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Paris in July

Thyme for Tea has been celebrating and hosting a French themed party, "Paris in July" all of July 2018. Bloggers have been posting their love of all things French to link-up and participate. 

Quimper Soleil Faience

Most of you who know me know I have a love for  French faience. I have been collecting Quimper for years and one pattern, I call it my happy faience, is the Soleil pattern. A beautiful bright yellow (Soleil means sun in French) color that is sunny bright and happy. Quimper, a tin-glazed pottery is produced in the town of Quimper in Brittany, the western region of France. The town has a rustic atmosphere. In old-town, cobblestones invite you to stroll through the town and shops and visit the cathedral. Restaurants are serving up their famous crêpes when you are ready to stop for lunch. I have been to Quimper twice. While there my husband and I enjoyed visiting the Quimper museum and factory. It was an interesting tour of which my favorite part was watching artists hand painting faience. I purchased some pieces while on these trips and some pieces at the charming Quimper shop in Paris. It saddens me to tell you the shop is no longer there!
I decided to set a table for four for a dinner with friends. A casual simple table in my kitchen.  

For the centerpiece I used three sunflowers from the supermarket paired with basil and lemon slices

Soleil place setting and Laguiole flatware made in France

Santons from Provence

Fresh lavender for the kitchen island
set-up with Soleil serving pieces buffet-style

The stack

I collect tea towels, love them. This tea towel is from Provence.
Picon (Apéritif, made with orange peel)

And, in Paris

The Quimper Shop 
where I found pieces to finish out my collection

I hope you will visit Thyme for Tea for the love of all things French. Thank you for hosting this lovely French get-together for all francophiles!

And, thank you my friends for your visit.  It was fun to share one of my Quimper collections with you. I hope you will leave a comment, I love to read each and every one. It is the only way I know you stopped by!



  1. I can see why this is your favorite pattern. It's so happy and each piece seems to tell you a story. That shop is mind blowing!

  2. Emily, how wonderful! That shop is to die for. In addition to all the pottery, I am in love with the tablecloth.
    As you may know, I gifted my Soleil faience during my purge this year. It makes me happy to see yours set in such a beautiful table and buffet bar, and also to know mine has found a new home where it will be loved also. Your sunflower arrangement is gorgeous too.

  3. Emily, I LOVE that flatware! The way the knife handle turns in is so charming and unique!

    Everything looks happier in yellow, doesn’t it? It’s a color that truly makes me smile :).


  4. Wow! That really looks French.

    best... mae at

  5. So charming, Emily! Delightful to hear about the sweet village in Brittany(I have not been to Brittany).LOVE your sunflower centerpiece with the lemons and clever basil. Your Soleil pattern is delightful and you have set your table beautifully with your santons and lovely styling. Your french flatware and glasses complete your look perfectly.
    I collect tea towels too, and have several I would like to use in a vignette. That is the cutest one with the little girl in her straw hat. I know you were sad the shop was no longer in Paris but aren't you glad you have pictures.
    I need to check back with Thyme for Tea and see the new posts. Your post with authentic french dishes and accessories ranks high in my book. Excellent post!!!
    I saw your instagram yesterday but just seeing your blog post today. I can't seem to keep up.
    Have a lovely day.

  6. What a beautiful table you've set for you and your friends, Emily! I especially loved seeing the bare wood of your pretty table, which only highlighted your gorgeous centerpiece and your stack of dishes. The characters on your table add so a fun interest. The tea towel of the little girl is just darling. Happy Sunday, Emily!

  7. Emily, you already know that I adore your beautiful Soleil. How special for your friends to dine on this pretty pottery. The sunflowers make me happy too, in fact, everything about this table screams happiness! I'm happy to know about this monthly party at Tyme for Tea. I need to join in the fun.

  8. Oh Emily! I love your dishes and the sunflowers are the perfect choice for your table setting. So clever of you to add the basil:) I do that with mint ..smells delicious!

  9. Beautiful! I am pinning your centerpiece -- just gorgeous!

  10. Ma chère Emily, quelle merveille ta petite table ensoleillée ! Je me régale à la voir, cette vaisselle de Quimper est vraiment magnifique, je ne peux que l'aimer tu imagines bien.
    Tes invités ont dû apprécier cette superbe ambiance autour d'un bon repas.
    Je te souhaite une très belle semaine, gros bisous de Bretagne.

  11. Love your centerpiece with the sunflowers and lemon slices, how interesting.
    The dinner set is so gorgeous and cheerful, I don't think I had ever come across it.
    And seeing the Mandarin liqueur bottle gave me an idea what to do with all the mandarins from my tree, I'm going to look for a recipe now. Thanks and have a great day Emily.

  12. Emily, I am in awe of your collection. I really do love that pattern, the shape of the plates and of course the Quimper design. I've always loved Quimper but oh, what you have is a treasure. Is there still any shop there selling it or is that photo of you in the shop the one that is gone? I'll be tere a few days in October and I probably can't afford a thing but it doesn't hurt to look!

  13. The only reason I knew soleil meant sun in French is because of my fascination with Cirque du Soleil. I adore your centerpiece. The lemons and sunflowers are a gorgeous, sunny feel, mix. Watching artists at work is priceless.
    That's too bad the shop has now closed! At least you have the honor to share the products lile you did during this Soleil themed get together.

  14. How fun it would be to be seated at your Soleil table with friends. Your Quimper pieces are always a delight to see. You were the first blog I started following several years ago that featured your Quimper collections. Great centerpiece, love the additional of the lemon slices. My daughter just got back from Paris and my trip in October is getting closer.

  15. Emily, your dining room looks like it's in Provence! I love it so much, and I've always admired Quimper. Your pieces are so pretty! It's fun to see your pretty tea towel because I collect them, too. Do you collect different patterns in Quimper? I like the yellows in this post.

  16. Emily, where do I start? I want to sit at this table. so charming and pretty.Your Quimper collection is out of this world. All things French are so lovely. The centerpiece is gorgeous with the sunflowers and added basil and lemon slices. This brightens my day. Tell Jim hello.

  17. Oh what a great collection of Quimper
    I first seen that pattern when I was 21 and always liked it however back then it was so expensive and I was a stay at home mom and no spending money for dishes, (poor Me ) haha I have made up for lost time.

    It would be so fun to go in that Quimper store wow

  18. Oooh I so enjoyed my visit here with you!
    Such a lovely blog and I'm happily following along with you.

    Have a beautiful day ~

  19. My sweet friend, what a delightful post. I thoroughly enjoyed your beautiful and charming pictures. And I LOVE the lemons in the flower vase - what a lovely idea.

    Wishing you a most wonderful week. Hugs!

  20. Beautiful, Emily, every detail. I was inspired to make my own sunflower and lemon arrangement last Sunday. Always reminds me of Under the Tuscan Sun.

  21. Hello Emily, just stopping by again to take in the beauty of your collections. How fun. I would be thrilled to see it all in person. Wishing you a lovely week ahead.

  22. What a happy table. Love it all but especially your arrangement of sunflowers paired with the basil and lemon slices. All perfect together!




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