Thursday, December 1, 2016


Revisiting Tales of the Traveling Totes with
 Miss Courtney Childs

It has been a busy summer here with no time for any special travel. So, Miss Courtney Childs and I would love to revisit some of our previous trips. But first, we would love to share with you our beautiful gift from our Traveling Tote secret pal. 

Two lovely glass ornaments

From Patti at Pandora's Box

Thank you Patti! These beautiful ornaments will be a wonderful new addition to my Christmas tree this year.

Now a few photos down memory lane with 
Miss Courtney Childs

Last year I made several trips to the beach, taking Miss Courtney Childs, a great carry-all for all those beach necessities. 

My favorite beach, Seaside, FL along scenic Highway 30-A, between Panama City Beach and Destin

And, of course I love PCB!
 the Gulf of Mexico, the color is amazing

My favorite companion at the beach, Connor! 

And, I love going to Atlanta to visit my sister Iris, the tote comes in handy if we get to do any shopping.

Source Google
Day tripping to Decatur, GA

Now, I would love for you to meet the newest addition to the Traveling Totes here at The French Hutch. 

The Mackenzie-Childs Bittersweet Town Tote

bound in plum and chocolate-hued leather with twill lining--transforms you into a snapshot from America's iconic history: explorers with their bulging backpacks; aviators with in-flight valise;
cowboys with their saddlebags.

source ~ MacKenzie-Childs catalog

Those of you who follow the Tales of the Traveling Totes know we name our bags. This lovely bag is named for the beautiful orange and scarlet berries that appear on the bittersweet vine and plants in the fall. So, I think the name Scarlet is perfect for my bag! It is a great size for everyday use and just the right size for taking along on road trips. 

Beautiful brass hardware strap and a handy side pocket  

Miss Courtney Childs is already helping with Christmas shopping

Miss Courtney and Miss Scarlet 

A Giveaway

The Tales of the Traveling Totes members are offering another giveaway. Debbie at Mountain Breaths is sponsoring this giveaway. Please visit her blog and leave a comment for a chance to win this lovely glass acorn from MacKenzie-Childs.

 Other Traveling Totes members

Debbie with Miss Aurora @ Mountain Breaths 
Linda with Miss Rosie @ More Fun Less Laundry
Patti with Miss Kenzie and Miss Taylor @ Pandora's Box
Sarah with Miss Merri Mac @ Hyacinth for the Soul
Rita with Miss Luna C @ Panoply

I hope you will pop over and visit the other TTT members to see where their travels have taken them. 
I hope you will leave a comment here, it's the only way I know you stopped by.

Please come back March 1, 2017 to see where our travels will take us next.



  1. Your favorite place to visit are also on my "favorites" list! Happy December to you!

  2. Emily, Miss Scarlet is the perfect name for your beautiful new tote! I think you will find that this size is so convenient. I reach for mine every day as I go about, whether for fun or errands! Your beach photo is amazing with the bright white sand and the brilliant blue water. Two colors I love together. I wish I could do some shopping with you in Georgia! We would have a wonderful time together. I always enjoy seeing your roundup of your shopping expeditions! Take care and have a wonderful weekend! Linda

  3. Emily, love your new tote! And that photo of the beach made me want to jump right thru the computer screen!! Looking forward to more adventures with you!! Happy you liked the ornaments! Happy Holidays!

  4. Emily, it's fun to revisit the adventures. Love Miss Scarlet! I find the Town Tote that joined me this year goes out and about almost daily. The ornaments from Patti are lovely. They will twinkle on your tree in the sunlight and reflect the tree lights in the evening. Love the ocean sounds. Makes me feel as if I've had a morning on the beach.

  5. Emily, I love Miss Scarlet! Your recap just gives credence to the wonderful friendships we've all forged in this past year with our travels and totes. It's a wonderful connection.

  6. Love your new bag, Emily, and her name too.
    The ornaments from Patti are beautiful! I wonder if you could use them as sun catchers in a window?
    I never tire of our beautiful Gulf Coast. Your pictures were enjoyable.

  7. I always love the tales of the traveling totes! And you do go to the best places! Wonderful photos and so delightful to see all your travels!

    You had an outstanding swapping partner in Pam! The ornaments are just beautiful. I can imagine how lovely they will be on your tree!

  8. I didn't realize how large that tote was Emily, until I saw it next to you. It's beautiful (as are you!).

    What beautiful ornaments, and I'm sure they will look stunning on your tree. Doing things like that really helps to tie each of us together in this place called blogland :).


  9. Wonderful post filled with so much eye candy!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  10. Emily, it was fun revisiting your adventures and you go to the best places! All places I would be very happy with. Miss Scarlet is the perfect size to tote around, and I loved reading the description "transforms you into a snapshot from America's iconic history: explorers with their bulging backpacks; aviators with in-flight valise; cowboys with their saddlebags!! The ornaments from Patti are lovely. Happy December!

  11. What fun Emily, a trip down memory lane is always welcome travel! I put a MK tote on my wish list to Santa, even though the only traveling we do is to the coast. Your PCB photos are making me feel landlocked right now, as beautiful as the autumn leaves are, I miss those water views! I love your new town tote, Scarlet, perfect name! I hope you and your totes have many productive shopping trips in these next few weeks! Love the watercolor of snorkeling Connor!

  12. I really wish I'd bought one....but I ended up buying it for Shanley Belle! Cute post! I love 30-A, too!!!

    I hope Santa leaves you many treats inside Miss Courtney Childs!




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