Wednesday, March 1, 2017


 MacKenzie-Childs Traveling Totes
great for any trip but I love these for the beach

Courtyard Tote
My Christmas gift from my son, daughter-in-law and grandson
Perfect for spring

Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, AL and Atlanta
 latest destinations for my totes

AL has miles of beautiful beaches
I grew up vacationing here with my family

Atlanta, Ga also is a favorite destination

Jim helped me unpack a few "finds" 
from the after Christmas sales in Atlanta

Home away from home for the week at Orange Beach where my sister and brother-in-law joined us for a few days

It was beautiful weather for walking on the sugar white sand, just stay off the dunes and sea oats! The city of Orange Beach and Gulf Shores have really cracked down on spring breakers, no drinking on the beach and leaving only "Footprints" behind 

First trip here for Miss Courtney Childs
perfect for all those beach necessities

The sunsets were glorious

Delicious Seafood

Jim loves his flounder fried, mine was perfectly broiled

 bread pudding with bourbon sauce

it is also lovely bayside

Miss Scarlet is a perfect everyday tote

We spent one day in Fairhope, AL

Where Mardi Gras was in full swing all along the gulf coast

A few favorite shops for antiquing

When in Fairhope we enjoy bayside views at this  favorite hotel

Lovely hotel in an old south setting

Later in the week I met friends at The Grand Hotel  for lunch. Jenna at The Painted Apron and Leslie Anne at Southern with a Gulf Coast Accent, it was the one day it rained on my vacation but didn't dampen our fun!

   And back home,  in the Mardi Gras tradition a king cake to celebrate a Mardi Gras beach vacation

Remember those interesting packages Jim was unpacking from my car, my fabulous sale finds in Atlanta! A Juliska Flint cream and sugar to add to my Juliska pieces 

And,  a gorgeous MacKenzie Childs Christmas pillow,  a jeweled reindeer on front and the Courtly Check pattern on back. 

Going to the beach was a great get away with family, always special and Atlanta is always fun, it's where my sister lives!

A Giveaway

The Tales of the Traveling Totes members are offering another giveaway. Sarah at Hyacinths for the Soul is sponsoring this giveaway. Please visit her blog and leave a comment for a chance to win this lovely MacKenzie-Childs green flower market vase.

 I am excited to introduce you to two new members of The Traveling Totes, Jenna at the Painted Apron and Katie at The Preppy Empty Nester. Welcome girls!

Debbie with Miss Aurora @ Mountain Breaths
Patti with Miss Kenzie and Miss Taylor @ Pandora's Box
Sarah with Miss Merri Mac @ Hyacinth's for the Soul
Rita with Miss Luna C @ Panoply
Katie with Miss Daisy @ Preppy Empty Nester
Jenna with Miss Coquille @ The Painted Apron

I know you will enjoy visiting the other TTT members to see where their travels have taken them. 

I hope you will leave a comment here, it's the only way I know you stopped by.

Please come back June 1, 2017 to see where our travels will take us next.


  1. Oh my goodness, Emily, your recent travels were to die for! Lovely sights (love that they cracked down on spring breakers!), beautiful views, and wonderful finds you brought home. Way to go, Jim - if you can't beat us, by all means join us! Happy March, Emily!

  2. Good morning, Jenna!! Your photos are fabulous. I scrolled through them twice. Those antique shops are heavenly. I have a soft spot in my heart for copper and I got palpations looking at that one shop that had such beautiful pieces. I am jealous that you got to meet Leslie Anne! She is such a riot! Thanks for taking me on your travels. Enjoy your week, Jenna.

  3. LOVE every detail, Emily. Those ocean pics look like postcards. Sure hope they continue to protect the beautiful dunes and oats on our coasts. I love them so.
    Love it when you take us shopping with you, and those are great finds you brought home. AND getting together with blogging friends just tops it all off with a pretty bow. What a fun group, always takes me back to The Traveling Apron, a similar blogging group I enjoyed very much years ago.
    Off to visit the others.
    Lovely day, friend.

  4. Emily, your photos are gorgeous! I have been kicking myself for not taking more pics at the Grand Hotel or getting to Fairhope before Mardi Gras. I just love that shop with the tall funky pirate, he is always dressed up for the current season. Shopping with your sister in Atlanta and a trip to the beach are perfect ways to spend the dreary winter months in Alabama, and now it's March 1st and yay, spring! You have a wonderful collection of bags and totes, and your husband is so sweet to be so supportive and helpful. It was so much fun getting together with our totes for lunch! I hope to see you again soon!

  5. Emily, Delighted to hear about your beach and Atlanta trip. I wish I could have joined you for all the fun. It's been ages since I was at the Grand Hotel. I think the couple whose wedding I attended there have three children!
    Love your new totes. I hope I still have the pic of the MC section in London because I think you would enjoy it.
    Your beach pictures with the sugar white sand ( love your description) can't be beat anywhere! That was a beautiful sunset pic and the flounder cooked both ways looks scrumptious. The traveling tote adventures are always fun.
    Hoping your week is off to a good start. Bonnie

  6. Emily, I'm sitting here so wishing I could be on one of those beaches walking in that sugar white sand. Your photos make me feel as if the water is right there within reach! Someday I want to get to Fairhope. I read so many wonderful things about this town and I know you and Jenna would meet me there. '-) All your MacKenzie girls make a smart wardrobe. Love seeing all the Mardi Gras fun!
    As Mary @ Home is Where the Boat Is suggested, "Rabbit, rabbits" for the first day of March!

  7. At first glance, the sugar white sand looked like can tell I am a northerner!! The beach pics are just dreamy...and the gift shops are to die for! Love your MC collection (and the new bag is so classy) I have never been in your neck of the woods, so I will definitely add it to my bucket list, my LONG bucket list....happy trails

  8. It looks like you and all your totes had a wonderful time, Emily, at the beach and in Fairhope meeting up with friends. I'm sure spending time with your sister was so special.

  9. So happy we got to visit over yummy lunch at the Grand while you were here! I love Aubergine and am so glad you got to stop by there. I've bought a few rugs and small things from them. Glad you made it home safely and hope to see you and your tote again soon!

  10. The coast of Alabama looks like a great place to visit, thanks for sharing your photos. Love your treasures, especially the Christmas pillow…I'll look for it in a future post.

  11. Oh, look at those fabulous finds! I love your china pieces! And all that cheerful Mardi Gras. Oh Emily, what a grand time you have had. I am so fond of open water and seeing your shores make my heart smile and remind me that it won't be too long before spring and then summer will be here. That one shop with the colorful garland looked too good to be true! Such a wonderful holiday. Welcome home!

  12. Beautiful finds Emily and I always enjoy snap shots from from your travels:) Enjoy your day!!

  13. That hotel looks gorgeous! I'm putting that on my list :).

    I'm glad they are cracking down on spring breakers. After that shooting a year or two ago it's obvious changes were needed.


  14. Oh my, those pictures of the beach are breathtaking!

  15. Emily, you are enticing me with the Alabama coast and I would love to visit the area some day. One of my NY coworkers lived in Alabama and loved it. Love your treasures and hearing about the time you spend with your sister. Your lovely family of totes is growing, and I'm surely looking forward to your new adventure. xx

  16. You've been out and about! Good for you. I've yet to go to the beach this year, still too chilly.

  17. What lovely travel shots and my favourite photo has to be the sunset!




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