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Thoughts and Prayers for Texas

Fall is in the Air

If it is September It is time for Tales of the Traveling Totes. I find it hard to believe it is already September! Yes, fall is in the air and  there is the Labor Day weekend, the last hurrah of summer. I filled Miss Courtney Childs with velvet pumpkins to start the season.

There has been little travel for us this summer, we enjoy vacations and traveling in spring and fall, even winter. Of course we usually have the trip to the beach, my happy place, in late spring or early summer and enjoy traveling to visit our families. So what did I do during the summer, a lot! 

While I'm not traveling I'm usually planning a trip
Smaller totes are great for holding reference books for trip planning so Miss Blossom has been helping out

Did I mention I was having the house painted, the entire interior of the house!  It was like moving and it spilled over into summer getting everything back in order. I told you I was busy! Did you notice the new grey color, the Chinese Silk is out of here, time for a change.

The study and my desk where I work and blog when I'm not using my laptop

Totes for my happy place are wonderful for necessities 

Alys Beach ~ Hwy 30-A
A favorite spot

Going to Birthday Parties and celebrations

Totes are wonderful for holding and delivering gifts

My sister makes delicious birthday cakes for our parties

My sweet Connor turned nine this summer, what fun!

Diving and chasing turtles in the Keys
A favorite pic he sent me from his vacation this summer

Fun in Atlanta with my sister enjoying her pretty courtyard

She's had this MC look-a-like table for years and it's still gorgeous

And we celebrated Lulu, the newest four legged family member with this delicious chocolate cake, made by my sister, with little toy gifts for Lulu.  She loves to play with her presents. I have to say she is a sweetheart of a kitty, so loving and playful. 

Lulu is a Chartreux, a rare breed from France. They are known for their blue grey coats and orange or copper colored eyes. 
I think she looks like a Halloween kitty!

And other things I really enjoyed this summer are my flowers and container plants

Did some shopping at this cute shop while visiting our son, daughter-in-law and Connor

Connor liked the "beetle" 

Miss Molly and I visited a lot of flower and vegetable markets

Miss Courtney loves to bring home favorites from the supermarket and specialty shops

Lots of crackers, cheese and spreads for cheese boards on game day

Did you stock up on the seasonal Peach Bellini jam at Trader Joe's? I hope so, it's all gone until next year!A seasonal treat and it tastes like home made. I love toast and jam for breakfast

As you can see we have been busy. All of my totes and I have been out and about town, busy and enjoying summer. Now we are looking forward to fall and mild temps. Here in AL we won't see cooler weather for another six weeks. Fall color usually comes with Thanksgiving! 

A Giveaway

The Tales of the Traveling Totes members are offering another giveaway.

Our giveaway for September is being hosted by

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Please come back December 1, 2017 to see where our travels will take us next.


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  1. Emily, you have me eager to pull out my velvet pumpkins with your opening photo, and your reminder to stock up on the Trader Joe's Peach Bellini is well taken. I think I may still have a bottle or two. '-) Your summer looks to be fun and festive with the family parties and excursions. Lulu is a gorgeous girl! Thanks for sharing the fun!

  2. Emily, You have indeed been busy! Your new paint looks so fresh and, yes, change is always nice. It's such a big job to do the entire house at once. Connor has grown from an adorable cutie into a handsome boy, and I'm sure he loves that turtle chasing! What a great shot of him swimming. I'm getting excited for you and that wonderful trip. You are just like me -- I have to read everything, and that book on the ceilings of the Uffizi would be just the thing I would enjoy too. We would be great travel buddies! Lulu is a gorgeous cat!! I have never heard of that breed, but it seems that you could sink your hand into her fur as if it was just whipped cream, or soft fleece. I could eat some of that chocolate cake right now for breakfast -- my favorite breakfast food :) You've had a great summer, Emily! Thanks for taking us along. Linda

  3. Cute little Lulu! Painting your whole house must have been a chore - I can even imagine moving everything! Looks like you are planning a trip to Europe? I am anxious to return - it was my favorite vacation ever. Trader Joe's is close to use and I always forget to go in - but I love their nuts and trail mixes. The cakes look delish. Your summer looked like it was enjoyable and you squeezed a lot into it!

  4. Emily... tell Connor that I like the beetle too! Such a handsome boy. Love all your pics and I want to steal your Sista's table. How fun to share Sista time! Sounds like your Summer was an awful like mine with all the painting going on! It's definitely worth it when it's over. Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

  5. Wow! You've been on the go!!! I can only imagine the disruption of having your entire interior painted. Just having a single room done totally rocked my world!!! But I'm glad you were able to do fun things, too, and you will enjoy the new look on the walls for a good while to come. I've never tasted that Peach Bellini jam, but I'm putting it on my iPad calendar to look for it next year!!!!

  6. Aren't those fig and olive crisps and gorgonzola crackers the best? And TJ's olive tapenade? I haven't been in a bit and seen the Peach Bellini jam -- time for a road trip!

    Your summer has been packed! Love the new gray -- very pretty. A big job, though. And I love all your travels. Time with family, celebrations, and looks like Italy is in the offing! All the beautiful flowers and gardens -- and Lulu! She's so pretty! Yes, your summer is a good one indeed.

  7. Where to begin?? First of all Emily I love the velvet pumpkins spilling out of Miss Courtney Childs! I don't know how I ever survived without my tote, it is so great for the things you mentioned like toting presents and gourmet delights from Trader Joe's! I missed the Peach Bellini jam this summer, boo hoo, and I already have a list of things I want to stock up on when I get back to the ham! Connor is a doll, my grandson just turned 9 too, such a sweet age, but dangerously close to being a teenager :) It's so nice you live close enough to your sister to visit and shop together often! I love her MKC knock off table! You found some unique and artsy things on your shopping trips~ I love the peacock! And Lulu! What a gorgeous kitty, and you can tell she is just full of personality! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful fun ❤️

  8. Emily, Looks like you are planning a trip to Italy! That's exciting.
    You have been busy. I can't image painting the entire house. Just my kitchen and den did me in. Happy it is finished and you are now enjoying the finished project.
    Happy Birthday to Conner.Love the pic of Conner underwater. A memory he won't forget. I'm intrigued by the shops you showed where your son lives.
    Love all the flowers and vegetable markets. Trader Joe's is so nice ....just wish I was closer. I'll be looking for the items shown in your bag.
    I enjoyed your visit to your sisters. Her porch is lovely, especially the MC look a like table.
    As always, your flowers are so pretty.
    Thanks for the peaks of what Miss Courtney Childs, Miss Molly and Miss Blossom have been up to!

  9. Emily, you have been a busy bee this summer! Wow, I can't believe that Connor turned 9! He'll be in the double digits next year! Your container gardens were among the very prettiest in Blogland this summer. I loved seeing them! I had no idea you were painting the entire interior of your house....what a challenge! It is like moving. And I love your blogging area. Your desk is so pretty! We didn't make it to the 30-A beaches this has been a long time since we've been to Seaside. Maybe we can make a long weekend trip this autumn!

    Super post, and I still like the new look of your blog.


  10. Wow, love the velvet pumpkin in your sweet tote, miss Courtney Childs. What a great way to start your lovely post. You are a busy woman. Finding time to read can be difficult for me. The hydrangeas are stunning! Painting the house will give a renewed feeling. Connor is a cutie. Thanks for sharing your lovely adventures this summer. xo

  11. First of all, Emily, I love the velvet pumpkins packed inside your tote! You sure put all your totes to good use, I must say. I'm with Connor, and love the darling beetle! It must be fun for you to spend time with your sister. My does she ever make gorgeous cakes! I'm so impressed! I think I'm loving Miss Molly...she looks like she'd go with denim? Thanks for sharing your fun with us.

  12. Emily, I love your leading photo of your tote stuffed with the velvet pumpkins! Bet you're glad the house painting is over. If you're like me, you walk gingerly while opening doors when arms are loaded with totes full so as not to scratch that new paint!
    Your office lamp is an exact one I have in my home! (mine was an estate sale purchase). I love the picture of Connor underwater, and the antiques displayed are familiar to the type we've sold and sell. :) We don't have TJ here, so no peach bellini for this girl. :(
    Football season is definitely upon us (officially) this weekend, and even though we are just now getting some cooler temps with the remnants of Harvey here in WV 7 days later its landfall, I can't help but pause and know Texas will be at least 7 months, if not 7 years, coming out of the destruction the storm brought.
    It's been a joy to catch up with you and your summer through the tales of the tote. And are those reference books splayed out a sign of some travel to come?? Hmm...we shall see.

  13. Great underwater photo and what delicious cakes I spy! Glad you had a great summer!

  14. The cakes are incredible -- is your sister a professional baker? Your grandson is a charmer, and I predict a slew of broken hearts before all is said and done. Missed you.

  15. Tote packed with watermelon -- just love it..
    The pictures are so beautiful...

    Please visit:

    I want to follow you, but I couldn't do that.. plz help

  16. Many beautiful images to inspire.
    I liked several.
    I loved the cat!
    Good start to the month of September.

  17. Oh my gosh! Lulu is gorgeous!! I had a tote (metal) that had the name lulu on it. Just gave it to a friend. Lulu is the name of one of my daughter's clubs also.

    Painting is a huge hassle. Even just doing one room can turn everything upside down.

    Gorgeous cake Emily!

    Hope all is well!


  18. Oh yes, Connor has good taste liking the beetle and the Keys! I remember as a child having many rides in my uncle's beetles. Such a handsome boy and glad he lives closer now. I am drooling over your sister's FUN table. Nice to have a cake maker in the family! Those velvet pumpkins in the tote have me craving fall colors. Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend! I'm a little late to the party since we don't have great internet service at our camp.

  19. The whole house being painted... My, it must have been difficult! I love that you colour-matched your walls to Lulu's "robe" as we say in French.

  20. Your summer wrap-up was such a pleasure to read. Your sister's little brick are is inspirational. I have just such a spit that needs some tend g.

  21. painters are here as we speak, prepping every room in the Summer House for a beautiful creamy white paint. I am so excited....with all the sorrow we had thru the summer and losing Mr. Sweet, I was so thankful when our son and daughter in law said, "let's paint your whole house and get you a fresh, new start"... I am so very thankful for my sweet family.




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