Thursday, September 7, 2017


I couldn't resist a quick visit to a few of my favorite shops while I was in the neighborhood. I love to see the latest patterns and colors for the season, I wasn't disappointed. Like this lovely tree pattern at Williams Sonoma and the gorgeous colors and vignettes at Pottery Barn. I pulled out my phone for these so I could share with you what is new this fall. Hope you enjoy.

Love the olive branches on the napkins

Emilie Henry pie plates

Beautiful fall colors

Fall vignettes from Pottery Barn

I loved this grapevine pumpkin

Ghost mugs for little spooks

So many new china patterns and faux greenery. I  think these faux plants look so natural, better every year. Hope you found a little inspiration. I don't do a lot of fall decorating but my shopping trip sure inspired me! Thanks for stopping in, I always enjoy your visit. Hope you will leave a comment so I know you stopped by.



  1. Emily, I need to stop in our WS store and also Pottery Barn. I love to see their tables for inspiration. Love that neutral damask linen. I may go look at those. I have a lovely set of blue damask and a set of burgundy that I used last week when our Houston family was here. My cousin commented on how pretty they were. When I told her I purchased them in the 1980s and that they have been used and washed many, many times she was shocked. I said buy woven damask linens and they will serve you well. '-)
    Stop by Hyacinths when you get a chance. I have a new look.

  2. All so pretty, Emily. And I need another dish like a hole in the head! Beautiful settings, though.

    Hope you are well out of Hurricane Irma and its leftovers (once it serves up its main course -- scary.) Take care.

  3. Nice! I haven't visited these stores lately. I loved the little perforated pumpkins. Are they for tea lights?

  4. I wish I had been there to go shopping with you!! I am itching to check out all my favorite Bham stores, and dying to get to TJ's to stock up on my favorites. Love the ghost mugs and the glittery pumpkins! So many temptations, did you buy anything? Those chunky silver candlesticks, swoon!! Thanks for the shopping trip Emily,

  5. Love, love all your photos - feel like I have been shopping and you know how I love looking!

  6. I'm always the last one to drag myself out of summer and into fall, but these cute things are helping quite a bit. Such a good eye you have for the latest trends! Love the pumpkin things and tree at W.S.!

  7. You picked the right store for all these wonderful finds.

  8. Fiscally dangerous place to visit!!! EVERYTHING looks like it needs to go home with us!!!

  9. love, love all your photos. I love autumn.

  10. Beautiful! I love some of the faux greenery (those blackberry stems look real!). I've been cleaning, and made a trip to farmers' market for my outdoor decor, changed's officially begun in my home with just the little things. :)

  11. I feel like I've just been on a shopping trip, Emily! I enjoyed seeing all the Fall inspiration from WS and PB. I haven't started any Fall decapitating yet, but thank you for the giving me a nudge. Happy weekend to you!

  12. William Sonoma can be a dangerous place! They always have such classy, fun things.

    Pottery Barn ain't too shabby either ;).


    P.S. Had to laugh at kitty's comment. So glad she hasn't decapitated anything yet.. (gotta love auto correct).

  13. Huge fan of William Sonoma and Pottery Barn! Gorgeous textures and colors they are BOTH featuring this season. I'm so excited for a seasonal change .. our summer was a warm one.

  14. Great inspiration for Fall. I saw many pieces that I would have love to see in my home. I am so ready for Fall and this warm weather to move out. Thanks for sharing your shopping trip.

  15. I could "move into" in our PB store....there is rarely something that I don't like there!! I might stop in to look t those little striped pumpkins!!

  16. Love your shopping trip and giving us a tour of all the fall decor. I haven't been to these nice shops and now I feel as if I had. I love those damask napkins.
    I'm still not getting your new posts in my email. I'll sign up again.
    I'm late visiting here because the day this came out my cousins from Jacksonville arrived to escape Irma. They stayed five days. We had a great visit and if they had not come they would have had no power for that long. They did have a tree to fall on their house but did not break through the roof which was a great blessing. The tree cutters took it off this Monday. They had to wait five days before they came.
    Hope you are well and all your family.

  17. Too much temptation here. Thankfully I'm at a place in my lie where I can't fit in new items in my home unless I discard old ones first! xxx

  18. Wow, great inspiration. So many things to love. I guess we all need lots of storage for those great finds. Happy fall.

  19. A lot of pretty inspiration. I love the olive tree plate and napkin, I could see them going very well with some red accents on the table.

  20. We are in Germany right now and fall has definitely arrived here. Love your inspiration for when we return home to Florida.




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