend for the first time, the build up is slow but everyone is excited! Have a very happy holidays

  7. You have been one busy girl! It is all so lovely, that I really can't pick a favorite. I do think Napoleon and Josephine are pretty adorable, though. I have looked everywhere for a heavily flocked white table top tree, can't find one, haven't put up a tree yet. Everything else is done. I am also one who tweaks and adds on right up till time to take it all down.

  8. Emily, Everything is delightful. I smiled when you said you are still decorating Christmas Eve because it seems I'm never through either. But this year I won't have family coming but will travel to their homes so after Tuesday when I host my Sunday School party I want to savor Christmas movies and do Christmas cards.
    I have enjoyed looking at your darling decorations. You have a great many stuffed bears and dolls. Love your ornaments on your tree. Spied the Paris and London ones for sure. You have a lot of collections which I am sure hold special memories. Your vintage caroler candles are adorable. I remember similar ones as a child. So cute to put a Santa hat on your cloche and I'm intrigued by the "Night Before Christmas in Paris" book. Were you in Paris at Christmas? That would be a joy!
    Love your paperwhites and your cute mice on your clock. There has been so much to see and enjoy. Wish I could be there and tour with you sharing your memories.

  9. Emily, I love your tinsel tree, the silver and the blue! So pretty!!! I know your family, especially your grandson, appreciates your efforts. I also decorate almost up until Christmas because I like to bring in lots of fresh greenery!

    I loved seeing all your little touches. You have some of the most unusual and pretty Christmas ornaments! The mice ornaments are my favorite. I love them on the grandfather clock. So adorable!

    Thanks for taking the time to put together this post. I enjoyed all the photos of your decor.


    P.S. I also love your kitchen vignettes, too!!!

  10. What a treat this was Emily! You have so many lovely things, I can imagine how much fun it is to decorate for you! Too bad about that bowl. We had a punch bowl too and I never thought to use it in that fashion, but what a great idea. We sold it at a garage sale years ago when we moved.

    As for traditions, I think you know we don't have any these days. Well, at least no traditional ones, as our tradition is to head out of Dodge lol. Someday that will change, but not just yet.

    I wanted to thank you for stopping by and commenting. You're always the first one to comment and you always leave such thoughtful ones. It truly makes my day!


  11. Emily, it's so beautiful! Building up to your large tree, I was fascinated with first the nostalgia of the tinsel tree, the whimsical stuffed animals and toys beneath the tabletop tree in the LR, but your large tree....!!! All those fantastic ornaments from travels must have you smiling for hours upon hours as you unwrap them.
    Your husband's observation of your method of decorating, and your attitude about it and the season are wonderful. I'm on that train with you! This is my favorite season of all, for sure. The hardest thing, I find, is keeping sanity with all the hoopla, the activity around, and finding the right balance. You've done a fantastic job of it, especially given the health blip you are managing.
    Thank you for opening your doors and allowing us a glimpse of your treasure trove of nostalgia. And oh yea, I love Johnny Mathis singing while perusing it all!

  12. Oh, it's all just gorgeous Emily! You have so many lovely things. The little critters on the clock made me smile big time!

  13. Emily your home is beautifully decorated. I am so envious - Love love all the Christmas scenes and the beautiful things you have displayed. Fantastic job!

  14. Oh, you've decorated every room! It looks wonderful!

  15. I'm so sorry to hear about your antique punch bowl, Emily, but you have so many other pretty pieces to make you smile, and for me to smile, too! I loved seeing all your lovely decorations for your favorite holiday. I'm constantly tweaking, too, and then all too soon, it's time to take down all of our favorite things. Enjoy the remainder of Christmastime, sweet friend. Thinking of you...xo

  16. very, very nice, i love !!!
    Merry Christmas

  17. Oh Emily, every detail is bursting with LOVE...and your music is back!!! Sigh...brought a tear to my eyes. Your blue and white has my heart, but so does your gorgeous French hutch. Lingering here with my coffee this morning.




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