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Labor Day Weekend 
American flags welcome the Labor Day Weekend

Miss Blossom and American Flags for a Patriotic Welcome

Welcome to another adventure of The Tales of the Traveling Tote. If you follow my blog, you will remember this is where my fellow TTT friends and I share our latest travels, projects and our most current events.

Magnolia Grove
With so much happening this weekend, our son's birthday is next week, Labor Day, Tales of The Traveling Totes and the first Alabama football game of the season, I have been very busy! But, I have saved a treat for you. I planned a visit and Jim and I drove the short distance to visit Magnolia Grove, an antebellum home in Greensboro, AL. 

Greek Revival architecture

 Only a thirty mile drive south from my home you will find this small town. Main Street is lined with old southern homes for a step back in time. You will find this antebellum beauty at the far end of Main Street. Built in the early part of the 18th century by Colonel Isaac Croom, planter and state legislator.

After his death, his widow, Sarah Pearson Croom lived at Magnolia Grove until her death.

 As part of the estate the house was purchased by Sallie Pearson, niece of Mrs. Croom.      
 She married James Hobson of NC. Their second child, Richmond Pearson Hobson became a hero of the Spanish-American War. He attempted to block Santiago Harbor, Cuba by purposefully sinking the USS Merrimac. Although unsuccessful he was recognized as a national hero after being released by the Spanish. The Hobson family deeded this house and grounds to the State of Alabama in 1943 as a memorial. The Alabama Historical Commission acquired the home in 1980. 

The kitchen is located behind the house

This was one of those tours you enjoy lingering and talking with the tour guide. She was happy to answer all questions and explained a few of the gadgets in the kitchen.
I love these old antebellum homes. It is like a time machine, taking you back.  I hope you enjoyed touring Magnolia Grove with me.

Labor Day and Alabama Football 

 Miss Courtney is center stage getting ready for the long weekend. Saturday will be filled with all things AL football. 

This is what the weekend will look like, my sister's cakes and Jim's barbecue. 

Garden love 

With so little travel this summer Miss Courtney makes herself useful in a guest bedroom holding extra pillows, a throw and magazines. The beautiful quilt, made by my mother-in-law and gifted to Jim and me gives this guest room a summer look. 

Miss Courtney and I are enjoying watching a new home being built in my neighborhood. 

Now for the Tales of the Traveling Tote Giveaway!

 Linda at Life and Linda is hosting the giveaway for a chance to win a pair of MacKenzie-Childs Elizabethan guest towels. For a chance to win just leave a comment on Linda's blog post.  

Please join us for our next adventure and giveaway December 1, 2018. See you in December.

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Happy Labor Day Weekend and Roll Tide!


  1. Hi Emily, thanks for taking us along on the tour of Magnolia Grove. Aren't the antebellum homes wonderful! One of these days, I am going to try to visit Alabama. My friend has visited all but 5 states, and she enjoyed Alabama. Wishing you and Jim a wonderful Labor Day weekend, and wow look at those cakes that your sister makes.

  2. Before I forget, I just adore your guest room and that fabulous quilt. Any guest would be thrilled to start their day in that room.

    What a fabulous home. There is something so interesting about the history of these magnificent old homes. I was interested that the kitchen was outside the house. Was it far? I'm thinking of bringing in hot meals (or having them stay hot!)

  3. Magnolia Grove looks positively heavenly!! It would be my second stop if I ever make it to Alabama. My first stop would be your beautiful home!! It looks like you are in for a delicious weekend! Have fun!! Go Alabama!

  4. I have always liked the idea of a kitchen being separate from the home as they did back in the day - - that is only if I could have a chef and servants!! Keeps the smell out of the home and if there was a fire in the kitchen, the whole house was safe!. Looks like you are all ready for the long weekend - love all the Bama sports in your tote!! Your flags hung in the tote are also a cute idea. I spy an adorable birdhouse - love!!! Thanks for taking us on the tour - I love seeing all of the old homes and their decor (I have to come back and peek some more!!)

  5. The Courtly Checks of MC work beautifully with Alabama Football decorating. Go Bama!
    I loved the tour of Magnolia Grove. It does take you back in time. I can visualize the parties there with the ladies long dresses sitting on those beautiful sofas. I especially loved the tea cups since I'm such a nut for dishes. The beds have so much detailing and are truly works of art. There were so many lovely portraits too.
    Kitchens in old homes always fascinate me. Glad we have modern conveniences.
    You have been busy but thank you for catching us up on all you have been doing.
    Roll Tide!🏈🐘

  6. Roll Tide Roll, Emily! We'll be watching the first half of the game at Springhouse Restaurant tonight. Then we'll come home for the second half, and I'll be running up and down stairs as the Cubbies are playing at the same time (Cubbies on upstairs TV and Crimson Tide on the downstairs TV). I loved your photos from Greensboro. It's so close to Marion....Shelley and I are planning to go to Pie Lab and The Stables Coffee Shop in a couple of weeks.

    Have a wonderful weekend!!! I hope to see you soon!


  7. Un très beau billet Emily, beaucoup de dépaysement et de jolies découvertes, j'ai aimé.
    Je te souhaite une belle rentrée et un doux week-end.

  8. Emily, I love going on tours of old homes and that antebellum was a treat to see. I so love the old textiles. I have an antique beaded purse with the image of that Bouguereau likeness of The Storm. The quilt Jim's mother made you is exquisite. Your weekend of food, family and fun times is the makings of a some great new memories - enjoy!

  9. I love touring old homes, Emily, and thank you for taking me along to Magnolia Grove. I spied some pretty dishes, and teacups! The quilt that your dear Mother-in-law made is so gorgeous, and what a treasure. Have fun watching your football and enjoying all the food!

  10. If only those walls could speak😉 We toured southern plantations in New Orleans and I would do it again in a heartbeat!

  11. Oh we went through some historic homes like this in SC and GA and I just love them. Miss Courtney fits right in with all of her elegance. That entry staircase is fabulous. I am so happy when they restore these beauties.
    Well Alabama colors fit Miss Courtney just perfectly. She is so happy with red. Hoping they have a great season.
    I love that you put your tote to work during the off-season! I may have to get Miss Madi K out of the cupboard and put her to work. Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend.

  12. What a wonderful tour, few homes can compare to those of the Antebellum era. Built with such character. Hubby and I will be watching Alabama tonight since LSU plays tomorrow evening. It's a weekend full of football for sure. Enjoy!

  13. Emily, I am always awed by your travels. You and Jim visit so many lovely places. Historic homes are always a treasure to visit. You have lots of MKC goodies. Jim's mother is extremely talented creating that lovely quilt. Thanks for sharing your awesome travels.

  14. Emily, I tried repeatedly to leave a comment last night and earlier today, but they kept disappearing. The entire screen would just vanish. Thanks for taking us along on the home tour. Antelbellum homes are always so interesting to me. This one expecially intrigues me because of the name of the owner. Love the quilt! Hope your teamteamteam wins

  15. Roll Tide Emily! I must get Miss Coquille more involved on game day! I loved touring Magnolia Grove, I'm sure it was like stepping back in time...can you imagine having your kitchen in a separate building behind your house?? Small Southern towns are full of so much charm and history, sometimes it's fun to travel very close to home! I hope you are having a wonderful BBQ filled Labor Day!

  16. We recently took a tour of an antebellum home and I find their history so fascinating. This particular one played an important role in the civil war and it is interesting to imagine all that happened during that time. Like you, our guide was wonderful and encouraged questions and took her time.

    Hope you had a great summer Emily!


  17. So glad to see the traveling tote make another trip. Nice tour of Magnolia Grove. It is so interesting to tour antebellum homes in the south. We have toured them in Natchez and loved it.

  18. What a gorgeous, classy place. The tote must feel right at home.

  19. I like old antebellum homes too and really enjoyed your photos of Magnolia Grove.

  20. So fun to see the traveling bag and always enjoy seeing what you're cook-in ;)




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